Pregnant Woman Gives Birth in the Back of an Uber Taxi

Lots of pregnant women have a birth plan —but I bet not one of them reads ‘give birth in the back of an Uber taxi!

Soothing panpipe music. Yes. Water birth. Quite possible. Heck, even a dolphin-assisted birth is more likely to be on the plan than pushing bub out in the back of a taxi.

Never has the ‘Baby on Board’ sign has such meaning than for Uber taxi driver Krunal Shukla.

Earlier this week he picked up heavily pregnant Ada Luguterah. She was with her father and younger sister and was travelling from a home in east London to St Thomas’ Hospital.

Barely a few minutes after getting in the Uber taxi, Ada realised that her baby was not going to wait until she was safely in the hospital to enter the world.

We thought we had time but a few minutes later it was contractions and the baby was coming straight away.” — Ada told Sky News.

She recalls that the driver (Krunal) pulled over and called an ambulance while her sister had to catch the baby in the back seat.

If having a baby in the back of an Uber isn’t enough to worry about, Ada explains that she was concerned about “messing up the back of the car.”

Uber taxi similar to the on ein which a woman gave birth

Uber taxi. Image via The Sun Uk

Poor Krunal was shaken up too. He told reporters that if he had known his passenger was so close to giving birth who would have insisted she ring for an ambulance rather than get into his taxi.

“I thought it was just for a routine check-up,” he says. Minutes later Ada was shouting, “the baby is coming now!”

Ada appears to have taken it all in her stride, declaring that things like this only happen in the movies or in One Born Every Minute (a UK reality show about a maternity hospital in London).

It doesn’t happen to normal humans like us!”

Uber taxi driver Krunal Shukla

Uber taxi driver Krunal Shukla looking calm and composed. Image via Sky News

A day in the life of an Uber driver

After the baby’s early and surprising arrival, Krunal provided Ada and her baby with some clean clothes he had in the boot of his car. Also, he put the heating on to keep mum and bubs warm and comfortable. What a legend!

Reflecting on the events and his actions he said, “It was my duty as a human. She is a brave mum.”

I think there is a message for the whole world. There is a lot of bad but… look at this woman… we must respect our mothers.” — Krunal added.

Here at Mum Central we couldn’t agree more Krunal!

And a name for the baby?

As of a few days ago, the baby did not have a name. I expect Ada thought she had plenty of time to choose a suitable name for her bubs. Particularly given the baby wasn’t due for over a week.

Apparently, there’s talk of calling it Uber!

Ada Luguterah and baby

Mum Ada Luguterah with her newborn. Image via Sky News

Note: Krunal received a five-star rating from Ada via the Uber app and Uber waivered the cleaning fee!

And funnily enough, this isn’t the first time a woman has given birth in the back of an Uber. Perhaps all Uber drivers should keep a few of these maternity bag essentials in their boot! Uber might also consider making recognising the early signs of labour part of its staff training.

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