Pop Star Pink Does the Breast Pump Boogie Because #Mumlife

If there’s one celeb who epitomises motherhood in all its glory,  it’s Pink.

Whether she’s spilling the beans on labour (“When this harsh contraction hit, I was like, “You have got to be kidding me!” I felt like I was being scooped out like a pumpkin and hit by a train–all at the same time) or chatting about the time her daughter Willow dropped the F bomb, Pink is somehow all of us mamas.

And nowhere is she more honest and upfront than on Instagram. The singer – who revealed this week that she plans to tour Australia in 2018 – regularly takes to the ‘gram to share hilarious snapshots of #mumlife, breast pumps, toddler tantrums, iPad babysitters and all.

And her latest share with her gazillions of loyal fans is this hilarious double breast pump outtake. Boobs out, wild WTF-even-is-this eyes – we hear ya, Pink. And so does every mumma who’s ever tried to strap one of these contraptions to their chests.

And now this #pumpupthejams #mombreak

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Here are four more of our favourite Pink mama moments to remind you that whether you’re a multi-platinum selling pop star or a mama on the school run, we’re all dealing with the same s**t (sometimes literally.)

The time she let her daughter ride a bike inside. Without a helmet.

The time she bravely paired big earrings and a grabby baby

Mamas multitasking 📷@hartluck

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The time she went #badmum and didn’t care who saw

The time she breastfed like a boss


Hiking makes us thirsty! #happybaby #hotpocket #normalizebreastfeedingyo #arewethereyet

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Want more Pink? Check out what she has to say about postpartum weight loss and rocking your mumbod.

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