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Play-Doh Celebrates It’s 60th Birthday and We’ve Got Gifts For You!


It’s squishy, it’s super fun and it’s celebrating a big milestone birthday. That’s right, everyone’s favourite Play-Doh is celebrating the big 6-0!

You spent hours smashing, sculpting and mashing it as a child. And now, it’s your child’s turn. After its debut in 1956, PLAY-DOH quickly became a childhood staple. The play-time favourite inspires creative play, helps kids to build fine motor skills and brings out your child’s inner artist.

World-Play-Doh-DayWorld Play-Doh Day, September 16th also happened to be the 60th anniversary of the playful product. What better to do on this special day than to pop open a yellow can and get creative with some Play-Doh, right?

We all grew up with the sculptable dough. And, we all have our own special memories of playing with it. Whether it was modelling fake food for your favourite doll’s tea party, pumping neon-hued hair out of wildly wacky (and crazy cute) toys or just rolling a rainbow of dough … you had a ball.

Play Doh Celebrates Its 60th BirthdayNow it’s your turn to sit back and watch your young child do the same. Or, do you? Why sit back when you can get in on the action? Celebrate World Play-Doh Day (or really, any day) and join in on the doughy play.

With celebrations going on around the world, make sure to share your Play-Doh memories with the hashtag #Playdoh60.

Play-Doh-60th-BirthdayThat’s right – share your pics of the kids creating their own Play-Doh mountains, animals, swirls, twirls and all kinds of other dough creations. Along with your child’s (and your own) day of play, people across the globe are also celebrating Play-Doh. How? There was a 60th celebration that featured 60 people all playing with Play-Doh at the same table (and, that’s got to be a pretty long table). The 60 people are ages 1 through 60 (to recognise each year of Play-Doh’s artsy existence), and each will be wearing a shirt that reads their age (such as, “I am 1”).  Check it out!

And, you thought that your child’s playgroup took up too much play-time space. Um, 60 people – that’s a bit more than the five or six preschoolers that regularly drop by (rather, are dropped off) to take over your space.


enter-to-winIf you’re looking to kick back and get nostalgic or you just want to mash some Play-Doh with your kids, we’ve got 10 prize packs to give away thanks to our friends at Play-Doh!

Each pack is valued at over $200 and includes:

  1. Play-Doh 4-Pack
  2. Mini Bucket Assortment
  3. Party Bag
  4. Basic Fun Factory
  5. Cake Party
  6. Cupcake Celebration
  7. MLP Rainbow Dash Style Salon
  8. Frozen Sled Adventure
  9. Marvel Smashdown Hulk, and
  10. Ice Cream Castle

play-doh-60th-birthday-prizesThat’s a whole lot of Play-Doh! And it can be all yours (okay, so you should probably share it with the kids) so simply complete the entry form below, comment and tell us what you love about Play-Doh for the chance to WIN one of these fab prizepacks!

Win 1 of 10 Play-Doh Prize Packs valued at over $200 each

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  1. Avatar of Paula Harris
    Paula Harris Reply

    I love that I grew up with Play-Doh and just bought my 2 year old grandson his first Play-Doh too. It’s the simple, creative things that I love 🙂

  2. Avatar of Andieharrie
    Andieharrie Reply

    Play Doh gives hours of fun
    It’s bright colours entices everyone
    Little tubs to stop it going dry
    Play Doh can be molded its easy to ply
    Making hairstyles to creatures under the sea
    Play Doh is perfect for my family

  3. Avatar of Cj

    My son loves playdoh! Such a great thing to spend quality time together

  4. Avatar of jeanne greene
    jeanne greene Reply

    i love Play-Doh as much as the kids its fun you laugh you talk it just a great time.

  5. Avatar of Nicola James
    Nicola James Reply

    Both of my daughters grew up with Playdoh and now I am having fun playing with the grandkids, I am not sure who has the most fun – me or the grandkids!

  6. Avatar of Melinda

    Playdoh keeps my kids entertained for ages. It’s great that they can all play together and let their imaginations run wild. So much fun can be had with playdoh

  7. Avatar of Vanessa Lee
    Vanessa Lee Reply

    Love seeing the little creations my eldest comes up with… and i can use that time for some quiet mum time while the youngest is sleeping!

  8. Avatar of Irena

    I love seeing my kids get creative with it and use their imagination!

  9. Avatar of Natalie

    A rainbow of colours and a mountain of bits and bobs or just a few sparkles and an old pair of scissors… I have never heard my kids say no when I get the playdoh out and they have never not wanted to help make some and they have never ever not wanted to pick the colours and they have never ever never not wanted mum to join in the fun!!

  10. Avatar of Lisa Grund
    Lisa Grund Reply

    It never goes out of style. Kids can use it and let their imagination go. I love seeing what ideas my four kids come up with.

  11. Avatar of Angela Eichler
    Angela Eichler Reply

    Its a great feeling watching your children try and create a piece of art and to see there delight on there faces when finished

  12. Avatar of Donna Joy Leysley
    Donna Joy Leysley Reply

    I love the fact that it keeps my 5 yr old entertained for ages.. I just love watching her little imagination at work.. plus I get to be a big kid and play too….

  13. Avatar of Katrina Harvey
    Katrina Harvey Reply

    Parents and Kids have all the fun
    Let your imagination go
    Adventures to have with
    Years of fun
    Decide on your creation
    Or ask for help,but there
    Heaps that can be done

  14. Avatar of Briana

    Love how it’s great for all ages and really extends my sons imagination! And it’s so much fun!!!

  15. Avatar of Nicole Kent
    Nicole Kent Reply

    Create, build, grow and explore
    Let their imaginations fly and soar
    Hours of fun for everyone
    Big and small, old and young!

  16. Avatar of viviennedobin
    viviennedobin Reply

    I love the way my grandsons eyes light up when he is playing with play-doh and how proud he is of his creations

  17. Avatar of Jackie Nugter
    Jackie Nugter Reply

    The joy and creativity it brings to my 2 year old boy is priceless. There really are no limits to what you can create with Play-Doh.

  18. Avatar of Amy

    I love watching my girls have hours of fun and seeing what their imagination creates

  19. Avatar of marypreston
    marypreston Reply

    Play-Doh is not only a creative activity but also a settling one. It has such a calming effect.

  20. Avatar of Monica cesnak
    Monica cesnak Reply

    Not only is playdoh fun for the kids, us parents have fun interacting and bonding with our children making all sorts of fun things with playdoh!

  21. Avatar of Emma_Flanagan
    Emma_Flanagan Reply

    It’s amazing for fine motor development and creative imaginative minds

  22. Avatar of Manda Hodshon
    Manda Hodshon Reply

    I love that it helps to build imagination, provides hours of fun and is also a great sensory play item. With my daughter being Autistic, play-doh has helped with her social barriers as we make little people and try to role play every day situations. It has also helped her with her sensory issues. She wouldn’t even look at play-doh to begin with, let alone anything else that was slightly moist. After slowly introducing it to her (and with her wearing gloves) and continuing to push the limits, we are now at the stage where she happily plays with play-doh and even shaving cream!!! And without gloves!

  23. Avatar of Bayside Mum
    Bayside Mum Reply

    Play-Doh requires no batteries, doesn’t harm eyesight and doesn’t cost a fortune and inspires creativity!
    Play-Doh is so versatile and is a toy that is great for people’s wellbeing!!
    Play-Doh benefits children with sensory needs, children with anxiety…
    Play-Doh is a fantastic toy for adults and children to bond with.

  24. Avatar of Rebecca

    I love that Play-Doh has such variety.. colours, shapes, characters, textures. It is great sensory play and my daughter has a fantastic time using her imagination and making all sort of animals, food, people.. You name it, she will attempt to create it 🙂

  25. Avatar of Sarah Shuttleworth
    Sarah Shuttleworth Reply

    My son loves playing with the different shapes and its always interesting to see what he has created.

  26. Avatar of Shasha

    Play-doh give kids the freedom to express their thoughts and imagination, and is safe for them to play with. It also allows me to share the fun with the kids and to get creative with them without having to say to don’t touch this and that.

