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As a chai lover there’s nothing worse than ordering a chai tea and seeing the café owner reach for the jar of instant powder.

Those sugar-laden, powdered chai imitations that are served up rampantly across thousands of Australia cafes do not compare to the real deal.

Which is why I usually reserve my chai drinking to home. Because I appreciate a real chai and I want a great one. Because a good cup of chai is so much more than just a tea break. It’s like a little mini-retreat for your soul. And so I use my chai tea time as my own little self care ritual.

For centuries tea has had a long and proud history as a ritual. Across many countries tea ceremonies have formed as a means of both self-care, and care for others.

prana-chaiTake chai tea for example, more accurately known as Masala Chai, it has its roots in Ayurveda, the traditional medicine system of Indian culture. Ayurveda takes a whole person – body, mind and soul – approach to health and wellbeing – which makes chai the perfect blend for a mindful break.

Our friends at Prana Chai know this, which is why they sent us some of their amazing, hand-made Masala Chai blend to trial. In a world of mass production and artificial ingredients, Prana Chai has none of that.

The Prana team remains committed to creating and delivering a quality product, with whole food natural ingredients, and no additives or preservatives. From hand-roasting their secret blend of spices to hand sealing their packages, the whole Prana Chai production process is carefully curated to ensure as much “Prana” or “life force” is infused into the product as possible.

“A good cup of chai is so much more than just a tea break.”

The first thing you notice when you open a package of Prana Chai is the amazing aroma that bounds straight out at you. The unmistakable scent of cardamon, star anise and honey transports you to another place.

What is also great about chai is that the distinctive flavours work so well with non-dairy milk options. For those of us with lactose issues, we can make our chai with soy, almond or even coconut milk. The spice flavours balance out the strength of these alternative milks really nicely.

Prana-Chai-ReviewIt only takes a few minutes and then you can sit down and just drink your tea.  Take a deep breath of that amazing scent, before you take your first sip. Feel your insides warm up as the Prana, the life force, makes its way down to your belly. (Did I mention Chai makes the perfect winter drink? The weather is starting to turn after all…)

As Mums, we’re renowned for being easily pulled into the vortex of multi-tasking. We’re constantly thinking and acting on behalf of one, two or more other people. We always seem to have a million browser tabs open in our brain at every waking moment and we’re constantly ticking things off, and adding things to, our mental to-do list.  It’s no wonder we’re exhausted. This busy-ness drains us of our life force.

But what would happen if you took a Prana Chai tea break every single day? Would it change your mindset? Would it inject some life force back into your world. Would it change your life?  Grab yourself some Prana Chai and find out.

divider-3If you’ve never made chai before, it’s super easy! Watch for yourself how to make yourself a cup of Prana Chai at home. 

  1. Place two or three heaped teaspoons of Prana Chai into a Turkish pot.
  2. Fill with one cup of your favourite milk (we recommend soy milk).
  3. Heat over the stovetop until it is hot (but under simmering).
  4. Using a mesh strainer, pour your tea into your favourite tea cup.


Prana Chai’s Starter Gift Box comes with everything you need, including Prana Chai Masala 250g, Turkish pot, strainer and Robert Gordon Chai Latte mug.  Valued at $63.95, Mum Central readers can get their hands on this gorgeous Starter Box for just $39.

Be quick though, stocks are strictly limited so grab yours while they last!





To celebrate this awesome Australian company, and because we love to hear what you’ve got to say (and give you free things), we’ve organised for 15 of our readers to receive a Prana Chai Starter Gift Box to trial and tell us what you think.

Here’s how it works:  If you’re lucky enough to be selected, we’ll send you a Prana Chai Starter kit with everything you need to make your very own Chai at home. You’ll have 10 days to try it out and take some pics and will then be required to complete a short survey and come back to us with your honest and detailed feedback. That’s it – we’ll then compile a follow-up story and include our reader’s feedback so we can share it with our readers! IT’S THAT EASY!

