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Australia’s Favourite Pig is Back Bigger & Better in Peppa Pig Live! Big Splash

Peppa Pig is back – and in a big way! Following last year’s super-successful opening, Peppa Pig Live! Big Splash is back for another tour of the country.

If you’re in any way doubting that Peppa isn’t THE most popular character with preschoolers (yeah, you already knew this as your 4-year-old can’t seem to turn away when the much-adored pig pops up on TV), consider the fact that the television show is seen daily by 250,000 viewers. That’s a quarter of a million viewers every day!

Not only is the pig big when it comes to the TV, but Australians have bought more than one million Peppa books and made the character the number one selling plush toy (March 2015).


Australia’s favourite little pink pig is back to the stage with bigger puppets and a new show, directed by the UK’s Richard Lewis. Peppa’s return to the spotlight features not to be missed sing-a-long songs from BAFTA award-winning composer Mani Svavarsson.

Australian producer Anton Berezin, of Life Like Touring, says of the show, “We’ve entertained more families with Peppa Pig Live! than any other kids show we’ve toured in recent years. If there is only one show you share with your little ones this year, make sure Peppa Pig Live! Big Splash is it.”


So, what can you (and your kids) expect from the popular Peppa show this year? Peppa Pig Live! Big Splash features the story of the pink pig and a leaky nursery roof. When Peppa and her friends need to fix they roof they do what any other group of awesome animals would – they throw a party! Your preschooler’s favourite characters (along with Peppa, George, Mummy, Daddy, Danny Dog, Pedro Pony and Suzy Sheep) set out to raise money for Mr Bull to make the nursery’s repairs, with a day of fun! There’s a Champion Puddle Jumping Contest, and of course, singing, dancing and imaginative adventures for all.


Peppa Pig Live! Big Splash Tour Dates & Locations

St Kilda — National Theatre, Tuesday 13 September
Melbourne — Athenaeum Theatre, Thursday 15 September
South Morang — Plenty Ranges Arts Centre, Friday 16 September
Dandenong — Drum Theatre, Saturday 17 September

Parramatta — Riverside Theatre, Monday 19 September
Chatswood — The Concourse, Wednesday 21 September
Walsh Bay — Roslyn Packer Theatre, Sat 24 & Sun 25 September

Brisbane — QPAC, Tue 27 & Wed 28 September
Redcliffe — Redcliffe Cultural Centre, Thursday September 29
Gold Coast — Gold Coast Arts Centre, Friday 30 September
Toowoomba — Empire Theatre, Saturday 1 October

Bunbury — Bunbury Ent Centre, Thursday 6 October
Perth — His Majesty’s Theatre, Sat 8 & Sun 9 October

buy tickets here



To celebrate Peppa’s upcoming tour, we’ve got 7 Prizepacks up for grabs!

A family pass for 4 plus merchandise pack for St Kilda, Chatswood, Brisbane and Perth PLUS 3 x Merchandise Packs for those states not seeing the show – SO EVERYONE CAN WIN!

To enter, simply complete the entry form below in full, tell us what you love about Peppa Pig in the comments below (mandatory – will void your entry if you don’t!) and you’re in the running!


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  1. Avatar of Paula Harris
    Paula Harris Reply

    Can’t beat a show that keeps a toddler happy and quiet…..and gives me a break too hahaha

  2. Avatar of Jennifer Stockins
    Jennifer Stockins Reply

    i love that they need to fall down laughing almost every episode and that seeing Peppa always brings a smile to my son’s face.

  3. Avatar of Natalie

    I LOVE that she is drawn so awesomely that when miss 3 asks me to draw her time and time again for us to colour in, I can actually draw her.

  4. Avatar of Amalie B

    I love that Mummy Pig shows us frequently that we can’t support gender inequality – and all those giggle-fests are contagious!

  5. Avatar of Katie Prince
    Katie Prince Reply

    Daddy pig reminds us of my husband/daughters daddy, and my daughter loves jumping in puddles just like Peppa!

  6. Avatar of Chloé Jessica Jagdale
    Chloé Jessica Jagdale Reply

    Would love to go this time to Peppa pig concert for my daughter as last time we had tickets and was ready to go but unfortunately She had a open wound and was rushed to hospital to have surgery on it . So she would love to come or get the merchandise pack .

  7. Avatar of Aimee Walden
    Aimee Walden Reply

    My kids love going on adventures with peppa pig. They watch the show and then role play the episode afterwards. They have also been lucky enough to meet peppa pig!

  8. Avatar of Antoinette
    Antoinette Reply

    Love that it entertains the kids, but I watch it myself for the hidden adult jokes.

  9. Avatar of Maree Gray
    Maree Gray Reply

    The kids love Peppa, George and the other characters. They keep them entertained for ages and then play out scenes from the show later. Their favourite game is to fall down laughing.

  10. Avatar of Rachel ziino
    Rachel ziino Reply

    Yes please my kids would absolutely love this theyre peppa pig crazy!

  11. Avatar of Sasha Blunt
    Sasha Blunt Reply

    The way Peppa and George make my kids laugh and happy! It brings them joy!

  12. Avatar of Sophie

    My little 3 year old is crazy for “Peps” we’ve noticed she’s even started speaking with an English accent.

  13. Avatar of Renee rogers
    Renee rogers Reply

    We love Peppa!!! Love that hubby will watch it with both the kids, plus everything gets done/eaten with the promise of Peppa!!! Lol my daughter even refers to herself as Peppa and her lil brother as George!! I know they’d both be over the moon to see them in concert!!!!