  27. Avatar of sharon

    Play-Doh is the Best it let’s kids use their imaginations in creations and you don’t need Batteries to play with it and the colours are fantastic too and it’s really fun for all ages too.

  28. Avatar of Christy

    The way my son amazes me with his creativity when using play doh. It’s amazing what he can make!

  29. Avatar of Alice Fallon
    Alice Fallon Reply

    My son loves Play-Doh and i love watching his imagination soar when playing.

  30. Avatar of Namika

    I love how it kees my little 1 occupied for ages. Also it brings out her creative side.

  31. Avatar of Melissa Bugeja
    Melissa Bugeja Reply

    Happy 60th birthday, My daughter and i are always playing with Play-Doh, Its amazing how creative a 4 year old can be. Its lovely to watch and Spend this time being creative with her.

  32. Avatar of Jenny Woods
    Jenny Woods Reply

    I love that it encourages my great grandkids to use their imagination to make things instead of being on electronics.

  33. Avatar of Rebecca Pryor
    Rebecca Pryor Reply

    Who doesn’t LOVE Play Doh? It keeps my kids entertained for hours, making creations and building their imaginations!!!

  34. Avatar of Helen Victoria
    Helen Victoria Reply

    I thoroughly enjoy when my girls’ artistic flare really shines through when they enter the colourful world of Play-doh, they are so naturally talented. They have made miniature figurines of one of their favorite cartoons Sponge Bob and Co, and truly amazing mini fast food. We are left in awe!

  35. Avatar of catherine helbig
    catherine helbig Reply

    I love watching my sons imagination come to life as he creates some of his favorite things with play doh like making his fav animals and its also a great stress relief for me aswell

  36. Avatar of Brianna Taylor
    Brianna Taylor Reply

    My son absolutely loves play doh, he currently only has some at his Nannas house though so to win this and give him some for home would be fantastic! I love watching him have fun playing with the playdoh and letting his imagination go wild!

  37. Avatar of Emma Drew

    Playdough is fun for the whole family! Even Daddy sits down and gets involved

  38. Avatar of Alison Henderson
    Alison Henderson Reply

    I played with it as a kid, my 1st born played with it and now my 5th çhild is playing with it. In generations to come people will STILL play with Play-Doh

  39. Avatar of Jacqui Harrington
    Jacqui Harrington Reply

    Play doe was loved & enjoyed by my children when they were little & now loved & enjoyed by my nieces & nephews. Non toxic tactile fun!

  40. Avatar of Lee Kennedy
    Lee Kennedy Reply

    It keeps my son entertained for ages…. And allows me to get some things done!!!

  41. Avatar of alanna jane
    alanna jane Reply

    I love thats it quality I can trust non toxic and great fun, nothing better than an afternoon making PlayDoh cookies

  42. Avatar of Umi Ayyildiz Keskin
    Umi Ayyildiz Keskin Reply

    It’s squishy, bright and all so fun. We love rolling it, shaping it and building intricate designs with it. Playdoh is the best distraction for my one year old and it’s great that her fine and gross motor skills are enhanced while having fun too!

  43. Avatar of Sacha Pech
    Sacha Pech Reply

    It smells like childhood. I love sitting down with the kids on a woolly weather day and spending hours making things together. So much fun.

  44. Avatar of Leonnie Rainsford
    Leonnie Rainsford Reply

    who said playdoh is for children not in our house. We have brought playdoh into our learning plan for our son with autism as it is only texture he will touch and can do this together. T
    he range of colours are more exicting than homemade stuff

  45. Avatar of Pinar Krajcik
    Pinar Krajcik Reply

    I love how tactile and versatile it is. Kids can make anything as well as using it as a physical release for emotions.

  46. Avatar of Kelly Lucas
    Kelly Lucas Reply

    It’s something that all kids and adults can enjoy and creations are only limited by ones imagination

  47. Avatar of Paul Walker
    Paul Walker Reply

    My Autistic son would love this. He just loves running things through his fingers. The smell of Play Doh is amazing. When I smelt it the first time I gave it my kids, the smell memory instantly took me back to my own childhood.

  48. Avatar of Melissa

    I love that Play-Doh encourages creativity and in an era of technology allows my little munchkins to get truly tactile with their play

  49. Avatar of helen c

    The scent of Play Doh brings back preschool memories of my own – such a fantastic medium for creation, imagination, exploration, fascination!

  50. Avatar of Jane Munns
    Jane Munns Reply

    My girls love everything about play-doh. They squish it and mould it and pretend to be little budding architects. Mummy loves it because it makes them happy and keeps them busily using their imagination and creativity whilst giving mummy a break.

  51. Avatar of cat

    I love that when my kids are feeling frustrated that they can sit down and make something and whatever was making them angry is forgotten.

  52. Avatar of Sarah Armstrong
    Sarah Armstrong Reply

    I love sitting with the kids and making creations. Love their faces when you pretend to eat the Playdoh pies they make

  53. Avatar of Alex He

    Play-Doh can improve kids’ imagination and hands-on skills in less mess way. A kind of colorful and safe toy for kids.

  54. Avatar of Rebecca Eustance
    Rebecca Eustance Reply

    I just love the endless possibilities playdoh offers. You can make anything and then start all over again. Plus it smells amazing and is super soft

  55. Avatar of Ern

    All the fun faux foods my kids make me for Play-Doh dinner, snacks, lunches and treats! Definitely a delicacy in this house, especially for Teddy bears too.

  56. Avatar of Natalie

    I love that my daughter can spend literally hours creating things with it – her favourite is being a waitress taking orders, then being the chef creating the food.

  57. Avatar of Chrissie Dattilo
    Chrissie Dattilo Reply

    Absolutely love the smell of playdoh! It brings back so many memories from when i was little. The things you can create with playdoh are endless & i love sitting down with my daughter and letting our imaginations run wild!

  58. Avatar of Neumanas

    really good play for kids…. make them use their imagination and hands!

  59. Avatar of Julia Morton
    Julia Morton Reply

    I love the colours and the texture and that you can add things to it also, like glitter or sand ,great for daughters fine motor skills

  60. Avatar of Carol P

    My daughter loves Play-doh it is great for the imagination and for hand co ordination

  61. Avatar of Cassie Kroeze
    Cassie Kroeze Reply

    I love that playdoh encourages imaginative play and hands on skills. It’s great for kids to play with all different textures and playdoh is so great for that too!

  62. Avatar of Lorna M

    Playdoh, encourages creativity and imagination. It makes for hours of interactive play and keeps kids entertained.

  63. Avatar of Ashley Beech
    Ashley Beech Reply

    Play-doh keeps the kids entertained for hours on end. There are so many things to make with it, and it’s perfect for those rainy days in the holidays!

  64. Avatar of Sarahmary92
    Sarahmary92 Reply

    I think it’s awesome that play-doh is not only loads of fun, but a great educational tool for little ones to build and develop skills

  65. Avatar of Roslyn Spawton
    Roslyn Spawton Reply

    Play-Doh can be enjoyed by everyone, no matter how creative or imaginative you are.
    Hours and hours of fun.

  66. Avatar of Nichole Mckee
    Nichole Mckee Reply

    We love squishing play doh and then making farm animals to match our animals

  67. Avatar of Stace

    I really just love that my daughter gets so much enjoyment out of it.

  68. Avatar of Steph

    My parents played with Play-Doh, I did and now my kids do. It’s timeless, fun and encourages creativity.

  69. Avatar of JessK

    I love the smell of PlayDoh!! When my son became old enough for PlayDoh, that was the first thing that hit me – the smell, and all the memories of my childhood that came flooding back with it. I also love that it encourages imaginative play, individually and in groups, and that literally anyone can enjoy it.

  70. Avatar of Michelle Lalezari
    Michelle Lalezari Reply

    Play-doh is the greatest invention ever. It keeps master 2 and 5 entertained for ages and develops their imaginations.

  71. Avatar of Mel Cochrane-Finlay
    Mel Cochrane-Finlay Reply

    We love it because it’s something we all can do together, & we usually spend a couple of hours getting creative. We love it!

