Watch! This Pregnant Mum of Twins is 4 Days Overdue and Dances To Bring on Labour!


Mum dancing like no one’s watching is always enough to embarrass any child (especially once they hit those tween years). But, having it preserved – not to mention, very well viewed – on video?

Someday twins Wes and Isaac will have their mum and dad to thank for mega embarrassment via a very viral YouTube video. But, for the rest of us, the clip is major fun.

At 40+ weeks mum was still yet to deliver her twins. Overdue and desperate to go into labour naturally, mum threw her very own dance party. Putting on the Black Eyed Peas “Let’s Get It Started” (which we can imagine mum very much wanted to do, when it comes to going into labour), she starts the dance to bring on labour by saying, “Wes and Isaac, you’re four days overdue. You brought this on yourself.”

The next three and a half minutes or so are filled with mum, joined at times by dad, busting out move after move after move. Dad writes, on his YouTube channel page, “My wife and I trying to induce twins by dancing to “Let’s Get It Started” by Black Eyed Peas, at 40+ weeks pregnant after trying everything else.”

If a 40+ week pregnant mum dancing her heart out (or rather, trying to dance her babies out) isn’t exactly something that you could imagine, take a look for yourself!

Dad goes on to add that she went into labor only two days later. While the dance party didn’t do the trick immediately, it seems that it certainly helped things along – literally getting it all started.

This mum of twins ended up having a natural and unmedicated delivery at the hospital with the assistance of her midwives.

Welcome to the world Wes & Isaac!!


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