  14. Avatar of Mikaela Murphy
    Mikaela Murphy Reply

    Peppy was one of my youngest sons first words and any show that can keep both my boys entertained is a winner!

  15. Avatar of Sophie Miller
    Sophie Miller Reply

    My two little girls under 18 months love watching Peppa pig! Portia yells Pep Pep! Squealing and clapping whenever it is on. She is a number 1 Peppa fan! George has even taught her to say Dinsaw instead of dinosaur which we think is adorable. This would mean the world to our girls as Peppa is their ultimate favourite show, they even own the books and Portia took her massive George pig doll into surgery with her as a cuddle toy. I love that they teach my little ones in a way that is fun and captures their attention even if it means she splashes in muddy puddles.

  16. Avatar of SleepyDoc

    I love that it’s so fun to watch for adults with the satire too, and entertains the kids so well! Best show to watch as a family!

  17. Avatar of Mel

    My 2 children watch Peppa so often I’ve been known to accidentally call my son George (his name is Henry!) There are lots of lessons for them in the show as well as fun.

  18. Avatar of Ivy Payet

    my daughter loves watching peppa pig, we always have a giggle watching it 😀

  19. Avatar of Katherine

    My niece absolutely loves Pippa pig and has a Pippa pig toy that she takes everywhere . She loves Pippa because it teachers her different things and she would just love to go and see Pippa . She mostly sits and watches the whole show without moving . She talks about it all the time.

  20. Avatar of Erin

    I love that Mrs Rabbit can be whatever she wants when she wants haha she always has a different job.

  21. Avatar of Tehani Gauder
    Tehani Gauder Reply

    My young son loves Peppa Pig and George and I must admit I enjoy watching the show as well. I find it very relatable and my son loves the antics that they get up to.

  22. Avatar of Rebecca

    My 3 year old daughter loves Peppa Pig and she thinks it is great that Peppa has a little brother just like she does 🙂

  23. Avatar of robfunk

    I love that Peppa keeps my son entertained and has some funny bits for the adults too.

  24. Avatar of Sarahmary92
    Sarahmary92 Reply

    I love the mischief that Peppa and her friends get up to. She’s a very lovable character.

  25. Avatar of Alison O

    Pepper Pig and her family are just plain fun. We love watching their adventures and giggle often with Daddy Pig

  26. Avatar of Dioh Paguia
    Dioh Paguia Reply

    My 2.5yr old daughter loves Peppa Pig and always watches her whenever she is allowed her ipad time. She knows all the characters and loves playing the peppa pig apps.

  27. Avatar of Kara Healey
    Kara Healey Reply

    The range of different characters keep it interesting, and it’s quite funny (for kids and adults!)
    The Kylie kangaroo episode is very funny for Aussies

  28. Avatar of Danni Howe Pryor
    Danni Howe Pryor Reply

    Peppa is the only thing that calms my daughter down if she is upset, a God send!!

  29. Avatar of Sarah

    Both my daughter and son love Peppa and George pig, it’s lovely to see them share in the joy of watching and then reading Peppa pig books together

  30. Avatar of Bubblesbigbum
    Bubblesbigbum Reply

    How she manages to Make daddy pig look like a fool in almost every episode.

  31. Avatar of Jessica Stacey
    Jessica Stacey Reply

    I love how it keeps my daughter mesmerised while watching it so I can get things done around the house.

  32. Avatar of Julie Italiano
    Julie Italiano Reply

    My son is obsessed with Peppa Pig, he gets so much joy from every episode. We always need a change of clothes in the car in case he sees a MUDDY PUDDLE :)!

  33. Avatar of Tracey Jackway
    Tracey Jackway Reply

    My 19month old girl LOVES pepper piggy lol I love that the show has a way of teaching kids some simple little things like the value of sharing and caring it’s a MUST in our house daily ☺️

  34. Avatar of Jessica Ervin
    Jessica Ervin Reply

    We love Peppa Pig’s cheeky attitude and the way if she has a disagreement with one of her friends buy the end of the episode they are best friends again xx

  35. Avatar of Anita Andrews
    Anita Andrews Reply

    I enjoy watching the show which is always a bonus as so many kids shows can be irritating lol

  36. Avatar of Lily

    Both my girls love Peppa. They will laugh, sing and dance when they watch it.

  37. Avatar of Alisha Wood
    Alisha Wood Reply

    My almost 3 year old loves this show and can’t stop jumping in ‘muddy puddles’ when she sees wet patches on the ground. If something happens it’s always ‘George did it’ lol

  38. Avatar of Brianna Taylor
    Brianna Taylor Reply

    I love how happy peppa and george make my son. Seeing his face light up when he hears the theme song is amazing!

  39. Avatar of Olivia

    My son loves Peppa Pig it’s his favourite show :). I love this show myself as he learns a lot of family and friends generals required in life. He started tidying up after watching Peppa pig and George tidy up their room YAY! Also learning how to share and play with friends and how to word things. My sons English has improved a lot with new words just from watching Peppa Pig. Makes life easier for me :).

  40. Avatar of Gayle Vos

    The look on my grandchildren’s faces is lit up with such interest and excitement is what I love about Peppa Pig and friends

  41. Avatar of Kris Tee

    I love watching Peppa pig over and over a hundred times a day but most of all I love how Peppa pig keeps my 4 yo twinnies quiet for at least 5-7 mins that the episode lasts

  42. Avatar of Sarah

    My Hollie is addicted to Peppa Pig. It’s a time when she is totally silent with a massive look of concentration on her face listening,and also smiles from the funny parts. “It is a little bit funny”
    Her vocabulary developed a lot watching Peppa Pig and her manners increased as manners are used quite a bit in the shows. I rate Peppa Pig 10/10 for these reasons.