  72. Avatar of Lara Haynes Stewart
    Lara Haynes Stewart Reply

    Love the smell when you first open playdough i loved it as a kid & i think my kids would absolutely love it i love the fact ideas are endless as a kid all i could make was snakes i would love to win for kids to enjoy

  73. Avatar of robyn

    It’s fun for building creative minds and keeps kids and the adults entertained for hours creating and making things it’s safe and kids of all ages enjoy

  74. Avatar of Mez

    We love everything about play dough in this house! My daughter is working on improving her fine motor skills so it’s an everyday activity here! The texture and ease of use is great and we love the different play sets too.

  75. Avatar of Nicole D

    When I peel back the lid, the smell takes me back to pre-school and I remember how much I loved to play and create. My son has just started kindy and his imagination really shines through when he makes random, colourful creatures. Who would have thought 30 years later I would still love it and be watching my son play with it with as much excitement and enthusiasm I had!

  76. Avatar of Skye

    I love play-Doh its a great tool for expressing creativity and it’s easy to clean up!

  77. Avatar of DIANA.

    With play doh you’re only limited by your imagination. Making play possibilities endless.

  78. Avatar of Nicci Traeger
    Nicci Traeger Reply

    I enjoy our kids being able to show their creative artistic side. It is endless with playdoh

  79. Avatar of SCOTT BRUNSKILL

    Play – Doh is almost as old as me so I grew up with it….my children grew up with it…. and now my grandchildren share the experience too…fun…safe..creative….it expands the mind; opening new worlds and portraying imaginative stories ….happy birthday today Play – Doh….brilliant!!!

  80. Avatar of Joanne B

    An easy way for my kids to express their creativity and a great way to improve their fine motor skills too.

  81. Avatar of Brooke Parker
    Brooke Parker Reply

    The endless creations. You can make anything you want, smash it and start all over again. I like the soft texture and therapeutic affect it has.

  82. Avatar of Nicole Woods
    Nicole Woods Reply

    I grew up playing with Play-Doh and have always loved it! The possibilities for what you can create are endless and it provides hours of fun. Truth be told, I still love to sit down with the kids and create random things. It’s so much fun!

  83. Avatar of Bronwyn nally
    Bronwyn nally Reply

    I would love to win this for my kids, they are all little and get bored at home so this would be great to occupy them

  84. Avatar of Dannielle Calderwood
    Dannielle Calderwood Reply

    I’m 45 and I remember playing with Playdoh when I was younger.. I was disappointed when the colors got mixed.

  85. Avatar of Janice Hammill
    Janice Hammill Reply

    We have Play-Doh in our office as a “stress release ” and now with my toddler Ruby we love our world of make believe tea parties. Safe,educational and best of all family tradition

  86. Avatar of Lauren G

    I love that with Play-Doh their imaginations run wild. I love watching what they come up with. And the clean up is easy too!

  87. Avatar of Dawn Taylor
    Dawn Taylor Reply

    It’s an activity that simply doesn’t date. I bought it for my children, now I can buy it for my grandchildren.

  88. Avatar of Michelle Goslin
    Michelle Goslin Reply

    Every kid loves Play-Doh. Its such a fun easy activity to do with yiur child

  89. Avatar of Natasha Page
    Natasha Page Reply

    I love being able to join in with my kids to make something exciting & using our imaginations together!

  90. Avatar of Cindy Nickels
    Cindy Nickels Reply

    I love the smell of Play-Doh, always have. Fun, creative, artistic endeavours provides hours of fun and imaginative play. I’ve lost count of the number of pretend peas, corn and carrots I’ve eaten over the years….

  91. Avatar of Georgie Mason
    Georgie Mason Reply

    I remember as a child not only loving the tactile feel of play dough, but also being happily absorbed in creating objects I could proudly present to my mother. I also remember loving its smell!!!

  92. Avatar of Alex

    Being able to shape things based off your wildest thoughts and ideas! I personally had a bunch of fun with it when I was younger, and I know just who would love this!

  93. Avatar of Kate Slack
    Kate Slack Reply

    Play-doh has been around for ever and will never lose its place in the hearts of kids. Also the smell of it is divine!

  94. Avatar of Lauren

    I absolutely love the vibrant colours and the texture of play-doh.

  95. Avatar of Scott Crumlin
    Scott Crumlin Reply

    Soft, easy, imaginative fun. Lots of happy memories in the making for everyone!

  96. Avatar of Shannon Wotton
    Shannon Wotton Reply

    I love how play-doh has unlimited creative possibilities! It’s tactile, colourful and fun for all ages!

  97. Avatar of Tehani Gauder
    Tehani Gauder Reply

    Play-Doh is amazing fun and had stood the test of time, I remember playing with it with my eldest daughter, who’s 30 and she’ll even have a play with my youngest who’s 5. Play-Doh can be whatever your imagination wants it to be. A truly wonderful toy.

  98. Avatar of Ying Ying TAN
    Ying Ying TAN Reply

    Hours of fun and entertainment with creative and imaginative stimulation, perfect for everyone in the family!

  99. Avatar of Louise Patterson
    Louise Patterson Reply

    I love the smell of Play-doh ! It takes me back to wonderful times being creative and playing 🙂

  100. Avatar of Lina Riboc
    Lina Riboc Reply

    Kids ideas are taking crazy forms with play-doh, I know a lovely little boy who is addicted to it

  101. Avatar of TanyaCrerar
    TanyaCrerar Reply

    I love the quiet that ensues when we are all busy creating our own masterpieces. Ahhhh, how’s the serenity?

  102. Avatar of Maree Gray
    Maree Gray Reply

    Play-Doh provides endless hours of fun. The kids can make whatever they want, then mush it up and start again

  103. Avatar of Leah Taylor
    Leah Taylor Reply

    I love seeing my sons imagination come alive whilst playing with it and not to mention the fact that it’s a great stress relief for adults to

  104. Avatar of jayla1987

    Play doh stretches the imaginations there is always so many possibilities with play doh

  105. Avatar of Anita Andrews
    Anita Andrews Reply

    I love the range of development areas it covers. It’s sensory fun for my toddler and encourages imagination and creativity with my 4 year old.

  106. Avatar of Leanne Baker
    Leanne Baker Reply

    Play-Doh is 60 and today’s the day,
    To celebrate and have a play.
    Fond memories brought on from the smell,
    And salty taste if all went well.
    Nothing beat cracking a brand new can,
    Of that soft, squishy texture I am a huge fan.
    Vivid colours and endless ideas,
    Fun for all ages regardless of years.
    Still a firm favourite in our home,
    A toy that we all love to own.
    Such a cool prize we would be ecstatic to win,
    To let our Play-Doh adventures begin!

  107. Avatar of Lin B

    It’s so filling! Half a tub each in the morning and they don’t pester me for food until lunchtime. (Ok, I’m mostly joking but what is with my kids trying to eat EVERYTHING???)

  108. Avatar of AmberB

    I love how with Play Doh the only limit is your imagination 🙂 Hours and hours of fun EVERY time!

  109. Avatar of James Pizzey
    James Pizzey Reply

    60 years what a toy the kids have played with this my children did now my grand children we love making animal,s

  110. Avatar of Luize

    Playdoh is a non messy creative play experience for everyone. I love the squishy feeling and the kids love it as its versatile and fun.

  111. Avatar of Tennille

    The sensory aspect of Playdoh has been such a valuable tool in raising my children, my first with special needs, second with amazing imagination and number three in bashing, mouldings and tearing.

  112. Avatar of LilMiss Kibby
    LilMiss Kibby Reply

    i can enjoy playdoh with my kids…the only limit is your imagination!

  113. Avatar of Christina

    Love that it allows the kids to get very creative and allows them to use their imagination with out make a whole lot of mess. Fun and creative for the whole family!!

  114. Avatar of Rosalie Bernacki
    Rosalie Bernacki Reply

    My siblings and I grew up with hours , days, weeks and years of Playdoh fun and adventure. Bulidling, shaping, learning and laughter is what playdoh brings to families Now I would love to share this love with my little Anna – Please!

  115. Avatar of Sharyn W

    it keeps children entertained and they need to use their imagination to come up with their creations plus it helps their fine motor skills and its relaxing to use

  116. Avatar of Melinda Bolitho
    Melinda Bolitho Reply

    Playdoh is one activity that I thoroughly enjoy playing with my kids.
    We sculpt and create and have so much fun.
    The combinations, colours & designs that you can make are endless and at the end it’s an easy clean up!

