Birth is beautiful. And these award-winning birth photographers have perfectly captured the stunning moments when new life enters the world.

Get ready to remember all those ‘giving birth feels’. Because the good, the bad and the damn right painful is about to all come flooding back to you.

It’s said a picture is worth a thousand words and these amazing birth images are confirmation of that. Every image is a unique and beautiful story – and will whisk you away to the moment of your own child’s birth.  You’ll relate to the fear, the pain, the waiting and the elation.

Birth is raw and beautiful. But please be warned some of the images below are definitely not safe for viewing at work. 

The best birth photos from the 2018 Birth Becomes Her Competition 

These photos are the winners of the annual Birth Becomes Her competition for birth photography. Over 1200 images were submitted from birth photographers around the world. Images are submitted under one of five categories: hospital, out of hospital, color, black and white, and postpartum.

Here’s what the organisers say about their motivations for hosting a birth photography competition,

‘Here at Birth Becomes Her, we believe there is power in seeing and sharing images of birth. We believe that the birth photography industry will only continue to grow as more and more families realize that there is nothing more valuable than preserving memories from the very best days of your life…’ 

And here are the incredible winning photos!

The best birth photo overall winner was from Sadie Wild photography with this gorgeous image – just look at that smile! The relief, the elation, the absolute shock. Just stunning.

Birth photography
Image: Sadie Wild Photography

Second place overall went to Belle Verdiglione Photography for capturing this most incredible moment.

Birth photography
Image: Belle Verdiglione Photography

Overall third place went to Toni Nichole Photos  for this precious moment.

Birth photography
Image: Toni Nichole Photos

Incredible category winners

Winner of the hospital category was this incredible capture by Life and Lens Photography.

Birth photography
Image: Life and Lens Photography

Winner of the out of hospital category was Northern Light Photography with this special family moment.

Birth Photography
Image: Northern Light Photography

Best colour photo went to Fox Valley Birth and Baby for this image.

Birth photography
Image: Fox Valley Birth and Baby Photography

And how super cute is this helper? Winning postpartum birth photo by Art by Jessica.

birth photography
Image: Art by Jessica

Australia represent! Perth based birth photographer Cat Fancote won first prize in the black and white category for this magical capture.

Clearly these birth photographers are incredibly talented to capture such real and striking images of birth. What precious moments for these amazing mums to have forever!

Did you have a birth photographer? Or is birth photography something you can’t even imagine? Each to their own on this delicate topic, right!?

We’d love to hear your opinions below. Who knows, if you’re game maybe your 2019 birth could be a future birth photography award winner and featured right here on Mum Central.

Whatever you decide, here’s to a safe and beautiful birth!

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