The Results Are In! Prana Chai’s Sampling Campaign Blew Our Mums Out of the Water!

You might recall we asked our readers to apply for the very first Prana Chai sampling campaign and let’s just say the response was incredible!

I didn’t realise so many of you loved Chai, and clearly based on the number of applications, you were all so keen to make yourself a cup or three of the authentic Masala Chai blend in the comfort of your own home!

Each reader received a Prana Chai Starter Gift Box containing a 250g pack of Prana Chai Masala Blend, strainer, Robert Gordon Mug and individual stovetop pot.

So we selected our readers to participate and sent them all a gorgeous Prana Chai Starter Gift Box to trial and tell us what they thought!  Needless to say I was a little bit blown away with they unanimous feedback that came with the survey last week!

Prana-Chai-CooktopNeedless to say we were pretty damn impressed that you loved it so much – and here’s what they had to say!


Prana-Chai-Time100% of our mums surveyed said now they’ve tried making Prana Chai at home they’d be likely to make it again!

“This is extremely well-priced given the quality of the products included in the box and presentation.”  Emma, WA

“This was a simple to use, beautifully presented gift box with everything included for the new or novice chai tea maker. It has a lovely mellow flavour which I found comforting and relaxing. I would definitely recommend this set to anyone wanting a delicious hot beverage and it would also make a welcome gift for a loved one.” Rebecca, WA


Prana-Chai-Home-Reader100% of the mums surveyed said they enjoyed the Prana Chai they made at home! (not a bad strike rate hey!)

“I was surprised at how easy it was to make, and how I was able to replicate a “cafe-quality” taste at home as an amateur – the tea-brewing ritual itself is also very relaxing and calming, and makes your house smell beautiful!”  Emma, WA

“I love the ritual of making chai on the stove. It smells wonderful and evokes a warm cosiness. I make my own chai from scratch so I’m pretty fussy about the taste but I have to say the Prana Chai was delicious.”  Leah, SA

“Loved the taste and creamy texture, great to find a chai that isn’t packed with sugars and chemicals”  Anna, WA

“Love it! Best chai I’ve had for a long time & has ruined syrup based chai for me forever! Thankyou!” Emily, VIC

divider-3Prana-Chai-Starter-Gift-Box92% said that the Prana Chai Gift Box would make a great Mother’s Day Gift Idea – and quite frankly we do too!

The Starter Gift Box is currently on sale to Mum Central readers for just $39 (normally $63.95) so be quick and grab yours while they last as stock is limited at this price to the first 100 sets sold! 


“The set is lovely. The Turkish warmer, the mug & of course the Prana Chai. The perfect gift for Mother’s Day.”  Jo, SA

“I liked the individual preparation pack that came with the starter set. I felt like I was making something a little bit special for myself.”  Kim, QLD


92% said they would recommend Prana Chai to their family & friends

The scent, the preparation, the sipping of a warm chai at the end of a long day – it’s like slipping on soft slippers – a relaxing ritual to wind-down before bed.”  Jo, SA

“I was thrilled to try Prana Chai. The Gift box was wonderful! The tea was easy to make and totally delicious! Will definitely be purchasing more!”  Carinna, QLD

“Although getting a take out Chai might feel like your little treat everyday the taste difference in Prana Chai is massive. It doesnt have the overly sweet taste that can mask the spices. Prana Chai has the most exotic taste due to the fantastic blend of spices, and every sip is just amazing. When us mums have a bad day Prana Chai will definitely be my little bit of me time at home.” Hazel, NSW

“Gorgeous aroma best chai I’ve tasted”  Laura, VIC

“It’s a special treat, tastes better then a chai tea bag from the supermarket and definitely better than a chai latte and without all the sugar.” Hayley, SA

“If you love a nice cup of tea, look no further than Prana Chai. As a mum of three under five my tea is my time. Warm, soothing and calming. A little hug in a mug for this mum. This blend has a heady scent that will fill your home with clove and cardamon aromas. I love the Prana Chai kit for its earthy natural tones. A great gift for friends and family alike. Thanks Prana Chai and Mum Central.” Jo, NT

And finally, this about sums everything up for us! 

“About a year ago I had a beautiful cup of chai tea in a little Melbourne cafe and I was so excited by the moist, aromatic mix that I asked the staff what they were using. This was my first experience of Prana Chai and immediately I was ‘sold’.

I photographed the package with the intention of tracking some down but did not get around to it. So when I saw this trial, I was immediately interested.

Upon receiving my starter kit, I was like a kid at Christmas and couldn’t wait to try it. I was not disappointed – it was everything that I remembered – a beautiful moist texture, fresh and fragrant and that’s before I even got it into the sweet little Turkish pot.

It is so easy to make and all I did was add a little honey. It tastes divine and really gets me relaxed. It is such a treat in my own home. My husband loves it too and I can’t wait to share the joy.” Michelle, VIC

divider-3So there you have it! Our mums have spoken and it’s clear to all that Prana Chai has more than delivered on their commitment of quality, authenticity and of course a beautiful and rewarding experience for its drinkers.

It’s the perfect opportunity to stop and take five (or ten) to invest back in yourself with a hot cup of freshly made Prana Chai to make ‘me time’ really easy. PLUS, with Mother’s Day coming up, share this link, print it out and be as subtle as a sledgehammer in getting your point across if you’d like to get your hands on your very own Prana Chai Starter Gift Box this Mother’s Day!


divider-3Mum's Choice Thumbs Up AwardBravo Prana Chai, you’ve more than earnt yourselves our Mum’s Choice Thumbs Up Award.


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