To apply, complete the application form below in full and we’ll be in touch if you’re one of the readers selected.  

Apply to Review Prana Chai and Get Your Very Own Starter Gift Box

Avatar of Sarah Hausler

Sarah Hausler is a Women's Health Occupational Therapist and owner of Bloom Wellbeing. She is passionate about helping women to live their best life and adjust to the physical and emotional demands of being a new mum.


  1. Avatar of Emily Bennett
    Emily Bennett Reply

    Love Chai! It’s like a warm spicy milk drink that won’t keep me awake all night! Anything that tastes like a hot cross bun in a mug needs to get in mah belly ASAP. I want one now.

  2. Avatar of Panda Jess
    Panda Jess Reply

    I love Chai because when you add milk and honey its so creamy, sweet and spicy. I love drinking it during winter to wadm up my tummy.

  3. Avatar of Alex Carman
    Alex Carman Reply

    I really love chai for its spices and huggable warmth. It is a perfect drink for when I’m not wanting a coffee but still want a comforting drink.

  4. Avatar of Deborah Bolam
    Deborah Bolam Reply

    I really like drinking Chai and this brand sounds really much healthier

  5. Avatar of Toni

    Love the aroma & the feeling of coming home to a warm comfy couch chai gives you

  6. Avatar of Jess.S

    I love the spicy aroma and drinking something warm and flavorful

  7. Avatar of Nikki Cashion
    Nikki Cashion Reply

    I love the aroma of a freshly made tea , and Chai smells fantastic when made .

  8. Avatar of Bethany Oxley-Cullen
    Bethany Oxley-Cullen Reply

    Chai reminds me of home and family. Is there anything better than that?

  9. Avatar of Julie Bazal
    Julie Bazal Reply

    I love the smell of Chai. It is relaxing, let alone the taste. So versatile, as it can be used with a variety of milks, still tasting so flavoursome! I fell in love with Chai on a trip to India, and crave that deep spice taste.

  10. Avatar of Debra Black
    Debra Black Reply

    Chai is such a warm welcoming drink it’s like a big hug from your mum in the morning

  11. Avatar of Melanie Graham
    Melanie Graham Reply

    Chai is an aromatherapy session and a delicious drink all rolled into one.

  12. Avatar of Kahlee O'Sullivan
    Kahlee O'Sullivan Reply

    I love Chai because it is a perfect way to relax and unwind when I get some me time away from my two kids! It has the most beautiful blend of spices and instantly calms me down.

  13. Avatar of Krista Wallis
    Krista Wallis Reply

    I love to give this chai a try. Love having a relaxing chai with the hubby and kids, especially with the cooler weather on the way. 🙂

  14. Avatar of Lauren G

    The flavours and aromas of chai are just divine and makes it easy to relax and enjoy a little indulgence!

  15. Avatar of Alison Roberts
    Alison Roberts Reply

    Everything. It just feels like it’s time to chill out when I smell a cup of chai.

  16. Avatar of Milly Howells
    Milly Howells Reply

    It warms the heart and soul with aromatic spices, honey and toasty warm soy milk. It’s the best drink to share with a friend, it opens you up to great conversation.

  17. Avatar of Evelyn

    I love that it tastes delicious, with a unique mix of flavours that can’t be properly reproduced with powdered stuff. It’s relaxing and heightens all senses while transporting you to another place; heaven.

  18. Avatar of Anne Johnson
    Anne Johnson Reply

    chai is the easy drink when you want something hot, especially if you don’t feel like coffee. Perfect tea during warmer months and late at night before bed.

  19. Avatar of Brigie Smith
    Brigie Smith Reply

    Chai is so relaxing and calming and tastes so good with all the blended spices and warm milk.
    It is hard to find a good chai and many places unfortunately uses powder or syrup which is horrid. Good chai should be in the form of loose leaf never artificial.

  20. Avatar of Carly

    I love chai. From its milky creaminess to its lovely warmth from the spices. It’s a special treat for anytime of the day!