  43. Avatar of Belinda Mouk
    Belinda Mouk Reply

    My 4 year old nieces love Peppa Pig. A cheeky and loveable pig who has many adventures with family and friends.

  44. Avatar of Gavin

    I love how Peppa has made my daughter always wear boots when she sees “muddy puddles”.

  45. Avatar of Adeline

    She’s just like family,
    Peppa, my favourite piglet.
    In her presence everyone’s happy,
    Oink-oink, that’s no secret!

  46. Avatar of Gillian Streeter
    Gillian Streeter Reply

    My 2 year old and 4 year old love Peppa Pig. I love how a quick 5 minute show can excite my girls so much. Peppa is a thinker and there is always a lesson to be learnt.

  47. Avatar of Bronwyn Louise Evans
    Bronwyn Louise Evans Reply

    My girls love peppa pig my 1 year old oinks at the tv when it comes on and i love that there is always a lesson or moral to every story.

  48. Avatar of Kate Van Schalm
    Kate Van Schalm Reply

    My 4 year old daughter loves Daddy Pig and his silly ways.

  49. Avatar of Melissa

    I love that Peppa Pig teaches great life lessons about sharing, friendship and kindness. Always great when a cute character reiterates what you’re trying to instill in impressionable minds!

  50. Avatar of Natasha Vaafusuaga
    Natasha Vaafusuaga Reply

    Both my children love Peppa Pig. My daughter is turning 2 in October and we’re having a Peppa Party. My son is obsessed with space and has learnt about the planets thanks to one of the episodes.

  51. Avatar of Sam

    My 4 year old daughter loves to watch YouTube and her favourite is Peppa Pig. I hear her giggling away while she watches it.

  52. Avatar of Alanna Curtis
    Alanna Curtis Reply

    I love that they encourage kids to be kids! Jumping in muddy puddles, infectious laughter and love for their family!

  53. Avatar of Carrie

    My 3 year old Son just loves Peppa Pig, he just loves jumping in muddy puddles like Peppa and George. I love to hear his laughter while watching the show.

  54. Avatar of jayla1987

    Peppa pig is the only thing that lets me have some peace and quiet my girl is obsessed plus from one of the episodes my daughter has learnt to say hello how are you in French because delphine donkey Is French, when a 2 year old says bonjour ca va you know she’s gonna be bright

  55. Avatar of Marika Mackenzie
    Marika Mackenzie Reply

    We just love the cheeky storyline and giggles for the whole family

  56. Avatar of Cindy Portwine
    Cindy Portwine Reply

    My kids love Peppa peg. She teaches them manners, fun, family, love, and that sometimes things go wrong but in the end it all works out eventually. Big fans in our house.

  57. Avatar of Suzanne Ware
    Suzanne Ware Reply

    My Miss Two is obsessed with Peppa Pig. I love hearing her sing the opening song and especially the snorts!!!!

  58. Avatar of Christina

    Love how it shows kids life is all about fun while educating with everyday manners, teaching us all not to stress things will work out.

  59. Avatar of Jen

    It’s one of very few shows that have little bit of humour for grown-ups as well as wee watchers.

  60. Avatar of Rachel K

    I love how it keeps my nephew entertained and quiet except at dinner time when he says “yuck” at vegetables and only wants to eat chocolate cake. I think he loves George Pig for this sole reason!

  61. Avatar of Shannon Discombe
    Shannon Discombe Reply

    I love that it shows kids that it’s fun and ok to get dirty spash in the puddles every now and then it rather than bubble wrap them also teaches the kids some manners too and a bit of humour for mum and dad doesn’t hurt either

  62. Avatar of Bec D'owney
    Bec D'owney Reply

    It’s funny, deadpan, great little stories, colourful ad I personally love Miss Rabbit!

  63. Avatar of Gervase Dsylva
    Gervase Dsylva Reply

    Daddy Pig and muddy puddles!
    My kids, nephews and nieces all love Peppa Pig and the oldest one will be 12 this year!

  64. Avatar of Sami mitchell
    Sami mitchell Reply

    I love that peppa pig shows my 2yr old that its fun and ok to get dirty, play outside and most importantly do things together as a family.

  65. Avatar of Kirsty

    It’s hard not to love something your kids enjoy, laugh with and snort with so much. I must admit I’ve been know to snort along with the shows opening song too!

  66. Avatar of Carol P

    My daughter and I love watching Peppa Pig she enjoys watching all their adventures and especially loves copying them jumping in muddy puddles

  67. Avatar of Sarah Armstrong
    Sarah Armstrong Reply

    My son loves jumping in Muddy Puddles just like Peppa and George.

  68. Avatar of Lisa Lloyd
    Lisa Lloyd Reply

    Peppa is on in our house 24-7! My 2.3 year old knows all of their names. She absolutely LOVES it.

  69. Avatar of Nicole

    Love Peppa! She has the same spark and attitude of my 3 year old. Unfortunately l’m probably more daddy pig than my husband!

  70. Avatar of Jenny P

    When Peppa is on the telly, my niece laughs deep from her belly. Watching George and Peppa with a vacant stare….I might as well not even be there!

  71. Avatar of Rita Zammit
    Rita Zammit Reply

    Dr Hampster! The whole family now pronounces the word ‘tortoises’ the way she does! Even my hubby!

