Polly Waffle Bites Hit Shelves as Aussie Favourite Polly Waffle Makes a Return

The hugely popular Polly Waffle confectionary bar is making its way back to Australian shelves, in a new form – Polly Waffle Bites! Being huge fans of the Polly Waffle here at  Mum Central HQ, these new bite-sized balls of Polly Waffle goodness will be hitting the shelves at major retailers around Australia from this Friday, 12th April.

Yep, that’s right, the Aussie favourite chocolate bar will be available in a new bite-sized form, and are perfect for sharing (or keeping to yourself!)

Get ready to grab your bags! Source: Supplied

Polly Waffle Bites are heading to shelves across the country

Retailing at $5.50 for a 125g bag, Polly Waffle Bites will be appearing on shelves in Coles, Woolworths, independent supermarkets, petrol and convenience stores. They can also be purchased instore at any of the Menz FruChocs stores or purchased online for home delivery.

“It’s been over 10 years since customers last saw Polly Waffle on shelves, and we’re thrilled to bring an iconic Aussie treat back into their hands in the form of the Polly Waffle Bites,” says Menz CEO, Phil Sims.

“The team at Menz have been hard at work recreating the magic of Polly Waffle with a modern, bite-sized twist, and we appreciate the patience of the Australian public during this process. We can’t wait to see people enjoy the Bites as they make their way to stores across the country in the days and weeks ahead.”

What is a Polly Waffle?

For those not familiar with the Polly Waffle, it was a popular Aussie chocolate bar first introduced in 1947 by Hoadley’s Chocolates. Consisting of a marshmallow centre,  encased in a long waffle tube and then covered in milk chocolate, this unique combination of textures and flavours made it a beloved treat among Australians for decades.

However, in 2009, Nestlé, who had by then acquired Rowntree Hoadley’s, discontinued the Polly Waffle due to declining sales. There have been talks and attempts to revive the Polly Waffle over the years, with Robern Menz acquiring the brand along with Violet Crumble in 2019.

Given the nostalgic value and cult following of the original Polly Waffle, any new iteration or size variation like Polly Waffle Bites would likely generate excitement among fans of this classic treat. Aiming to capture the essence of the original bar’s marshmallow and waffle combination, offering it in a more convenient, bite-sized format that’s perfect for snacking on the go or sharing with friends.

Phil Sims from Robern Menz with a bag of Polly Waffle Bites
They’re back, baby! Source: Supplied

About Robern Menz

Robern Menz is a renowned name in the Australian confectionery industry, with a rich heritage that spans over 150 years. Based in Adelaide, South Australia, this family-owned business has become synonymous with iconic Australian treats, blending tradition with innovation to delight sweet tooths across the nation and beyond.

Perhaps best known for reviving the legendary Violet Crumble, Robern Menz has masterfully brought back the honeycomb chocolate bar to the shelves, much to the joy of its loyal fan base. The company’s expertise doesn’t end there; it also produces the FruChocs, a beloved South Australian treat that combines apricot and peach fruit centers with a coating of smooth milk chocolate. These chewy, fruity chocolates have not only won the hearts of locals but have also been recognized as a South Australian icon.

In addition to these flagship products, Robern Menz’s portfolio includes an array of other sweets, including the Crown Mint assortment and the delectable Menz Choc Honeycomb. Their commitment to quality, coupled with a knack for understanding the Australian palate, has positioned Robern Menz as a key player in the confectionery market, continuously expanding its reach while staying true to its roots in crafting delightful treats that evoke nostalgia and create new memories.

The Pollywaffle has a great fan base too, with many Facebook groups being created in the hope of campaigning to get this very popular chocolate bar brought back. And now their day has come!

Sadly, we’ve been advised that the Polly Waffle’s regular-sized bar won’t be making a return in its original form, however we’re still as excited as ever it will be out in its new bite-sized option. So run don’t walk to your local retailer from Friday 12th April, as we suspect they will fly off the shelves!!

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