  21. Avatar of Andrea Furtado
    Andrea Furtado Reply

    Sounds like the perfect cup of chai to warm me through the chilly Autumn and Winter months in chilly Melbourne!

  22. Avatar of Natalie Latimer
    Natalie Latimer Reply

    MMMMmmmm adding the spice to my life… real Masala chai yummo!

  23. Avatar of Pavlova

    I’ve gone off coffee but love getting Chai from Cafe’s, I’d love to try Prana Chai at home so I wouldn’t have to go out of my way.

  24. Avatar of Katie Sara Winderlich
    Katie Sara Winderlich Reply

    Chai tea, all I can say is mmmmmm… Drooling right now!!! 🙂

  25. Avatar of Sarah Homans
    Sarah Homans Reply

    I can’t drink coffee because it makes me feel anxious for the whole day but hot chocolate doesn’t do it for me. I love the combination of flavours in chai.

  26. Avatar of Sharyn W

    Chai smells divine and is so good for me, it relaxes me and my perfect moment is sitting with a cup of chai and a good book – nothing beats the blissful feeling it gives me.

  27. Avatar of Robyn Wright
    Robyn Wright Reply

    I love chai, because it is a warming, soothing drink that recharges me while also calming my anxious mind.

  28. Avatar of Natasha Johnson
    Natasha Johnson Reply

    Chai makes me so happy. That delicious combination of sweetness and spice.

  29. Avatar of Linda Luczak
    Linda Luczak Reply

    Chai smells beautiful when freshly poured and tastes even better. It’s like a circus in your mouth with delicate spices to tantalise the tastebuds and soothe the soul. Chai offers a natural way to unwind each day.

  30. Avatar of Sueb

    Real Chai tea has such amazing aroma, even my neighbours know when I’m having a relaxing cuppa, always a great conversational cuppa with friends

  31. Avatar of Melinda Bolitho
    Melinda Bolitho Reply

    Cup of warm and fuzzy
    Heaps of flavour and spice
    Always a favourite at the end of a long day
    Indian delight that gets the flavour “just right” 🙂

  32. Avatar of Deb Lee

    I love both the smell and taste of chai, and how it warms me up on a cold winter’s day

  33. Avatar of Rach.

    I love the sultry mix of flavours of a REAL chai that’s made with love, not straight out of a pack or jar.

  34. Avatar of Erika Ladru
    Erika Ladru Reply

    I love the spiciness of Chai and it goes so well with almond milk as a dairy free option! Chai tea is a flavour explosion that so many are yet to embrace. I’ve recommended chai to many of my friends and family and they all thank me for it!

  35. Avatar of Kathy Bowdlert
    Kathy Bowdlert Reply

    First off it’s the heady aroma of spices that wraps itself around you while the masala chai is being made, then the taste, so relaxing, enjoyable and if made from scratch sheer bliss.

  36. Avatar of Janelle Bateman
    Janelle Bateman Reply

    I don’t drink coffee but love a chai for something a bit different!

  37. Avatar of Tami

    I’d love to try this brand of chai tea. Haven’t been able to find one that i like.

  38. Avatar of Kristine Willoughby
    Kristine Willoughby Reply

    I love the hint of different spices as you inhale the aroma and then taste the wonderful blend of all that is CHAI

  39. Avatar of Robyn Smithwick
    Robyn Smithwick Reply

    I love the velvety smooth texture of chai and the taste is unique.

  40. Avatar of Jessica Amy Pond
    Jessica Amy Pond Reply

    Chai has a warm smooth taste that you just cannot get in other tea!

  41. Avatar of Richard Harrison
    Richard Harrison Reply

    I love the delicious spicy taste as well as the gorgeous smell

  42. Avatar of joni

    I love spicy food and drink and it is good for you with all the spices contributing health benefits as well as tasting fabulous!

  43. Avatar of Leanne Campbell
    Leanne Campbell Reply

    Sound like a great tea for me now my health is poor so I would love to try some before buying it.