  72. Avatar of Umi Ayyildiz Keskin
    Umi Ayyildiz Keskin Reply

    We love Peppa’s laugh it’s Soo infectious, and who can resist a muddy puddle

  73. Avatar of Mel Baillie
    Mel Baillie Reply

    My 3 yr old is obsessed with Peppa Pig! She loves Suzie Sheep and Peppa and that they are best friends. She also loves jumping in muddy puddles and i love that my daighter learns little things like you must always wear your gumboots when you jump in muddy puddles.

  74. Avatar of Natasha Page
    Natasha Page Reply

    My 4yr old Josh says because she snorts and jumps in muddy puddles!

  75. Avatar of Faith Whitaker
    Faith Whitaker Reply

    My 4 year old absolutely loves Peppa Pig! He watches it every day and loves playing with his Geroge pig train set!

  76. Avatar of upeksha patel
    upeksha patel Reply

    My son loves peppa pig. Whenever it rains and he sees puddles he always quotes peppa pigs “jumping in muddy puddles”.

  77. Avatar of Nicole Woods
    Nicole Woods Reply

    There’s no such thing as George – it’s Super Peppa according to Miss 5!

  78. Avatar of Kit Man Ha Hau
    Kit Man Ha Hau Reply

    My daughter loves peppa pig, especially it’s signature oik oik…

  79. Avatar of Zoe Mia

    Peppa is one of those shows you can’t not love! My 2yo thinks they are hilarious. I may have been caught a few times loving it just as much her hehe

  80. Avatar of kllo

    My two little ladies love Peppa Pig, we have all the books and have had to buy the dvds and link it on Foxtel so they can watch several episodes in a row 🙂 !!! Definitely a fave in our household!

  81. Avatar of Zuzi

    We’re possessed by the Peppa fever, the entire household and I have recently caught myself quoting Peppa.

  82. Avatar of Lisa Gant

    I love the innocence of Peppa Pig. It’s safe to have it on and entertains both my pirate Peppa loving 3 yo and my muddy puddle Peppa loving 1.5yo. She carries a little Peppa everywhere 🙂 I love the Jack of all Trades Mrs Rabbit and seeing which other shows I can recognise the voices from (Mrs Rabbit and Grandpa Pig are Nanny Plum and the Wise Old Elf).

  83. Avatar of robyn

    It’s love by all ages young and old my all my kids have loved and now all my grandkids love even the hyperactive little ones stop what there doing and sit lovingly together when Peppa is on they love the whole Peppa family and friends

  84. Avatar of Julie Hodsman
    Julie Hodsman Reply

    A fun lighthearted show for young kids. My daughter loves it.

  85. Avatar of renae donohue
    renae donohue Reply

    i love that peppa is full of imagination! my niece also loves george and his little dinosaur

  86. Avatar of Clint Andrews
    Clint Andrews Reply

    Every time my toddler sees daddy pig he says dad. Not sure if he thinks I look like him or act like him, but it’s very entertaining either way.

  87. Avatar of Cat helbig
    Cat helbig Reply

    My son just loves watching pig as he calls it and loves reading the books he finds if hilarious sometimes but i love how it shows kids that everyone is different yet special in their own way and teaches acceptance of others

  88. Avatar of Belinda Wong
    Belinda Wong Reply

    Peppa pig is the best, there is no other that Sabby loves less, she has a little brother just like George who also likes to let out a big dinosaur roar. To see Peppa would be a dream, even better than strawberry icecream.

  89. Avatar of Bexta C

    My soon to be 2yo wakes up each morning with “mummy mummy” then straight away she says “pig pig pig” . Her favorite episode is the grass one where Peppa and George run into each other. She thinks it’s the most funniest thing ever.

  90. Avatar of MelJD

    Peppa Pig is short, sweet and simple, but manages to captivate my children and make them laugh.

  91. Avatar of Amanda

    The snort out loud lines, simple stories and a little bit of mischief.

  92. Avatar of Fiona Singleton
    Fiona Singleton Reply

    Because I’m mummy pig and my husband is daddy pig according to our daughter. It doesn’t get any better than that!!!

  93. Avatar of Melissa Arieslaylanemo Wilkes
    Melissa Arieslaylanemo Wilkes Reply

    Peppa is such a happy little pig, the stories end happily and my son adores the games and now loves jumping in puddles. Luckily I love that too.

  94. Avatar of Shona Wain
    Shona Wain Reply

    There is always a lesson to be learnt with Peppa. And we love her relationships with family and friends. When we were expecting baby #2 it was nice to use peppa and george as our example of what our 2yo could expect when baby came.

  95. Avatar of Craig W

    Favourite five moments of all time: 1) the “controversy” (whether you agree or not…) surrounding the ‘mr skinny legs’ episode (the one with the spider); 2) whenever Daddy Pig says “I’m a bit of an expert at these things…”; 3) any time Grampy Rabbit says pretty much anything very loudly; 4) the incomparable voice of Sarah Ann Kennedy performing as Miss Rabbit (and potentially confusing family members into thinking Ben and Holly’s Little Kingdom is on as she also voices the superb Nanny Plum) – awesome, just awesome… and of course 5) the ‘baby Alexander’ episode where he wouldn’t stop crying (very loudly) – life imitated art when our son (also named Alexander) went on to do the same thing (for months…!) 🙂 🙂

  96. Avatar of Laura Offerman
    Laura Offerman Reply

    I love that boys and girls are equally encouraged to get outside and play in nature; jumping in muddy puddles and smelling flowers!

  97. Avatar of Jenna Butler
    Jenna Butler Reply

    I love Peppa because the kids love Peppa & George! They love when they all fall over laughing.