  117. Avatar of Amanda Tudosa
    Amanda Tudosa Reply

    It’s child friendly and safe if they decide to experiment in the flavours of play dough, it’s nothing to worry about!

  118. Avatar of Serena Warren
    Serena Warren Reply

    Love play dough. Unlike glitter and glue, it can be cleaned up with ease. Hours of fun for everyone.

  119. Avatar of Kris Ryan

    Making dinosaurs & dolphins with my sons is great fun! 🙂 They love their Play Doh (or “roll roll”, as they call it).

  120. Avatar of ChriS

    I love that it’s fun & nontoxic so I can let my kids go crazy creating amazing masterpieces.

  121. Avatar of Mary Moschovakis
    Mary Moschovakis Reply

    the fact that it can be enjoyed by young and old. parents and children can have fun together

  122. Avatar of Neva Beaumont
    Neva Beaumont Reply

    I love the extremely welcome peace and quiet I get when my toddler is engulfed in her Playdoh creativity zone. I usually have just enough time to enjoy a lovely cup of tea (and a sneaky treat) while my littlie experiments, creates and occasionally devours her Playdoh!

  123. Avatar of Melanie Goddard
    Melanie Goddard Reply

    Ah play doh. Love sharing with my sons what my sisters and I used to make with it. Its the best stuff!

  124. Avatar of Susie

    I love the endless possibilities play dough provides a child for play and how one simple activity incorporates so many different skills needed in their learning and everyday life skills.

  125. Avatar of Candice

    Play-Doh is amazing! So versatile, great for all ages, helps develop creativity and encourages imagination. Heaps of fun for everyone.

  126. Avatar of Renee Bolton
    Renee Bolton Reply

    I loved Play-Doh as a child, now my kids enjoy it to. I’m always joining in on the fun to. We have hours of fun with it!

  127. Avatar of Lauren Barnes
    Lauren Barnes Reply

    My son the wiggly worm, and won’t sit still, put something artistic, like anything to mold and make and his concentration sores imagination becomes play-doh crafty!

  128. Avatar of Samantha Cachia
    Samantha Cachia Reply

    Play dough gives totally expressive freedom regardless from a young child to well not so much of a child. The creations are only limited by your own imagination.

  129. Avatar of Claire Tolley
    Claire Tolley Reply

    We love making letters with playdoh and learning our first sight words through play

  130. Avatar of Melissa Kagie
    Melissa Kagie Reply

    It’s engaging and develops fine motor skills. But most of all its fun and creative and brings the family together.

  131. Avatar of Dean Davis
    Dean Davis Reply

    Playdoh is the bridge of learning taking kids to a new fantasy world.

  132. Avatar of Sophie Miller
    Sophie Miller Reply

    I love that playdoh helps my little ones build their cognitive skills, expand their imagination and building skills. It is an activity they can play individually, with each other or as a family

  133. Avatar of Diana Angel
    Diana Angel Reply

    With play-doh and little bit of imagination and creativity kids can create little miracles!

  134. Avatar of stressless
    stressless Reply

    This is now 4 generations of happy Play Doh users and it never loses it’s appeal, each generation gets to use imagination and creativity

  135. Avatar of Sarah Mitchell-McCabe
    Sarah Mitchell-McCabe Reply

    Play doh is fantastic for any child, young person or adult. It is a great sensory item for autistic children and helps build the imagination of anyone wanting to play. It’s no wonder it has been around so long!

  136. Avatar of Nazesh Kanwal
    Nazesh Kanwal Reply

    It helps increasing kids creativity and satisfy their desire to create something

  137. Avatar of Michelle Green
    Michelle Green Reply

    I love the feel, the smell, the colours and the amazing creations my kids come up with. I love creating masterpieces just as much as the kids. So relaxing and enjoyable.

  138. Avatar of Juanita Munro
    Juanita Munro Reply

    The endless imagination from each creations & the hours of fun spent together!

  139. Avatar of Barbara Fehmel
    Barbara Fehmel Reply

    The fun the children have playing with “Play-Doh” it keeps them entertained for hours. Peace rains in the household. Thank you Play-Doh.

  140. Avatar of Belinda Mouk
    Belinda Mouk Reply

    Play-Doh keeps my nieces and nephews occupied for hours. They love creating food and animal masterpieces.

  141. Avatar of Em

    The colours are so bright,so soft and so squishy.
    Endless fun to be had, our family sits here wishing.
    With lots of kids to entertain this prize outshines the rest,
    Imagination, lots of creations – Play-Doh brings out the best!
    The house is often quiet when we’re all hard at play,
    If my child had the chance she’d play with it everyday.

  142. Avatar of Stefanie Seiler
    Stefanie Seiler Reply

    I love how it keeps my kids entertained and allow their imagination to grow.

  143. Avatar of Nassep

    we can let our imagination run wild, make cakes, people, – imagination is our limit -playdoh is like having imagination in your hands

  144. Avatar of Lynnette Bull
    Lynnette Bull Reply

    I love that I enjoy Play-Doh just as much as my kids. They use a trusted formula that is safe to use. Easy to clean up, any leftovers I leave to dry and easily vacuum. I love how creative Play-Doh has become. We can either use our own imagination or one of the many sets out there to create masterpieces.

  145. Avatar of Gemma McLaughlin
    Gemma McLaughlin Reply

    I love everything about playdoh…. the colours, The accessories and the fact that it is safe

  146. Avatar of Charl Lowther
    Charl Lowther Reply

    So much fun for so many age groups! Simple, colourful and only limited by your imagination on what you can create!

  147. Avatar of Hayley Brennan
    Hayley Brennan Reply

    the SMELL…just love it lol and it keeps my daughter occupied for hours , she comes up with all sorts of creations .

  148. Avatar of Helen

    I love the sense of magic and creativity that playing with Play Doh creates. The possibilities are endless and it’s a way to broaden horizons and be limitless 🙂

  149. Avatar of Shaleah Campbell
    Shaleah Campbell Reply

    I love Play-Doh because it is something fun and creative we can all do together and enjoy! Not only is it super fun.. playing with Play-Doh also encourages imaginative play as well as developing motor skills! Play-Doh is awesome!!

  150. Avatar of Lauren Jordan
    Lauren Jordan Reply

    I love that it’s good for developing their fine motor muscles and skills. And who doesn’t like to have a good squishy squeeze every now and again! However I really hate when they mixup the colours haha I want them all pristine!!

  151. Avatar of kcjfamily9
    kcjfamily9 Reply

    Just being in the moment of kneading, moulding and shaping can be very relaxing and allow children to calm and relaxed for the days’ activities.

  152. Avatar of Jane Wallis
    Jane Wallis Reply

    Play-doh is such a great sensory learning activity for my kids.

  153. Avatar of staceyshailer
    staceyshailer Reply

    I love how entertaining it is for my 3 little ones, and the amazing creations they make with it!

  154. Avatar of Lanastephen Danielcharlie Stra
    Lanastephen Danielcharlie Stra Reply

    I love the smell of play-doh. It’s salty and sweet and feels good pressed up against my nose. It’s not weird, it just smells really really good.

  155. Avatar of Katie Drummond
    Katie Drummond Reply

    I love how my boys (3) imagination flares and the different experiments he comes up with when he’s playing with his Play Doh. It keeps him occupied for hours and presents lovely opportunity for me to get in and play with him.

  156. Avatar of Teigan jeffery
    Teigan jeffery Reply

    Love how creative anyone can be with it. Real makes u use your imagination.

  157. Avatar of Tess Lindsay
    Tess Lindsay Reply

    The consistency, it’s always super soft, the fantastic range of colours, and the smell, it just makes me all tingly with nostalgia!

  158. Avatar of Tayw

    It’s a Family favorite. My grandmother, mum and me can all get involved in playtime when it comes to Play Doh with my children. Even Dad gets involved too.