  44. Avatar of Tennille

    A lot of late night studying had me drinking too much coffee so I decided to try chai and now I love it all the time. I’m still new to it so I’m enjoying exploring it too 🙂

  45. Avatar of eileen86

    the health benefits of drinking chai are huge. it is also great to help soothe me after work on a cold evening. chai cupcakes are fab too 🙂

  46. Avatar of Bridgetjayne .
    Bridgetjayne . Reply

    The thing I love most is the aroma, it instantly relaxes you. The taste that follows is also delicious.

  47. Avatar of Rosemarie De Bari
    Rosemarie De Bari Reply

    It’s warm, nourishing, and above all tastes amazing. I can feel it doing me good as I drink it!

  48. Avatar of Alanna Jane
    Alanna Jane Reply

    My mum got me onto Chai to try and curb my coffee drinking, this one I haven’t tried.. as yet.. I love the smell and how relaxed it makes you feel with your hands wrapped around a warm mug

  49. Avatar of Rachel T

    Chai is pretty much my go-to afternoon pick-me-up alternative to coffee. Many great health benefits but it’s the taste that keeps me coming back for more. Most amazing flavours compared to other teas. Excited about trying a brand I didn’t know about that looks amazing!

  50. Avatar of Johanne S

    Love my Chai Tea. The brands that i have tried are refreshing and gorgeous tasting. Great for that Mid Afternoon pick me up. Love to try Prana Chai. Never heard of before so keen to taste

  51. Avatar of Corinne P

    Chai is amazing not only for its flavour but the awesome health (mental and physical) benefits you get from the ritual of making it and its delicious spices!

  52. Avatar of Kate Slack
    Kate Slack Reply

    I have never tried it but it looks very appealing, I would love to have the opportunity to experience something new 🙂

  53. Avatar of Roslyn Millett
    Roslyn Millett Reply

    The complexity of the aromas – it starts the relaxing process from the beginning.

  54. Avatar of Jasmine Eastwood
    Jasmine Eastwood Reply

    I have never made chai tea before so would really love to win this to have a go at making it and share my experience! 🙂

  55. Avatar of matilda scioscia
    matilda scioscia Reply

    Sounds devine with beautiful flavour combination, and would luv to try and review this for you.

  56. Avatar of Pinar Krajcik
    Pinar Krajcik Reply

    I love chai because it instantly makes me feel relaxed and all the spices invigorate the senses

  57. Avatar of EunHee Min
    EunHee Min Reply

    My husband I love exotic aroma and taste of Chai. A cup of Chai is just perfect break especially in Winter 😉

  58. Avatar of Alicia Spalding
    Alicia Spalding Reply

    The taste. The spice and soothing qualities. It imbues me with a sense of calming peace that I sometimes need to remain level headed and feeling in control of my day.

  59. Avatar of Sophie Merchant
    Sophie Merchant Reply

    Chai is such a warming and delicious treat. Perfect for the coming winter months 🙂

  60. Avatar of Julia Morton
    Julia Morton Reply

    the range of flavours and the calming natural effect it has on my body and mind

  61. Avatar of merlest

    Chai has a rich, full-bodied taste that’s both spicy and soothing. Delicious and different to other teas, which can be bitter or insipid.

  62. Avatar of Mis Helen

    To be honest…nothing!!! I love the idea of the aromatic spices but am yet to find one I’d buy over and over agai!!

  63. Avatar of SCOTT BRUNSKILL

    I love the aromas and taste of a good Chai …. I love it’s soothing aspects… it fits into my desire to maintain a healthy attitude to what my takes in.and how it leaves one with a sense of calm and balance

  64. Avatar of Sarah Travia
    Sarah Travia Reply

    I love the spicy warm comforting feeling I get when drinking it. It’s such a nice change from normal tea. Perfect for winter and after dinner.