  98. Avatar of Emily Hawker
    Emily Hawker Reply

    I love Peppa Pig because my kids are just like Peppa and George. So many life lessons to glean from them! We also love Dr Elephant the dentist. He made our last dentist visit MUCH easier than the previous ones!
    (P.S. can’t log in to DISQUS at the moment – commenting as a guest. Emily.)

  99. Avatar of My

    My daughter has got me hooked on Peppa pig! We watch it together and sing and snort to the song laughing along the way.

  100. Avatar of Kath

    We all love Peppa Pig because we can identify with the loveable characters and the smile it brings to my daughters face melts my heart.

  101. Avatar of Cristin

    My daughter thinks Peppa is a genius for coming up with jumping in muddy puddles, but I’m partial to George – I think his “dine-saur” is the cutest.
    (Cristin Kelly Jovicic)

  102. Avatar of Jessica

    I love how Peppa Pig taught my toddler how to snort and speak with a British accent, it’s rather entertaining when we are out in public!

  103. Avatar of Casey Thomsett
    Casey Thomsett Reply

    We loveeee how loud Grampy Rabbit sings/talks in our house! My youngest boy old walks around screaming the sea the sky the sea the skyyyyy. It’s so adorable. I also love the gender equality, Peppa has both boy and girl friends and their always getting outside to explore!

  104. Avatar of Jade o

    Her muddy puddle keep my family happy and me sane… whats more important than that? LOL

  105. Avatar of Karren Freer
    Karren Freer Reply

    My grand!aughter loves peppa pig so happy .is peppa and she is family orientated ..wonderful adventures .and happenings

  106. Avatar of Alison T-C
    Alison T-C Reply

    My daughter LOVES Peppa Pig – she loves watching the TV show and going on adventures with Peppa, her little brother George, Mummy Pig & Daddy Pig. She also loves snuggling up in her Peppa Pig quilt and dozing off to sleep wrapped up tight with Peppa.

  107. Avatar of Lauren Ibbotson
    Lauren Ibbotson Reply

    We love the kids jokes and adult jokes. Its good family fun and we love the animal characters.

  108. Avatar of Sharon Markwell
    Sharon Markwell Reply

    Peppa is a great role model (so enthusiastic) and just love her outfit!

  109. Avatar of Andy G

    Our ‘housemates’ resemble Peppa and George … and dinosaurs abound!

  110. Avatar of Shannon

    My 2yr old son absolutely LOVES Peppa Pig, especially George and his dinosaur, he has a little George plush that he sleeps with and pretty much takes him everywhere too. I actually quite enjoy the jokes for us parents, I also like their english accent, reminds me of my family in the UK. 🙂

  111. Avatar of Jennalee Izzard
    Jennalee Izzard Reply

    We love Peppa and her family. It’s like an animated version of our home life. My son has a pair of “golden boots” and has LOVED jumping in muddy puddles this winter “Just Like Peppa” singing Splish Splash Splosh Splish Splash. And we all sing the Bing Bong Song atleast twice a day. My favourite thing about Peppa would have to be how happy she makes my son. A smile that big I will happily play Peppa on repeat!

  112. Avatar of Janice Hammill
    Janice Hammill Reply

    My daughters talking Peppa pig is my “go to” when trying to do a quick wriggle free nappy change. :)))

  113. Avatar of Tess Elise
    Tess Elise Reply

    I love how my son’s giggling fills the room, whenever daddy pig snorts. He loves it!!

  114. Avatar of Bronwyn Erasmus
    Bronwyn Erasmus Reply

    We love Peppa pigs cheeky personality!! She really makes the kids and adults have a laugh

  115. Avatar of Jude Little
    Jude Little Reply

    My girl’s are huge Peppa fans. I can attribute most of my 3 year old’s vocabulary to the show. It’s a great watch.

  116. Avatar of Trudy

    The slight adult humour in it so we all can laugh at it. George us also like our Bub in our family.

  117. Avatar of Stefanie Seiler
    Stefanie Seiler Reply

    My kids love the adventures Peppa Pigs go on all the time.

  118. Avatar of Elizabeth Sayers
    Elizabeth Sayers Reply

    I love the 5 minutes of quiet I get while Peppa pig is on! Love seeing my daughter so passionate about something

  119. Avatar of Tayw

    She reflects real actions of our little kids, and the story lines are fun for the kids and families

  120. Avatar of Katrina Stonehouse
    Katrina Stonehouse Reply

    We love the adult humour behind every episode and the fact our child sits still for 5 mins whilst giggling her head off

  121. Avatar of Bec S

    Love that Peppa enjoys lots of outdoor activities – my daughter ALWAYS wants to do what Peppa & her family/friends are doing following the show (which could be hard in summer when there’s no muddy puddles around!).

  122. Avatar of Alex He

    My girl is crazy with Peppa Pig. She loves everything and learns everything from Peppa Pig. She can watch it for whole day and whole night. She looks super cute when she’s singing Bing Bong song.

  123. Avatar of carly

    peppa has an amazing curiousity and silliness to her but my kids love her!

  124. Avatar of SCOTT BRUNSKILL

    Peppa is big in our household…so is the rest of her family….funny and silly but lovable….love the family link as it teaches our kids the importance of family

  125. Avatar of Cate

    We love laughing at Daddy Pig-getting caught not exersising, sneaking treats at the supermarket… We also love the snorting, and join in as a family. Ha ha.

  126. Avatar of Leigh Isabeth
    Leigh Isabeth Reply

    We love the silly mischief that George and peppa get up to… We especially love how the toll on the ground laughing.. Gets our giggles EVERYTIME !!!

  127. Avatar of Kristen

    I Love that all my kids laugh and enjoy the adventures and fun the Peppa family gets up, it’s a great kids show for any age..

