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RECALL: Popular Chip Brand Recalled due to Contamination

Packages of chip brand recall are a staple in many pantries. Kids sometimes take the smaller-sized ones to school or as a quick on-the-go snack. The larger bags are ideal for family outings and social gatherings where there’s a good chance someone is going to complain about being hungry or needing a snack.

One of the most popular chip brands in Australia is Smith’s chips. However, three of their best-selling products, including the school-size varieties, have been recalled as there is a possibility that they could be contaminated with pieces of plastic.

Food Standards Australia issued the alert for Smith’s chips across five states, requesting that consumers check their Smith’s chips packages to see if they have a contaminated batch.

Here’s what to know about the Smith’s chips brand recall:

Smith’s chip brand recall batches

There are three products that have been recalled:

Smith's chips recall
Source: Food Standards Australia
  • Smith’s Cheese & Onion 45g & 170g — Best Before 17 SEP 23 (marked with DA), Timestamp between 20:28 – 22:28
  • Smith’s Original 6 pack – Best Before 10 Sept 23
  • Smith’s Original 19g included in the 20-pack Fun Mix — Best Before 10 SEP 23

Where were they sold? 

The Smith’s Cheese & Onion varieties were sold in Woolworths, Coles and independent convenience stores in New South Wales and Queensland.

Smith’s original six-pack and the 19g packets available in the 20-pack Fun Mix were sold in NSW, Queensland, Victoria, South Australian, and Western Australia.

What is the concern? 

The Smith’s Snackfood Company Pty Limited said it was recalling the products due to the “potential presence of foreign matter”. 

The small plastic pieces in the chips could be harmful and may cause injury or illness if consumed. Consumers are asked not to eat the products and instead contact Smith’s Snackfood Company on 1800 025 789 for a refund, or visit

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