Multiple Birth Awareness Week 9-16 March 2014

“You’re not alone”

Multiple Birth Awareness Week [MBAW] aims to raise awareness of the important work done by the Australian Multiple Birth Association [AMBA] and local clubs around Australia supporting families and the community.

“Knowing that ‘you’re not alone’ when you find out that you’re expecting twins, triplets or more is very important for families to help them thrive, not just survive the journey”, says Ali Mountifield, mother of triplets and AMBA Communications Director. “Most parents will tell you bringing home a new baby is life changing, but two babies, or three or even four babies at a time, well, that can be really tough.”

The Australian Bureau of Statistics figures released in October 2012 show that during 2012, there were 4,480 sets of multiples born in Australia, including 59 sets of triplets or higher order multiples. Whether you live in a big city or out of town, you can connect with AMBA for wonderful publications, support and information.

“AMBA is celebrating its 40th anniversary this year and it is amazing to see that AMBA has grown to 55 clubs across Australia, representing more than 4,000 member-families. It is an amazing milestone for a volunteer-run organisation”, said Ms Mountifield.

AMBA has a growing list of events for MBAW taking place from Sunday 9 March 2014 to Sunday 16 March 2014 around Australia. Visit to find a contact for your local AMBA club.

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