  128. Avatar of Richelle

    I love how much my children love this show. I love how my kids now ask me if i can do some of the things Peppa, George and their friends can do. Such a great show for little ones!

  129. Avatar of Haidee Murnane
    Haidee Murnane Reply

    Peppa Pig is the only show my daughter sits still through, she falls asleep to her Dad making up new Peppa Pig stories.

  130. Avatar of melissa_roumanos
    melissa_roumanos Reply

    I love the way Peppa pig brings joy to my daughters day. Peppa pig’s adventures recreate everyday scenarios that my daughter can relate to.

  131. Avatar of joburkey

    My daughter is obsessed by Peppa ans i love her because she has taught my daughter so many things like not being scared to go to the doctors or the dentist

  132. Avatar of Amy Woods

    My daughter is peppa pig crazy even if the ad comes on she comes screaming in going piggy piggy lol. Its her birthday on the 10th of September this would make her 4th birthday even more fantastic. My son who is 5 loves George so much he would go crazy seeing them live as much as his sister. Would be a fantastic opportunity and thank you for giving everyone a chance to enter.

  133. Avatar of Melinda

    My daughter loves Peppa pig. She likes all the fun adventures she goes on aswell as doing normal things with her family and friends.

  134. Avatar of Lopitta Kattan Fares
    Lopitta Kattan Fares Reply

    I love that my four year old tries to be a big boy like his older brothers, yet drops everything and runs when he hears the opening music of Peppa Pig. I love that even the big boys still watch Peppa and laugh out loud.

  135. Avatar of LilianN01

    Peppa and her little adventures as well as the closeness of their family

  136. Avatar of Jodie Arias
    Jodie Arias Reply

    Peppa pig is a sassy girl who goes out and explores life to the full. Her family support her with love and comedy when things don’t go as expected. Teaches my daughters to be inquisitive but not take things too seriously.. Peppa Pig is a good role model for my daughters.

  137. Avatar of Claire H Simmons
    Claire H Simmons Reply

    peppa is the ambassador for jumping in muddy puddles with a splat

  138. Avatar of Dani

    We love that Peppa Pig is for boys and girls and all ages! my primary school age son laughs at it and my toddler daughter is in love with it!

  139. Avatar of Sacha Pech
    Sacha Pech Reply

    It’s just good innocent, family fun. And I think childhood should all be about beautiful innocent moments of joy.

  140. Avatar of April Galloway
    April Galloway Reply

    Keeps my little one amused for some down town! pphheww..

  141. Avatar of Daniella

    I love peppa pig as it was the basis of my daughter’s vocabulary! “Yes Mummy”….

  142. Avatar of Kate Slack
    Kate Slack Reply

    I love that there is humour in the show as well as being educational.

  143. Avatar of Shan

    We love Peppa Pig in our household. It is the one kids cartoon that i can stand being repeat. haha. I love Daddy Pig as he reminds me of my hubby! 🙂

  144. Avatar of Melissa Moyle
    Melissa Moyle Reply

    My boys love Peppa and her antics with her family and friends. The Pig family are great ambassadors for having fun with your family, including your grandparents.

  145. Avatar of Danni Jagla
    Danni Jagla Reply

    i love how Peppa keeps my daughter quiet and distracted so i can get things done

  146. Avatar of Ash9au

    My kids love Peppa Pig because they like the snorting sounds at the beginning of each episode.

  147. Avatar of Andreea Nicolescu
    Andreea Nicolescu Reply

    Her caring nature towards her friends and little brother, and her snorty laugh

  148. Avatar of Ramona

    Id love to win a peppa pig prize pack for my son cause he absolutely loooooves peppa pig, he is 23mths.

  149. Avatar of Samantha

    I like the Peppa Pig show as Peppa Pig and George are good role models for young children. I like the hidden positive messages for children such as using manners, showing kindness to others and sharing etc. I also find myself laughing sometimes with the odd adult reference such as the episode with the bull in a china shop. It keeps my two girls entertained.

  150. Avatar of jody buhagiar
    jody buhagiar Reply

    Hilariously, at the end of many episodes, Peppa, George and their friends and family, end up lying, cockroach-like, on their backs, giggling hysterically. I love that Peppa is always happy!!

  151. Avatar of Natalie

    I love the fact that my 3 year old daughter, thinks the way to laugh out loud is by lying down on her back laughing!! She adores Peppa and is watched constantly at our house and when on the road!!

  152. Avatar of Connie Christensen
    Connie Christensen Reply

    I love the snorting when im stuck in the lounge room bfing at least im laughing!

  153. Avatar of Jessica Maloney
    Jessica Maloney Reply

    The positive pig role model I grew up with was Babe, so it’s great to have another positive porkie for this generation!

  154. Avatar of Juanita Munro
    Juanita Munro Reply

    I love how they are like an other ordinary family, No reality here, It’s a family thing!

  155. Avatar of helen c

    Living on a farm, we are such Peppa Pig fans we have orphan calves, dogs and even lizards named after Peppa characters, although Dad can never remember Delphine and Didier!

  156. Avatar of laureneve

    I love how there is content for kids and adults. I love how Mr Bull is a jack of all trades. He can deliver babies and also dig up a road.

  157. Avatar of shelbyward
    shelbyward Reply

    Peppa has a lovely spirit full of innocence and loveliness and she teaches great lessons to my kids.

  158. Avatar of lisa conolley
    lisa conolley Reply

    Peppas friendly and fun nature. Jumping in puddles and making lots of friends.

  159. Avatar of Valerie Wee
    Valerie Wee Reply

    Peppa is funny and interesting. Most important thing is she loves singing just like my little girl.

