First up – how good are baby wipes? My kids are 6 and 8 and I still use them. I have them in the car, in the bathroom and in my handbag. They’re essential to families, regardless of whether your little ones are in nappies or not. But there are baby wipes and there are baby wipes.

We gave the Bambure Bamboo Baby Wipes (RRP $5.95) and Bambure Natural Baby Wipes (RRP $4.95) to some of our mums to trial and the results were impressive.

Factors that are important to our testing team when choosing baby wipes are : no nasty chemicals, the effect on our baby’s skin, size and wiping efficiency. Bambure ticked all the boxes.

Some of the things we loved best:

  • They are a natural product with no ‘nasty chemicals’.
  • The cloth was soft and strong (so great on little bottoms) and the bamboo is both sustainable and biodegradable.
  • Mild fragrance and not full of chemicals.
  • Ingredients have been specially formulated for babies with sensitive skin including eczema

Overall the comparison to other products is good though one of our testers felt they were a bit smaller than her usual so used a couple extra to protect her hands from a messy #2!

They were sometimes a little difficult to dispense one at a time but they’re the only negatives we can find.

The wipes are available in health food stores, pharmacies and independent supermarkets. Visit the website to find your nearest stockist or to buy online.

“For me, the main priority is using the least amount of chemicals on my children that is practically possible. Bambure Baby Wipes are the right price, readily available and mostly free of any nasty chemicals so they get my vote!”

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