  159. Avatar of Christie Louise
    Christie Louise Reply

    The SMELL of it!! I love playing with the kids, and the smell of Play-doh, the giggles that come naturally with the squishy texture and silly faces. All while strengthening my children’s fine motor skills, inspires creativity, and imagination. This activity even has my older children joining in!
    I don’t think anyone really grows out of Play Doh- it’s fun for all ages 🙂

  160. Avatar of Rae.S

    From 2 to 20 kids, once you get the play-doh out they all sit down and play. It captivates all young and old.

  161. Avatar of Pavlova

    We LOVE Play-Doh, xxoo because it’s cute tubs of squishy colour moulding imaginative fun for my girl and I. Make it then brake it over and over, Play-Doh is too much fun.

  162. Avatar of Mandy G

    Who doesn’t love play-doh? It keeps kids entertained for hours and therefore keeps mummy sane!

  163. Avatar of Laura Higgins
    Laura Higgins Reply

    It lasts long and stays soft when kept properly. Fantastic toy to promote creativity, the possibilities are endless!

  164. Avatar of blackwidow63
    blackwidow63 Reply

    we could design each piece of furniture we would love to own

  165. Avatar of jody buhagiar
    jody buhagiar Reply

    Play Doh is so much fun!! Its uses are endless, it also iImproves Fine Motor Skills by squishing, squeezing, stretching and moulding Play Doh also helps to build muscle strength in fingers and hands 🙂

  166. Avatar of Rachel

    The whole sensory experience of moulding play doh brings back memories of my childhood. I love sculpting and playing with my little one and he loves it too (sometimes a little to much and the play doh ends up being a snack).

  167. Avatar of Sara Johnston
    Sara Johnston Reply

    I love Play-Doh for it’s versatility;
    The posibilities are endless!
    Rolling worms to make letters,
    Or pretend food, that’s the best!
    Learning through play is important,
    And the containers stack to make towers.
    But what I love most is:
    It keeps the kids occupied for hours!

  168. Avatar of Kylie Embury
    Kylie Embury Reply

    The smell reminds me of my childhood! I remember Dad coming home with play dough for us in the 70’s and it still smells the same! My kids have all loved it, especially my 5 year old, and I find it therapeutic…so much so he’s often moved on and I’m still playing with it 🙂

  169. Avatar of Adele Smith
    Adele Smith Reply

    Plah Doh has the kids in the kitchen creating delights,
    The crazy wiggly, squiggly hair do’s oh what a sight,
    The smiles that are created make my heart swell
    Plah Doh has us all under a fun time spell.

  170. Avatar of laureneve

    play-doh, fosters imagination, and really good for motor skills. We love playing baking games, my son loves making play-doh yoda biscuits.

  171. Avatar of kori

    Play Doh has been a joy since I was little, my kids love it and are so creative!

  172. Avatar of Richard Harrison
    Richard Harrison Reply

    The smell, the feel, the creativity, it’s the ultimate plaything and keeps the little ones occupied for AGES

  173. Avatar of Janelle Hall
    Janelle Hall Reply

    My son loves playing with Play-Doh. Keeps him very busy creating all sorts of things.

  174. Avatar of Abby Lee

    I love how all 4 of mine love playing with it, they never get bored of it!

  175. Avatar of fwithers29
    fwithers29 Reply

    Play doh engages children allowing them an opportunity to play with an open ended toy. You cannot be ‘wrong’ in your interpretations! It encourages thinking, analysis and strategy testing all discretely wrapped in a squishy, colourful blob of dough. A perfect present and a teacher’s dream manipulative.

  176. Avatar of Beksmum

    I love all the things you can make and just let your imagination run wild. My daughters love making food and I have to score them (watching way too many cooking shows) 🙂

  177. Avatar of Connor&FlynnsMummy
    Connor&FlynnsMummy Reply

    MY KIDS LOVE PLAYDOUGH. Keeps them entertained for hours!

  178. Avatar of Catherine Whyte
    Catherine Whyte Reply

    We love its endless possibilities! Great fun for all ages and skill levels!

  179. Avatar of Kristy Nind
    Kristy Nind Reply

    My day 3 kids love Play Doh! I love the smell….brings back so many childhood memories

  180. Avatar of michelle

    I love that is a great sensory and imaginative activity. It really helps my sensory seeker to focus and calm.

  181. Avatar of Isabella Basile
    Isabella Basile Reply

    Every child can find enjoyment of using Playdoh – its simple and not that messy

  182. Avatar of Sarah Turnbull
    Sarah Turnbull Reply

    The whole family can get enjoyment from play doh. It bring back so many memories playing with the kids

  183. Avatar of Carolyn

    It’s fun and colourful and the list of things you can make is endless. Lots of fun for the kids and “big” kids to have together. Plus it keeps them entertained for hours.

  184. Avatar of Rebecca O'Grady
    Rebecca O'Grady Reply

    The endless possibilities and hours of fun for children and adults to play together!

  185. Avatar of JESSKELLY2016
    JESSKELLY2016 Reply


  186. Avatar of Emma

    Watching my kids create ‘masterpieces’ and then squishing them, while trying to stop my 2 year old from snacking on it 😉

  187. Avatar of Maria-Louisa Di Bella Megna
    Maria-Louisa Di Bella Megna Reply

    Love how it brings enjoyment into my childrens lives even for my youngest who is 1. It also allows them to develop on the creative and fine motor skills whilst having fun and bonding with one another.

  188. Avatar of Trish

    I love the puzzle my Miss 4 and Master 2 leave me with as I slowly build my tiny ball into a large one as I follow the carefully placed pieces around the room. I really do love watching Master 2 copy Miss 4 in all her creations from snails to food.

  189. Avatar of LJ Mullen

    I love how Play-Doh encourages my 3 and 1 year old to use their imagination and build things. We sit for hours and play with so many creations to be made and wonderful memories to treasure thanks to Play-Doh.

  190. Avatar of Milly Howells
    Milly Howells Reply

    We just love sensory play, getting dirty, creating masterpieces and letting my little ones (and my) imaginations run wild!

  191. Avatar of Gayle Vos

    Play-doh not only kept me occupied and using my imagination but also my kids and now my grandkids, it’s a legendary product of the ages

  192. Avatar of Jo

    My little boy loves to use play doh at home all the time. I am always re stocking with different colours and cut out shapes. His favourite is the rolling pin he loves to roll the doh while we sing “roll roll roll roll” together

  193. Avatar of Rachael

    I love that Playdoh is timeless and ageless, I still enjoy playing with it now with my child as much as I did when I was a child. I also love that something so simple can provide hours of entertainment

  194. Avatar of Carly Cosgrove
    Carly Cosgrove Reply

    Playdough lets kids imaginations run wild. I had an icecream maker as a kid and made all sorts of ‘treats’ with it, and my daughters can play and make the same things.

  195. Avatar of Becky O'Callaghan
    Becky O'Callaghan Reply

    Playdough makes kids use their imagination and lets them learn as they play

  196. Avatar of Vallkyrie

    My kids eyes goggle and minds boggle
    when PLAY-DOH appears
    my mini Michelangelos create
    little masterpieces that Nana and Granny hold dear

  197. Avatar of Caroline Lissaman
    Caroline Lissaman Reply

    Mess free creativity and squishy fun for the hands to improve motorskills and hand eye coordination.

  198. Avatar of Nerys Lewis
    Nerys Lewis Reply

    I love the creative minds that it invokes within my 3 children, they love to create things and then to play different scenarios, maks me happy to play along with their quirky little thoughts and laughs hehe! 🙂

  199. Avatar of Kristi McNeil
    Kristi McNeil Reply

    just how it squishes between ur fingers and u can make anything out of it

  200. Avatar of Bianca

    I love that Play-Doh is a creative way to allow children to use their imagination

  201. Avatar of Lauren Ibbotson
    Lauren Ibbotson Reply

    I love that it’s great for kids hand strength and creativity and gives me peace!

  202. Avatar of Sarah Sabatino
    Sarah Sabatino Reply

    I love that no one can walk into the room if the kids are playing with Play-doh and not pick some up to play with! What else has that magnetic effect, bringing everyone together – unplanned? Brilliant for the whole family… really should get it out at dinner time and get everyone to the table that way!!