  160. Avatar of Kerrie

    My great niece and great nephew love Peppa – they think I look a bit like Daddy pig because I have a big belly!

  161. Avatar of Tamara Lamb
    Tamara Lamb Reply

    My son loves this show for the quirky, funny times! I love hearing him laugh!

  162. Avatar of Dannielle Calderwood
    Dannielle Calderwood Reply

    Miss 4 loves Peppa and George.. Her 2 large Peppa’s have to sit on her bed at night time..

  163. Avatar of marypreston
    marypreston Reply

    PEPPA PIG is entertainment plus. A great way to learn some life lessons.

  164. Avatar of elizabeth andrews
    elizabeth andrews Reply

    my sons love peppa pig because george loves dinosaurs

  165. Avatar of Nicole D

    I love that Peppa and her family are vegetarians. Obviously because it would be super weird if they weren’t. But still. Vegetarians!

  166. Avatar of Mara Taylor
    Mara Taylor Reply

    My little one absolutely love this show – she calls it pegga pik…. so adorable 😉

  167. Avatar of Rebecca Eustance
    Rebecca Eustance Reply

    Peppa can be a very funny little piggy. She makes my daughter crack up sometimes 🙂

  168. Avatar of Alison Henderson
    Alison Henderson Reply

    We love Peppa Pig because she keeps all the kids enthralled every time she’s on!

  169. Avatar of Heather Pitkeathly
    Heather Pitkeathly Reply

    I love her relationship with George always reminds me of mine with my younger brother growing up.

  170. Avatar of Monique L Brown
    Monique L Brown Reply

    For 15 whole minutes she keeps the kids entertained while I put on a load of washing and quickly vaccuum the floor. Thanks Peppa!

  171. Avatar of Shannon Lucas
    Shannon Lucas Reply

    I love that every time Peppa or George snort it makes my 2 year old girl laugh so hard she snorts and she calls herself Belly Pig (her name is Isabelle but she can’t say it). She just loves Peppa and her family.

  172. Avatar of Julia Morton
    Julia Morton Reply

    her friendship with her friends and how she loves to adventure in the great outdoors

  173. Avatar of GK

    Mummy Pig, a hardworking mummy who loves her computer, tap tap tap!
    She keeps it all together and deserves a good rap.

  174. Avatar of Lauren G

    The adventures she goes on are so wonderful. My daughter loves her and I enjoy watching how she deals with every day obstacles like sharing and playing together nicely.

  175. Avatar of Louise Lecuna
    Louise Lecuna Reply

    We love Peppa Pig. It’s fun with some great things for kids but also for parents too. Loads of fun!

  176. Avatar of jan woodward
    jan woodward Reply

    my boy loves the pig noises they make and the fun adventures they have

  177. Avatar of Athena Quirke
    Athena Quirke Reply

    We love Peppa Pig cause of the cool things she does each time something different. My daughter loves the way they laugh, snorting and rolling on the ground.

  178. Avatar of Julia T

    Our favourite about Peppa is their laugh and snort! My daughter loves to copy it!

  179. Avatar of Pinar Krajcik
    Pinar Krajcik Reply

    I love Peppa’s cheekyness, it reminds me of my little girl!

  180. Avatar of Stav Mataia
    Stav Mataia Reply

    We love hilarious jokes at daddy’s expense and the kids love to jump in muddy puddles. It’s a brilliant kids cartoon phenomenon that mum and dad can get a laugh out of too:)))

  181. Avatar of HP

    I love that the show celebrates cultural diversity. Pigs, rabbits, sheep etc. It embraces their unique personalities and doesn’t shy away from real world scenarios that kids can relate to.

  182. Avatar of Mez

    I love the colours of Peppa Pig; there’s something about the pastels.

  183. Avatar of Vanessa Stojanoski
    Vanessa Stojanoski Reply

    My daughter loves george because he gets into trouble then laughs.. Just like her!

  184. Avatar of Ian Cowling
    Ian Cowling Reply

    The whole family loves Peppa. Mum and Dad enjoy the adult jokes and our brood love picking a character to mimic.

  185. Avatar of Nicole Gurney
    Nicole Gurney Reply

    Our whole family lives peppy pig. There funny, enjoyable and a good laugh. My daughter loves the music most!

  186. Avatar of staceyshailer
    staceyshailer Reply

    I love how Daddy Pig is ‘a bit of an expert’ about everything!

  187. Avatar of Cassy26

    I love that Miss rabbit can do pretty much EVERYTHING! I think it shows the kids that you can do, and be, whatever you want and tht you don’t need to fit into someone elses “box”

  188. Avatar of Kelly Lucas
    Kelly Lucas Reply

    I love that the stories can be very relatable to real life and that the kids love joining in jumping in muddy puddles

  189. Avatar of Jim Riddle
    Jim Riddle Reply

    Loved by all in the family I even got a Daddy Pig mug for fathers day!

  190. Avatar of Keiran Dent
    Keiran Dent Reply

    I love the joy in my 2 year old daughters eyes when Peppa Pig come on. Fills my heart with happiness and warmth.

  191. Avatar of Tracey Elaine Mck
    Tracey Elaine Mck Reply

    I love all the antic they get up and the messages behind the shows xxxx

  192. Avatar of Angela Bourke
    Angela Bourke Reply

    My kids Ove Peppa, my non verbal 9yo has the snort down pat

  193. Avatar of Andieharrie
    Andieharrie Reply

    Peppa Pig seems to draw her in
    I love that Peppa, George, Mummy and daddy Pig always grin
    teach lesson in a subtle way
    Through talk, mistakes and lots of play

  194. Avatar of Selena Baker
    Selena Baker Reply

    Our whole family LOVE singing the Peppa Pig, theme song. It cracks my girls up especially Daddy Pig. Such good entertainment for all.

