Product Review: Logitech Case+ for iPhone 5 inc Reader Giveaway!

I love my iPhone. I’ll admit it.  It’s a key part of my everyday life. It connects me to my outside world, especially when growing my business comes with me being on the run more than I like to admit!  I carry it with me (almost) everywhere and need to ensure it does everything expected of it and more!

So when I was approached to road test the brand new Case+ products from Logitech, specifically designed for iPhone 5 (bingo!) I was understandably curious.  I have tried just about every phone accessory on the market for my phone and being on the go as much as I am, find battery life one of the biggest challenges.  So let’s put this through its paces and see where we end up!  Plus, make sure you enter our GIVEAWAY BELOW!

Firstly, the Case+ pack comes in 3 parts:

  • Case + Energy – A really cool battery pack that ‘attaches’ to your existing phone for busy mums on the run
  • Case + Drive – a magnetic car mount that allows you to safely mount your phone while driving.
  • Case + Tilt – a flexible backing that attaches to the case and when folded acts as a stand for your phone


So where to first?


Case + Energy

(RRP $129.95)

Case Energy MC

I hammer the heck out of my phone  battery between running Baby Bargains & a growing family! I’m always on the go and just don’t seem to get the phone to last me from sunrise to sunset without topping up the damn battery (by far one of the biggest shortcomings of the iPhone 5).  Having said that, yes there are solutions out there if you’re on the run but nothing quite like this!

What I LOVE about this is you simply clip it to the back of your iPhone, press the power button on the back and it starts  charging up your phone while you’re using it, on the run, it’s in your bag whatever.  Best of all, there’s no wires leading to tangles/mess/chaos in your handbag as it simply adds on to the phone.

When you’re done, simply unattach it and you’re good to go. If you take a call, there’s no impact to the useability of the phone, nor does it feel bulky. It’s smooth and sleek, and only a tad bit heavier than the phone on its own.


Case + Tilt

(RRP $39.95):

Case Tilt

I already own a multitude of phone cases, my husband says I have one for every outfit (well not quite, he’s exaggerating!).  However, I do have a few so when changing over to the Case+ Tilt, I had one of those ‘oh but I love the case I have’ kinda moments to say adios to the red bling cover and pop this baby on.  Once though I started looking at the functionality of the cover and started to piece it all together,  practical Bel kicked in.  It’s certainly by no means a stunning design, but geez it’s practical!

The cover has a sheet of metal across the back which then attracts the flexible ‘Tilt’, perfect for when you want to watch a favourite video. Simply fold +tilt into a kickstand for easy viewing and when it’s time to put away your earbuds, simply wrap the cord over your smartphone, then fold and remove the +tilt panel for quick and hassle-free storage.  Very clever!  Plus, they come in a great range of colours and metallic styles.


Case + Drive

(RRP 69.95)

case drive

One of my  biggest challenges (and safety factors) is safely talking on the phone while I drive (especially wanting to avoid a fine from the boys in blue!)  My existing phone holder suctions to the windscreen but really needs 2 hands to set and unset (and while us mums are awesome at doing everything one handed, some things just need to be EASY!

So this is how it works: Using your existing Case + cover with metal plate, you simply pop your phone onto the car mount (which comes complete with suction mount to stick to windscreen/dash and like magic it’s stuck! VOILA!  When you’re ready to remove it you just lift it off. It’s simply magnetic.  SO freaking simple!

There’s also a universal adaptor that allows you to mount any other phone on the mount too – so hubby will be thrilled he can use it too on his Samsung!


To see the whole set in action, check out the video then ENTER OUR GIVEAWAY BELOW!

YouTube video












So you want a portable Bluetooth speaker, that’ll sound fabulous, not kill the bank and be portable enough to take the battering your 4yo throws at it? You may want to consider Logitech’s new Ultimate Ears Mini Boom, which can take a moderate amount of abuse thanks to its metal frame and rubber housing. Like the full-size Boom, the Mini Boom can still operate in pairs (through Android and iOS apps) and lasts for a healthy 10 hours per charge. It will also power up through micro-USB in the event that you’re nowhere near a wall outlet. Logitech expects to ship the Mini Boom this month in a variety of flashy colors for $100.

We’ve got one to give away to a lucky reader! Simply comment on the blog below and tell us your favourite Logitech product and how this makes/would make life easier!  Get cracking!

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    The Case+Energy is my favourite Logitech products, I don’t need to worry about iPhone battery problems . The Case+Energy is a solution a great back up plan for holiday or busy people. I was against buying an iPhone because of battery issues. Now , I see this Logitech that’ll give confidence

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