  203. Avatar of Jessica Stacey
    Jessica Stacey Reply

    I don’t know who has more fun with play doh, me or my daughter? But not only is it a fun tool to invent new creations with, its also a magical child silencer that can stop any kid in their tracks and keep them occupied and quiet for hours on end when mummies need a little quiet time. GOD BLESS PLAY DOH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  204. Avatar of Samantha Windebank
    Samantha Windebank Reply

    I love that no matter what age – they all love play-doh

  205. Avatar of Vanessa

    It is the most fun I have with my child! I don’t get bored playing with her when it comes to play doh and even Daddy loves joining in as well!

  206. Avatar of mrsajl

    i love to play with playdoh as we as my son. he has to share with me 🙂

  207. Avatar of Rachael Brown
    Rachael Brown Reply

    The smell of play doh takes me straight back to some of the happiest times in my life. I want that memory for my son.

  208. Avatar of Rebecca Maurer
    Rebecca Maurer Reply

    The squishyness of play doh makes me happy. Gooey ,stretchy , colourful imaginationful PLAYDOH makes the world happy.

  209. Avatar of Ash Johns

    I love the learning opportunities & the imaginative play opportunities playdoh and the accessories provide for my toddler.

  210. Avatar of Kelly Kilo
    Kelly Kilo Reply

    I love Play-doh because it encourages creativity, sensory play and innovation… which are sorely missed in children’s lives these days with screen time at an all-time high.

  211. Avatar of Alison Davies
    Alison Davies Reply

    Young or old its a favorite that brings everyone together. Play-doh brings out a smile in EVERYONE. Try to resist it, its impossible.

  212. Avatar of Laura Offerman
    Laura Offerman Reply

    I love play-doh because my son makes me look like a super model when he builds caricatures of me!

  213. Avatar of Crystal Lesa
    Crystal Lesa Reply

    Omg my daughter is obsessed with play doh, from playinh with it, making it and obsessed with the YouTube clips we would love too win this prize pack would definitely make her happy

  214. Avatar of Krissy Butler
    Krissy Butler Reply

    I love play doh because it encourages my kids to stretch their imagination!

  215. Avatar of Michelle Budge
    Michelle Budge Reply

    Wow…It takes me back to when I was young.I loved play-doh.
    My kids also loved play-doh.
    Now my grandchildren will love it.
    3 Generations of Play-Doh lovers.

  216. Avatar of Jann Trapp
    Jann Trapp Reply

    The grandchildren love it and play with it most of the time,we all have lots of fun.

  217. Avatar of Andreea Nicolescu
    Andreea Nicolescu Reply

    Its relaxing (for me), and I love how the kids use their imagination to create and build things whilst having fun

  218. Avatar of Melanie Snibson
    Melanie Snibson Reply

    Kids can be creative and creat imaginary worlds and events with playdoh!

  219. Avatar of Natina

    We enjoy playing with playdoh as a family, heaps of fun for young and old.

  220. Avatar of tracywed

    my grand kids adore play doh and it keeps them entertained for hours

  221. Avatar of Jenni

    It’s not just for kids, great for adult party games. We’re using for a hens game this weekend.

  222. Avatar of Matthew Toby
    Matthew Toby Reply

    Its fabulous for building fine motor skills in preparation for getting children ready for start school and encourages creativity. I would really love this for my 6 year old daughter to help her build up her fine motor skills to help her grasp her pencil better. It’s a fabulous product that is much more than just fun for kids.

  223. Avatar of Nikki Cashion
    Nikki Cashion Reply

    I love the endless play and the creativity that play doh gives . Great for all ages to get their imaginations going

  224. Avatar of Lisa Mullen
    Lisa Mullen Reply

    The creativity is endless with playdoh. U can spend ages creating master piece after masterpiece

  225. Avatar of Tania Taddei
    Tania Taddei Reply

    Will get my daughter off her iPad watching play doh “cookout creations” and will get her to use her imagination making her own creations!

  226. Avatar of Cecilia Warrick
    Cecilia Warrick Reply

    I love the smell of play doh…addicted to it! I could play with play doh all day if I had the chance, with my kids of course. 😛 Although probably without them too….. 😉

  227. Avatar of robfunk

    I love that Play Doh stretches the imagination, it has few limitations and you can do so much with it.

  228. Avatar of Julia Todd
    Julia Todd Reply

    Play Doh is such an amazing way to develop kids imagination, colour recognition, fine motor skills and sense of achievement.

  229. Avatar of Justine

    Play Doh is the best tool for children’s imagination, they can create any masterpiece they want, again and again!

  230. Avatar of Kim

    Anyone can play with Play Doh. There’s no right or wrong way. Imaginations run wild!

  231. Avatar of Rachel K

    Play doh is a fantastic activity to stimulate the sense of touch and smell. It’s a particularly great activity when you add little bits and pieces to the mixture to change the texture or smell (e.g. sand, glitter, oats, essential oils, cocoa powder, poppy seeds). So as well as all the great learning aspects it also has great therapeutic value.

  232. Avatar of Tash Wright
    Tash Wright Reply

    I love playdoh because you can do so much with it.. add things to it.. make it smell even better than it is.. so many different things to make and do with playdough these days. I think i enjoy playing with pladoh more then my kids.. its so relaxing.

  233. Avatar of Law Yan

    Play doh is classic and no matter what age you are, you can always use some play doh. Let your imagination runs wild. I have used it to present some big ideas at work and my daughter has use it to present to me her dream house!

  234. Avatar of Miranda Geoghegan
    Miranda Geoghegan Reply

    Because I can play along with my five year old and we both have fun!

  235. Avatar of KH

    I love playdoh because my son has so much fun playing with it. It keeps him entertained for ages, which is great for me!

  236. Avatar of Kaye

    playdoh is full of never ending possibilities and is something kids can play with that adults still love.

  237. Avatar of Melanie B

    I love how playing with Play-Doh brings back memories of my
    childhood. I’m sure my knowledge of colour mixing came from playing with Play-Doh!
    I also love how Play-Doh is a great family activity. I am constantly amazed at
    the creations my son, daughter and husband make and look forward to another 60
    years of playing with Play-Doh.

  238. Avatar of Smitzer

    Play Doh has been awesome with my kids and their OT, the different things that can be created

  239. Avatar of Michelle

    I love how everyone can have fun and be creative using Play Doh.

  240. Avatar of Andrew Harm
    Andrew Harm Reply

    All the squish!!! I know my son will use his imagination and have so much fun with Play-Doh

  241. Avatar of Lauren Thomas
    Lauren Thomas Reply

    What I love about Play-Doh is the creativity it brings out in the child playing with it. It gives them excitement, entertainment, but most importantly, the ability to create.

  242. Avatar of Sue Bott

    I love Play Doh, my kids used it, I always give it as gifts to my nieces and nephews. In my classroom it is the most sort after reward. It excites the imagination, calms the mind and soothes the most agitated students. Play Doh is magic in a yellow tub.

  243. Avatar of Gemma Peckham
    Gemma Peckham Reply

    my son loves playdough! he,d love more this to experiment with the playdough. together we love making things (and breaking them apart!) and try new toys and items each time. need to get to my mums house and see if she kept any of my childhood playdough toys to pass on to the next gereation!

  244. Avatar of Jenny Mansbridge
    Jenny Mansbridge Reply

    Hours of fun creating all types of creatures with my grandkids imagination – colossal product

  245. Avatar of Joanne sampson
    Joanne sampson Reply

    The kids love making little masterpieces and I really love the smell of fresh playdoh weird I know but I love it lol

  246. Avatar of Tammy

    We love making critters with all sort of “found” objects.. great for taking on holidays too!

  247. Avatar of Michelle Williams
    Michelle Williams Reply

    Endless hours spent playing with playdoh myself as a child and now with my children as an adult. Our favourite Playdoh set is Cookie Monster and making all the cute food items then feeding them to him 😀

  248. Avatar of Noella Bloomfield
    Noella Bloomfield Reply

    Love that you are never to old for playdough,2 year olds and
    42 year olds can play with it. It’s great for fine motor skills and enhances problem solving skills and is also just plain fun!