  195. Avatar of Luize

    Peppa and her family are lots of fun and always have a fun time together as a family.

  196. Avatar of Kathleen

    Peppa Pig cracks me up!

    Mr Bull – the builder: (disapprovingly) Who built this roof?
    Madame Gazelle – the school teacher: Um, you did Mr Bull.
    Mr Bull: (boastfully) Then it will last you a lifetime!
    Madame Gazelle: But the roof is leaking.
    Mr Bull: Hmm, looks like you need a new roof!

    Priceless. This show is wasted on kids.

  197. Avatar of Rachel

    Everytime we watch Peppa Pig, we have to pause the screen on Peppa’s family during the opening credits so my little one can run to the TV and tell me who all the members of Peppa’s family are. He gets so excited by it!

  198. Avatar of Jacqui Baker
    Jacqui Baker Reply

    We love how they are just like a regular family with lots of laughs, my husband and I can laugh along as well as my 2yo. He loves it so much he goes to bed with the whole family soft toy versions!

  199. Avatar of Trudy Spreadborough
    Trudy Spreadborough Reply

    I love how excited my daughter gets when watching Peppa Pig! She finds all the snorting and falling over when they laugh absolutely hilarious haha

  200. Avatar of Dee Mon

    My grandson loves Peppa Pig, he sings the theme song all day long, it’s so cute.

  201. Avatar of lisa s

    I love the way Peppa Pig inspires the imagination of my children!
    They are forever wanting to jump in muddy puddles, try different types of public transport or have things like school yard sales after watching!
    I love the way Peppa has improved the speech of my youngest child- and fuelled his love of reading and books (I think it’s safe to say we own all books Peppa related!).
    However, if I’m being perfectly honest- I’m mostly glad that Peppa Pig gives me those precious kid free minutes every night to finish preparing dinner!!!

  202. Avatar of kather

    I love how she loves jumping in muddy puddles – any child can relate to that!

  203. Avatar of Lee Ibrahim
    Lee Ibrahim Reply

    We love Peppa and family, especially their adventures and educational story lines!

  204. Avatar of Manda Hodshon
    Manda Hodshon Reply

    The educational story lines are fantastic, especially for my autistic daughter who struggles with social situations

  205. Avatar of Angela Riggio
    Angela Riggio Reply

    peppa has spunk to her and is not perfect, but teaches my 3 year old about conflict resolution all the while being entertaining and good fun!!! She’s a bit like my little girl- a bit fiesty!!!!

  206. Avatar of viviennedobin
    viviennedobin Reply

    my grandson loves Peppa and he especially loves Daddy Pig

  207. Avatar of Hellen Wieten
    Hellen Wieten Reply

    What’s not to love about her. She has a car-boat! But also a cheeky brother, a silly daddy and a lovely mummy. We love the short 5minutes episode just enough to capture my LO’s attention. It’s educative and talks about day to day situations. It teaches problem solving, labels emotions, shows social differences with the different accents, ages and voices as well as educates on little things such as how flowers grow. It show that childhood is fun. George is a real character and there is no taboo about a child crying. There is no gender stereotyping. Just a lovely well-thought cartoon.
    Mums and dads are also not forgotten with the jokes at Daddy Pig’s expenses. Do I need to saw more 🙂

  208. Avatar of Kris Ryan

    Peppa’s great! And we love the “Bing Bang Bong” song… But George is the standout favourite in this house – mostly because he has a dinosaur – Grrrrr! 🙂

  209. Avatar of Sally

    Peppa is Fantastic in teaching about day to day situations. We use the peppa books and show as social stories for my autistic son.

  210. Avatar of Rebecca O'Grady
    Rebecca O'Grady Reply

    I love how happy and joyous the Pig family are, they make children and adults smile!

  211. Avatar of Sammy Conry
    Sammy Conry Reply

    I love that my cousins make the snort sound constantly just like peppa 😛

  212. Avatar of Brenda

    Peppa Pig’s babysitting abilities are second to none making her a favourite in our household.

  213. Avatar of Deb Lee

    My daughter loves how Daddy Pig reminds her of her own father!

  214. Avatar of Neva Beaumont
    Neva Beaumont Reply

    I love that Peppa Pig always has fun in every situation and she also learns new things every day. Peppa is also very inclusive and so is a great example for my kids.

  215. Avatar of Jann Trapp
    Jann Trapp Reply

    All trhe children love Peppa Pig she is so cute and loves her family;

  216. Avatar of Isrsela Sharman
    Isrsela Sharman Reply

    Hunter and Addelyn love jumping in muddy puddles like George and Peppa Pig!

  217. Avatar of Eva Kiraly
    Eva Kiraly Reply

    They keep the kids entertained for hours and helps teach them right from wrong!

  218. Avatar of Juanita Thorn
    Juanita Thorn Reply

    I love that Peppa Pig can keep the young ones entertained for a couple of hours ….long enough for a nice cup of tea…some chocolate and be able read a couple of chapters of a good book. Thanks Peppa Pig!

  219. Avatar of Lorappo

    I love how engrossed my girls can be when Peppa comes on. They wake up wanting to watch it and go to bed asking to read a Peppa book. There are so many quirks that I have noticed my girls have from Peppa.

  220. Avatar of Shasha

    Peppa and George are so entertaining that i can’t resist joining my boys to watch it and the dialogue is so catchy.

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