  65. Avatar of Bex

    Chai tea sits so very well on my stomach. It’s unique and distinct spicy flavours are gorgeous. It has great benefits enhancing the immune system, combats inflammation and has powerful antioxidant properties. Just love it!

  66. Avatar of lewi

    so handy to have at home for an afternoon pick me up and for when all the non coffee drinkers call around

  67. Avatar of Jodi Jenart
    Jodi Jenart Reply

    Soy chai latte is my favourite where ever I go, to make it from scratch would be dreamy 🙂

  68. Avatar of Katie Henderer
    Katie Henderer Reply

    I love the spiciness of a good chai. The complex flavours that all work to create a balanced warmth. Magical.

  69. Avatar of Karen Bennetts
    Karen Bennetts Reply

    Love the peppery, spicy warm feel good feeling from real homemade Chai

  70. Avatar of Nicole Budiman
    Nicole Budiman Reply

    I love how warming chai is… Both the aroma and the taste. And it’s something that can be easily shared with like minded tea lovers.

  71. Avatar of Andie Grant
    Andie Grant Reply

    Love love love chai tea. I love the smell and the taste. My favourite afternoon tea teamed with a gingernut bickie.

  72. Avatar of Sarah

    Chai is a tea that warms the soul. I just LOVE it! When cafés reach for the powdered option I just cringe. A good chai tea is a luxury and so delicious.

  73. Avatar of tina d

    I love it as an alternative to coffee. So tasty and delicious 🙂

  74. Avatar of Felicity Turner
    Felicity Turner Reply

    Chai tea is a great drink to have to relax the mind and body after a hard day at work.

  75. Avatar of Angela

    I love the richness of chai and how you can smell the flavours in the air!

  76. Avatar of Jane Gardam
    Jane Gardam Reply

    CHAI sounds so relaxing and delicious and I would love to sip this whilst having a little me time.

  77. Avatar of Kirsten McLauchlan
    Kirsten McLauchlan Reply

    I adore real Chai. Can’t wait to give this product a try!

  78. Avatar of Stephanie West
    Stephanie West Reply

    Learning how to make an easy authentic Chai would be amazing, especially with the cool weather approaching!

  79. Avatar of Julia Burford
    Julia Burford Reply

    I love the smoothness and the way it calms and refreshes me 🙂

  80. Avatar of Sara

    I love that warm and happy feeling that I get when enjoying Chai or maybe it’s just because I don’t have to share it with my kids- bonus!

  81. Avatar of Mama Carlotta
    Mama Carlotta Reply

    My chai sensory experience starts when I open my cannister and see the pieces of tea, cinnamon, cardamom, etc, then once it’s ready my nose tells my taste buds to get ready… that evocative scent of cinnamon, tea and spices fills my kitchen and then…mmmmmmm joy. Chai is almost like yoga in a cup!

  82. Avatar of Shu-Ching Chang ( Sonia)
    Shu-Ching Chang ( Sonia) Reply

    I have herbal medicine background and most of my friends are tea makers. I love rich earth favours Chai tea in cold or hot. It is a great opportunity to try this amazing Prana Chai from Mum Central website. Thank you.

  83. Avatar of Traci Hampson
    Traci Hampson Reply

    Chai brings out all of the better parts of me…. right from the soul.

  84. Avatar of Eliebull

    Yes please, I love chai, I fell in love with it in India, but it can be so disappointing when you get a bad cup. I love prana Chai, and look for it in coffee shops, but I haven’t made it at home.

  85. Avatar of viviennedobin
    viviennedobin Reply

    I love warm feeling I get whenever I drink a cup of Chai

  86. Avatar of Kelly Sherwood Brown
    Kelly Sherwood Brown Reply

    I love the delicious spicy taste and smell of chai. 🙂

  87. Avatar of Jessica Charles
    Jessica Charles Reply

    I love the many spices and aromas that combine to make authentic chai and the warm feeling as it slides down my throat and into my tummy!

  88. Avatar of Julie

    Love my chai tea but never tried real chai like this it sounds so delicious and I would live to try it coz I am dairy free and gluten free. A lot of store bought powders are not gluten free.