  249. Avatar of Nikki

    I live that I can turn myself into a child again even if only for a few minutes with wonderful memories whilst creating Brand New memories for my kids

  250. Avatar of Kylie T

    Play-Doh supports gross and fine motor development; one of a kind
    Fun, fascination and inspirational explorations marvellously entwined
    Character and tradition heartfelt, treasured – beautifully defined.

  251. Avatar of Stacey

    I never want to play with it as mummy duties can normally get done while the kids explore their creative side but as soon as I sit down and help make the crazy snail or a rocket for said snail I always loose time. Before we know it we’ve made a family if snails and a rocket big enough for them all.
    So many hidden educational benefits to list but mainly just plain fun.

  252. Avatar of Lisa Rowney
    Lisa Rowney Reply

    My 7yr old Non verbal ASD little man loves playdoh sometimes he makes creations (had to be exactly like on the box) sometimes he makes numbers or letters other times he just sits there with it in his hand I find it calms him.

  253. Avatar of Gina Decapia
    Gina Decapia Reply

    I love how is so easy to handle and the vibrant colours, unlike in my childhood. Or is this just because I (supposedly) ‘grew up?’
    Anyway, if I won I promise to share with the kidlets…most of the time…

  254. Avatar of Brittany Curtis
    Brittany Curtis Reply

    I love that it can be used by every kid for a variety of reason, play, imagination, creating, play therapy and aids in development. I use it with my autistic nephew to explore feelings and as a therapy tool.

  255. Avatar of Laura Young
    Laura Young Reply

    I love how it’s non-toxic and keeps the kiddies busy for hours 🙂

  256. Avatar of Tae Smith

    Play-Doh is one childhood memory i can share with my children. The fun and imagination you can have with Play-Doh is hours of entertainment and its portable. I love that we can take it away with us as a backup to rainy days and also take it to the grandparents house so they can share in the memories and fun times that Play-Doh brings to the whole family.

  257. Avatar of Alicia T

    Play-Doh is one of those things that never gets old and kids adore. It creates so much joy, imagination and creativity that keeps them busy for ages!

  258. Avatar of Kerri Pettigrew
    Kerri Pettigrew Reply

    I love how long it lasts, the range of colours, and how entertained my daughter is when playing with it.

  259. Avatar of Rachel Edwards
    Rachel Edwards Reply

    My daughter turns 6 on the 27th Sep…the one thing she looks forward to doing with me in the school holidays is Play-doh! Ours has been very well loved and we would love some replacements 🙂

  260. Avatar of Tanya S

    When you pull ou the play-doh, everyone in house shows up to play

  261. Avatar of Sharon

    Play-doh is great for kids of all ages, great activity for inside our outside.

  262. Avatar of Nicolle Schrapel
    Nicolle Schrapel Reply

    My older son has sensory issues and so playdough was a great way for him to squish and squash stuff without ending up with messy fingers. He loves rolling it out and sticking in sticks and leaves and making prints and little jungles. we are also very good at making snails 🙂

  263. Avatar of Kim Hardy

    Love how imaginative my kids are creating their playdoh masterpieces, entertaining for all of us.

  264. Avatar of Michelle

    Play-doh is such a fun activity for all ages, only limitless by their imagination!

  265. Avatar of Mon Seven

    You can make absolutely anything with Play-Doh! It’s fun and squishy and comes in so many colours. My girls never get bored of Play-Doh.

  266. Avatar of Mel okimoto
    Mel okimoto Reply

    I love that my child can express their creativity while building their fine motor skills.

  267. Avatar of Alana

    Forget my kids! It is me that loves creating, squishing it through my fingers and designing everything and anything with Play-Doh!

  268. Avatar of Deanne Lindsay

    I love grabbing a couple of grumps’ shirts putting them onto 2 of my granddaughters, then sitting down with them playing Play Doh. They use my cookie cutters and the cardboard roller from the inside of a finished roll of Glad Wrap cut in half to roll the play doh out flat, we make jungles with animals like elephants, rhino’s, teddy bears. The girls love playing with nanny and grumps. xx

  269. Avatar of Noella Bloomfield
    Noella Bloomfield Reply

    it doesn’t matter if your 2 or 42 play doh is just fun! Great for imaginations and fine motor skills and enhances social interactions. Who doesn’t love Play Doh!

  270. Avatar of Erin

    I love how my kids can sit for hours using the imagination to make play dough creations. And it’s also great for There fine motor skills and getting our hands working on cold mornings.

  271. Avatar of Emilie Westerman
    Emilie Westerman Reply

    I loved the endless possabities with Play-Doh. It never mattered how clever or creative I was there was always something I could make with Play-Doh. Rolling balls with their many colours is now my daughters favourite way to spend an afternoon.

  272. Avatar of joyemmett

    Play doh gave my children hours of enjoyment & creativity and I enjoyed making things with them too. It is very satisfying and quite soothing to roll Play Doh.

  273. Avatar of Kylee Doman
    Kylee Doman Reply

    Play doh is great for letting the creative side out. The possibilities are endless.

  274. Avatar of Verity Ginger
    Verity Ginger Reply

    LOve it for kids, love it for adults. Portable, creative, fun and inspiring!

  275. Avatar of Sharon

    Love spending time with my grand kids making things with play doh. We all enjoy it from the eldest at 6yo to the twins at 21 months

  276. Avatar of Sharon Markwell
    Sharon Markwell Reply

    Play Doh is timeless and I get just as much enjoyment out of it now as when I was a kid.

  277. Avatar of Honi

    As a kindergarten teacher I love play doh- it’s the best, Our kiddos love it more than the rest! They roll it, pinch it, squeeze with all their might, it’s good for their hand muscles so they can write. But I love how they play and be creative when their imaginations come alive, it’s a place of rich language the play doh table sounds like a beehive. So I’d love a set for home for when my nephews come to play, so Play Doh -Happy 60th Birthday!

  278. Avatar of Jess

    Who doesn’t love play doh. I grew up with it and now my little boy can too!

  279. Avatar of naomi

    I loved play-doh when I was a kid. I would make horses and little meals for mum.

  280. Avatar of Bella Ki

    It encourages little ones to be creative and to use different coloured play-doh to make their imaginations come to life! It’s also squishy, which keeps them occupied for hours!

  281. Avatar of pockiemad

    It is just the best sensory plaything in the world I never go anywhere without some on hand.

  282. Avatar of Jenny Edwards
    Jenny Edwards Reply

    My daughter got her first set when she turned 1. She loves to use tools to shape it.

  283. Avatar of Blossom

    I can’t remember when I got my first package of play-doh. A great product to make various things – different colours and shapes. My younger brother made cars and trailers with them – colour coded of course

  284. Avatar of bamberee

    It feels good, it is relaxing, you can create just about anything and kids of all ages love it (let’s be real, adults of all ages too)

  285. Avatar of MelJD

    The feel, the smell, the squishiness! The hours of fun everyone can have playing and creating and just SQUASHING the stuff.

  286. Avatar of Asha Stanley
    Asha Stanley Reply

    Soft, squishy, sensory play
    Playdough really leads the way!
    Let your imagination free
    Make whatever you want it to be!

  287. Avatar of josie taylor
    josie taylor Reply

    Play-Doh is so soft and squishy and so bright and colorful. It does not matter what age you are it is always the best thing to play with. You can build so many different things and the kids imaginations run wild and what is great is when you see there big smiles on there face when they come to show what they have made. Thanks Play-Doh and Happy 60TH Birthday may there be many more

  288. Avatar of Claire H Simmons
    Claire H Simmons Reply

    a squish and a squash and a roll and a splat. Its a master piece in the making

  289. Avatar of Monique Farragher
    Monique Farragher Reply

    Play-Doh encourages fine motor skills and a childs imagination plus its fun for adults also!

  290. Avatar of shelbyward
    shelbyward Reply

    I think it is our first lesson in ‘sculpture’ and who knows where that can lead. The soft colourful dough is an awesome form of creativity and imaginative play – all three of my kids love it!

  291. Avatar of Kristina S
    Kristina S Reply

    You are only limited by your imagination, there is not right or wrong, just fun creations.

