Your Kids’ Maths Homework Got You Stumped? Don’t Worry, This App Will Do It For You

Sometimes technology saves the day. Like when it solves super complicated maths equations for your child so you don’t have to figure it out yourself.

This is now possible, thanks to PhotoMath, an app that allows kids to simply take a photo of the maths problem and receive detailed instructions on how to solve it.

Photomath app is awesome news for all parents who HATE maths. Not such awesome news for maths tutors though…

PhotoMath, for mums who hate maths

For most of us, high school maths was a LOOOONNGGGG time ago. While you were probably over the moon to sell your scientific calculator and never look at another equation again, maths has a funny way of creeping back into your life, especially if you have kids.

Because, even though your maths days are long gone, your kids’ number crunching days are just beginning. And they often turn to you when they can’t figure out an equation.

photomath app for parents who hate maths

But before you spend your evening googling “what the f*ck is a cosine?”, check out PhotoMath first.

Photomath saves the day

PhotoMath is designed by Microbink, a text recognition technology company. And it’s about to save your parenting brain from total maths meltdown.

How it works is quite simple. And awesome.

Photomath app instantly scans and solves math problems right from your notebook.

Simply download the app and use it whenever your child can’t figure out an equation. All you have to do is point the phone camera at the textbook, snap a pic and send it to the app.

It not only solves the problem, but explains in step by step detail how to get to the answer. Which saves you from having to do it (hooray!).

You can find out more about PhotoMath through their website. You can download to your Apple or Android device and it’s…wait for it… FREE!

Sorry, maths tutor. You’re out.

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