  89. Avatar of Nicole D

    I would love to try this tea. I drink tea daily (many cups) and would like a different sort of tea to drink. I’ve only heard good things about Chai tea.

  90. Avatar of Lauren Barnes
    Lauren Barnes Reply

    It’s fruity noir, that spice and sweet cinnamon aroma, can bring exoticness into my own home.

  91. Avatar of Veronica

    Would love to try, I love Chai, but have not tried it as a tea, should be lovely and refreshing.

  92. Avatar of Rachel K

    I love Chai tea the unique blend of aromatic herbs and spices infuses a calypso style party within my body. Invigorating and tantalizing mind, body and soul!

  93. Avatar of Kristie Newland
    Kristie Newland Reply

    Such a beautiful, relaxing blend of spices. Always brings a touch of nostalgia!

  94. Avatar of Bops18

    I love the aroma, it takes me away to a special place and I feel like I’ve had a mini holiday whilst sipping on my chai and reading my favourite book.

  95. Avatar of Kaoma Dingle
    Kaoma Dingle Reply

    Love that cinnamon taste and smell of chai, and how calming it is to drink

  96. Avatar of xeike

    The smell makes everyone in our house come to the kitchen and when you drink it, it relaxes every single cell in your body. With a 3 year old, that is exactly what you need on a daily basis. Did I mention, that it is good for you?

  97. Avatar of Samara Cassidy
    Samara Cassidy Reply

    I love the beautiful relaxing blend of spices and smells that chai invokes.

  98. Avatar of Shu-Ching Chang
    Shu-Ching Chang Reply

    Love chai drink , it remains me smiling India goodness.

  99. Avatar of Christy Gentz
    Christy Gentz Reply

    Chai tea is so lovely and fragrant! It’s by far my favourite got drink.

  100. Avatar of Tammie MacFarlane
    Tammie MacFarlane Reply

    It’s my time out where I sit back, relax and enjoy the aromas of my favourite drink

  101. Avatar of Cecilia Warrick
    Cecilia Warrick Reply

    I love the spicy cinnamon taste, and how comforting it is to drink.

  102. Avatar of Bec D'owney
    Bec D'owney Reply

    It’s the taste that’s ELEVENSES out of ten! I just love to sit down and SIP into something special.

  103. Avatar of Jennie

    I love the aroma of the spices. i have always found them exciting. I also love the taste of the different combinations.

  104. Avatar of Leigh Isabeth
    Leigh Isabeth Reply

    I love the relaxation that comes with my chai tea break in the afternoon and evening, I enjoy the sweetness and the spices, it’s really satisfies my mindfulness moments

  105. Avatar of Kristina Walker
    Kristina Walker Reply

    The concept of Ayurveda, where taking a moment for yourself to indulge in a cup of Chai, allows yourself to rebalance and regroup. Something that is especially important to me, being a mum of two and pregnant with our third. Having that moment for my health and well-being and allowing the spices and aroma envelop me to tranquility!

  106. Avatar of EB

    I fell in love with Masala Chai in India but haven’t been able to find that same taste sensation in Australia. I’m keen to try Prana Chai in the hope that my prayers will be answered.

  107. Avatar of Dina

    I find that drinking Chai helps me relax & even helps with my depression.

  108. Avatar of Lou Evans

    Chai would be a great alternative to caffeine for me. Nurturing for the tummy and the soul, I can’t wait to try it.

  109. Avatar of Kirsty

    I love the spices. The combination smell of cardamom , star anise, cinnamon just make me instantly unwind. A dash of honey and it’s the perfect mix for me to unwind in the craziness of motherhood.

  110. Avatar of Lisa Abejja
    Lisa Abejja Reply

    Chai is my favourite way to warm up in the cold of winter. It puts a fire in my belly and heat in my soul.

  111. Avatar of Mardi Storken
    Mardi Storken Reply

    I love chai tea but haven’t tried Prana Chai. I would love to enjoy authentic chai tea at home.