  292. Avatar of Joanne Stone
    Joanne Stone Reply

    The imagination and creativity is endless with kids when they have their hands full of play-doe. My little Miss loves loves making all sorts of crazy wacky to loving beautiful designs. This pack has got everything you need to have a day of magical fun

  293. Avatar of Brett

    I love the laughter and sheer happiness my kids experience when they are playing with play-doh. I love that they can be bakers/builders/artists, anything they want to be while they are enjoying their play-doh time. I love that something I used to love playing with is something I can now share with my kids. (oh did I mention that I also that it gives me a little bit of time out, while they are playing?”

  294. Avatar of Joanna H

    Play-Doh is the ultimate in good clean fun (except when it ends up in your carpet!). Taking kids imaginations to new levels that keep them entertained for hours!

  295. Avatar of Melissa

    It’s timeless! I played with it as a child, my nieces and nephews played with it, and now so do my kids. You can’t say that about many toys!

  296. Avatar of Sharon M

    Playdoh is a creative toy that has stood the test of time. It is the first creative play my children were introduced to, yes, even before Lego!!!! The colours, the textures, the fun!!! I get it out as much as possible, we make play food, play people and play animals. Then I take photos of their creations and we start again!!! Love it 🙂 Oh, the kids do too!!!

  297. Avatar of Val C.

    Fun for all the family, even great-grandma, you are limited only by your imagination!

  298. Avatar of Alyce-Maree McOrsum
    Alyce-Maree McOrsum Reply

    All the creativity that builds up in little (and big!) minds and hands gets to express its self in Play Dough. I love that it takes me back to when I played with my mum!

  299. Avatar of Kira Bongetti
    Kira Bongetti Reply

    Who doesn’t love play doh? A big favourite in our house, everyone plays with it! 🙂

  300. Avatar of Bri

    As a teacher and soon to be mum, play doh has endless uses in the classroom and at home. From developing fine motor skills, enouraging creative play to explaining numeracy concepts from division to fractions, Play Doh offers hours of engagement for kids of any age.

  301. Avatar of Nat

    It’s good for so many things but most of all its good for hands to make them strong.

  302. Avatar of Berenice Lawrence
    Berenice Lawrence Reply

    I love the feel, smell and endless crafts using play-doh. It is so much fun for everyone!

  303. Avatar of Dani G

    Bringing back memories of childhood fun, making people and castles, a big yellow sun. Time to share with a new generation, my little one is sure to love Play-Doh as much as I’ve done. H-B P-D!

  304. Avatar of Indria Purnamasari
    Indria Purnamasari Reply

    I love how Play Doh is an attractive play for all ages. Whenever my daughter plays it, I am the one who can’t stop making my own creative creatures.

  305. Avatar of Kristy Clarke
    Kristy Clarke Reply

    I love the freedom for children to use their imaginations along with learning and developing their skills
    Great family time activity

  306. Avatar of Han E

    What a lovely craft to do with ones children … I love to spend time with the kids making things, sometimes I feel like a kid myself!!

  307. Avatar of holly

    Bright, colourful, imaginative play at it’s best. My little miss will absolutely love the My Little Pony set !! Might have to add that to the Christmas list…

  308. Avatar of sarah

    I love all the pretty colours 🙂 And love watching the kids use their amazing imaginations when they play with it.

  309. Avatar of Sarah Marsh
    Sarah Marsh Reply

    My 3 year old is obsessed with Playdoh. It keeps him occupied for hours, which is good for mummy as well

  310. Avatar of Catrina

    I love that my son can explore his imagination while developing his fine motor skills (and he loves it too)

  311. Avatar of cher g

    Its colourful, squidge and fun to use. Its smell is divine. And once that pot is open a world of imagination jumps out.

  312. Avatar of Mikaela Cowan
    Mikaela Cowan Reply

    Red,green,yellow and blue,
    from building a house to a zoo,
    unleashes my child’s creativity,
    Play-Doh is a great activity!

  313. Avatar of Vic Lic

    I love the imagination involved in any playdoh game. So good for them.

  314. Avatar of KAT ROGERS
    KAT ROGERS Reply

    Love the creative imaginative play that only Play Doh can offer

  315. Avatar of Emma Lentz
    Emma Lentz Reply

    I love Play-doh because of the fun memories I have as a child mixing all the colours together to see what colour I could make. I loved the taste! I LOVE the smell (and still do!!)

  316. Avatar of Katrina McDonald
    Katrina McDonald Reply

    I love having the ability to be so creative with it and it is so much fun no matter what age!

  317. Avatar of Christie

    A whole new world unlocked with creativity and imagination playdough has stood time by giving us the tools to unleash play and our artistic talents…

  318. Avatar of Anne

    I love Play-Doh because it brings out the creativity in everyone. It helps improve children’s imagination, and can be used as a tool to teach kids about colours, shapes and anything you could create with it.

  319. Avatar of Eva Kiraly
    Eva Kiraly Reply

    Play-doh helps with the imagination as well as working with the hands, and with others to make a team.

  320. Avatar of Emma Puszkar
    Emma Puszkar Reply

    Mum used to cook her own, which made for a great , albeit salty, snack! I’m glad PLaydoh fills the gap so that my kids don’t have the urge to eat it!

  321. Avatar of Martin

    I remember playing with it as a kid and it has just got better and better

  322. Avatar of Alicia Bardsley
    Alicia Bardsley Reply

    Play-Doh gets them away from electronic devices and playing with their hands and mind

  323. Avatar of PoppyJoe

    I loved going to child care and celebrating grandparent day with my 3 grandchild. The kids directed me straight to the Play-Doh activity station and I’m glad they did!!!
    With my daughter there as well it made for 3 generations sitting around a tiny table on tiny stools making art with play-doh having a wow of a time! Play-Doh brought common ground between the generations as we clapped each others for their doh talents! Making these memories with my grandchild is delightful.

  324. Avatar of Mel

    Open a colourful tub of Play-doh can turn a very grumpy little one into a very happy chappy full of pride with his creative skills in an instant! Love that!

  325. Avatar of Becky Downey
    Becky Downey Reply

    Squeeze it, squish it, mash it, roll it, cut it… it’s so much fun whatever you want to do or make!

  326. Avatar of Sarah

    Play Doh just opens up a magical world of imagination and creativity. We never run out of things to make with Play Doh!

  327. Avatar of Tamara Lamb
    Tamara Lamb Reply

    The fuel for imagination! I am often amazed what my son comes up with from dinners to giant flying insects/robots! lol

  328. Avatar of Elisabeth Martins
    Elisabeth Martins Reply

    The feel, the endless possibilities of things you can create, the smell, the colours, but most importantly I love that it reminds me of being a kid and no matter how old you get, play-doh is still fun.

  329. Avatar of Tim Andrews
    Tim Andrews Reply

    i love playing with it with my kids while growing up .. an telling them that when dad was there age an this is daddy use to do with grandma 🙂 an i hope to be playing when im a grandparent

  330. Avatar of Sarah Hall
    Sarah Hall Reply

    My 2 year old loves rolling it, baking it, squishing it and cutting out shapes – but I think he likes eating it most of all!!

  331. Avatar of Tess Elise
    Tess Elise Reply

    My 5 year old has sensory problems and Playdoh calms him down when everything becomes too much. For this reason, we couldnt live without it.

  332. Avatar of Ann Hooppell
    Ann Hooppell Reply

    Its colourful and bright and you can make anything you like with it, and no matter how old you are play doh is fun.

  333. Avatar of Tess Howard
    Tess Howard Reply

    Colourful imaginative creative play. Its most fun when stuck indoors on a rainy day.

  334. Avatar of Kerryanne Bourke
    Kerryanne Bourke Reply

    I love the feeling of the dough as it is manipulated between the palm of my hands its so soothing and soft

  335. Avatar of Samantha gray
    Samantha gray Reply

    My son is a high needs kid (lots of energy and always needs something to do) but he will happily sit for 30mins to an hour and play with his playdoh 🙂 it’s a lifesaver and it lets his creative side thrive 🙂

  336. Avatar of Leanne W

    It’s a relaxing way to spend time with my son. He’s 8 and still loves playing with Play-Doh.

  337. Avatar of Alison Lee
    Alison Lee Reply

    It’s so fun and the possibilities are endless! Hours of entertainment at your fingertips!

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