  112. Avatar of Carla

    In a world filled with additives, flavourings, colours, sugar and processed foods and drinks, it is refreshing to find something completely natural. I have yet to try it but from what I have read it sounds amazing and I can’t wait to try it for myself!

  113. Avatar of Gervase Dsylva
    Gervase Dsylva Reply

    Love the spices, aroma and comfort taste of a great well made Chai!

  114. Avatar of Samara McRae
    Samara McRae Reply

    It’s caffeine free, delicious, full of flavour and warms me up inside. I love it!

  115. Avatar of Jos

    I’ve tried Chai tea in the instant powder. I’d love to try and see what it taste like between these two.

  116. Avatar of Valerie Wee
    Valerie Wee Reply

    I love Chai. When I go out with friends, I would order Chai as my afternoon tea.

  117. Avatar of kathy clark
    kathy clark Reply

    I would give a 100 percent honest opinoin on my feedback as i have never tried it

  118. Avatar of Musicveg

    Love to give Prana Chai a go, giving up coffee I am looking for something tasty that is healthy too, it looks great and am keen to try and use several different non dairy milks. I make my own almond milk so wonder how that will go too.

  119. Avatar of Tehani

    I’d like to try this as I’ve tried other brands but dont enjoy the powdered ones.

  120. Avatar of Andieharrie
    Andieharrie Reply

    Chai is full of spice and tea
    Perfect flavour for me
    I’d Love to try
    before I buy
    Yummy Prana Chai

  121. Avatar of Laura Whiteman
    Laura Whiteman Reply

    The smell, the cinnamon and cloves, that little bit of India at home…

  122. Avatar of Peta Jauch
    Peta Jauch Reply

    I am breastfeeding so don’t like to drink coffee at the moment. Having a chai is what I do when the kids are in bed and I can finally put my feet up and relax.

  123. Avatar of joburkey

    I love the aroma of chai that fills the air when we make it at home

  124. Avatar of Eunice Ang
    Eunice Ang Reply

    I love the special aroma and taste of chia, that warm feeling that goes through the body and warms even my soul

  125. Avatar of Kathleen Usher
    Kathleen Usher Reply

    The blend of spices that instantly relaxes you and brings back memories of exotic holidays.

  126. Avatar of Jacqui Roodenburg
    Jacqui Roodenburg Reply

    I love how a chai can warm you up on the coldest of nights! and that aroma is amazing, i can smell it now.

  127. Avatar of empressjo

    Too many times I’ve bought a Chai & been disappointed by the lack of knowledge of what is a real Chai experience. A short while ago I was an avid coffee conisur, but I now prefer Chai even though I’ve had way too many milky disasters!

  128. Avatar of Danielle Tassan
    Danielle Tassan Reply

    I love the smells and flavour of chai as I find it so relaxing.

  129. Avatar of Kate

    I’ve only tried instant Chai before and was overcome by the sweetness of it, I’d love to try an all natural Chai to see the difference.

  130. Avatar of Janene Morgan
    Janene Morgan Reply

    I love the spicy aroma and rich sweet cinnamon flavour of a good Chai and love to sit and savour the unique flavour. It’s more a ritual than just an afternoon cuppa.

  131. Avatar of Rachel Cheel
    Rachel Cheel Reply

    I absolutely love the aromatic spices in chai and how they just take you somewhere far away with the incredible exotic smells! The Cardamom, cinnamon, star anise, cloves and more, just have something much more relaxing to it than ‘just a tea’! Nothing better than snuggling on a cold night with a Chai! Best feeling ever 🙂

  132. Avatar of Reesy Dempsey
    Reesy Dempsey Reply

    Haven’t tried it before but it sounds and smells yummy love a good cuppa would be nice to have some variety

  133. Avatar of humptydumpedme
    humptydumpedme Reply

    I’m a big lover of chai because I have a very fast paced stressful life and it relaxes me and calms me down

  134. Avatar of Samala Cambridge
    Samala Cambridge Reply

    Firstly the delicious smell that draws you in, then the creaminess and the spices. It is truly a delicious drink that hits the spot and doesn’t hit the hips!

  135. Avatar of Sarahmary92
    Sarahmary92 Reply

    The feeling that drinking a nice hot chai gives me. It’s like my 5 minute escape to my happy place of relaxation.

  136. Avatar of Robyn

    I will pick Chai tea over a cappuccino any day. The taste is so beautiful & I believe for one than a coffee.

  137. Avatar of shelbyward
    shelbyward Reply

    To me Chai is warming to the body and soul but it has to be made from true spices.

  138. Avatar of stpatgirl

    With 5 kids, the word ‘relax’ doesnt come in to play often, so anything (like Chai) that can help make this a reality is a winner for me!

  139. Avatar of Veka Kuswandi
    Veka Kuswandi Reply

    I love chai because I love the smell of cinnamon and coffee always makes me feel nauseated.

  140. Avatar of jayla1987

    I love chai the flavours awaken my senses and open my tastebuds to a whole new world

  141. Avatar of Melanie Stewart
    Melanie Stewart Reply

    I love the whole Chai experience. Starting with opening the jar and being enveloped in those distinct Chai aromas. There’s even something special about boiling the milk on the stovetop, and then finally pouring it through the seive into my prettiest mug. And the taste, yum. It feels like I’m drinking a dessert! Hmm think I’ll go make one now…

  142. Avatar of Kim Hamilton-Waycott
    Kim Hamilton-Waycott Reply

    I love the smell from opening the packet before you even get to the drinking part. I miss not being near my favourite little tea place as I would have one daily. The chai they try to pass off in chain cafes is full of sugar and no substance. Looking forward to finding my new favourite supplier.

  143. Avatar of AJ Riley

    I love the smell of chi the spices and the milk, and enjoying that first sip

  144. Avatar of Paula Harris
    Paula Harris Reply

    The gorgeous aroma and all the healthy benefits that comes with it

  145. Avatar of Justine Hollinsworth
    Justine Hollinsworth Reply

    I like the comforting smell of all the spices mixed together.

  146. Avatar of Tracey Hall
    Tracey Hall Reply

    Love how it feels so relaxing going down and calming to me. So much better then a normal tea.

  147. Avatar of Rebecca Oliver
    Rebecca Oliver Reply

    I love Chai and it makes a really nice change from the constant coffee drinking

  148. Avatar of Hazel MacDonald
    Hazel MacDonald Reply

    I love the fragrance and exotic taste of Chai. Its a little hug in a mug, that makes feel like im walking through a souk in Morrocco. Cant get that from a cup of coffee… 🙂

  149. Avatar of Anthea Lazzaro
    Anthea Lazzaro Reply

    The taste is amazing even better then coffee. It makes me all warm and relaxed for my bedtime drink.

  150. Avatar of Lee Curtis
    Lee Curtis Reply

    I love the aroma and spicy smoothness of Chai. It relaxes and soothes my mind body and soul. There truly is nothing else like it to help undo the knots acquired through a stressful day at work or running around after my 3 month old. It truly is the saviour of my day.

  151. Avatar of Suzanne Ware
    Suzanne Ware Reply

    I love the creaminess, the hints of spice and how it relaxes me, it’s my afternoon treat for myself.

  152. Avatar of Meera

    I find chai is a great pick me up when I’m feeling the mid afternoon slump, much better than a coffee which gives a quick high and then you feel the same way

  153. Avatar of laureneve

    I love chai so refreshing and delicate. I love using it with my gorgeous white teaset. Who doesn’t love a cuppa and a good gossip magazine!

  154. Avatar of Emily Marsland
    Emily Marsland Reply

    The best option to replace the caffeine that most of us mum’s use to get through the hectic daily life of children. A soothing ritual that I would love to bring into my home, & my son’s life.

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