REVIEW: Providoor Delivers Family-Friendly Ready Meals from Australia’s Top Chefs!

Balancing mealtime as a busy working mum of two can often feel like a circus act, with schedules clashing and time slipping away. Every plate spun is a small victory, but some days, you just wish someone else would take the lead. Thankfully, we’ve just discovered Providoor, a gourmet food delivery company that allows you to eat delicious, restaurant quality meals from some of Australia’s best loved chefs in the comfort of your own home.

The food is cooked with love, snap-frozen to seal in the flavour and delivered to your door. How’s that for the perfect recipe for easy family meals? And best of all? After another massive day of school, work and sport, there’s no need to rely on dino nuggets and two-minute noodles for dinner!

“The best meals I’ve ever eaten” Source: Supplied

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Providoor delivers delicious gourmet meals to your door. Source: Supplied

A real mum’s review of Providoor Frozen Meals

As a busy working mum of two school-aged children, I was really excited to try Providoor’s frozen meals to see how they suited our family. We like to eat together as a family; however we often don’t have the time (or energy) to cook elaborate meals after getting home from work or sports training, or different weekend commitments.

Busy kids will love Providoor too! Source: Supplied

So much deliciousness, minimal preparation

I really enjoy food and cooking but find I don’t have enough time or energy to spend ages in the kitchen or shopping for unique ingredients.

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Providoor is a perfect solution for our family, because we were able to eat incredible food with minimal fuss.  Everything arrived perfectly frozen with flavour and freshness sealed in, and many of the meals can be ready in a matter of minutes. There are QR codes on the packages that link straight to the website and the preparation instructions. 

Honestly, the meals that arrived from Providoor have been some of the tastiest food I’ve ever eaten and every single meal has been fantastic.

The food has been restaurant quality and easy to prepare at home.” 

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What’s on the menu? Quick dinners for the whole family

You won’t be starving for choice when it comes to these ready meals. There’s a range of different types of cuisines and over 70 different meals, desserts and sides to choose from, including gluten-free and vegetarian options. The website is incredibly easy to use and you can search by your favourite chef, or meal type.

Some of the meals can be microwaved straight from the freezer! Others can be popped in the oven or heated on the stove with no other preparation.

Simply heat and enjoy. Source: Supplied

If you’re a bit more prepared and the food has defrosted in the fridge, the cooking times are even quicker! The meals are ready to go, so preparation and clean-up times are next to zero.

Providoor also has clear ingredient listings and a variety of food options that make catering to different allergens and dietary requirements so easy. If you’re hosting someone who is gluten-free or vegetarian for example. My son has had food allergies and we have extended family with different dietary requirements so it was awesome being able to find ready meals that suit our specific needs.

We have found the quality of the food to be as good as restaurants, thanks to the amazing chefs such as Manu Feildel, Silvia Colloca, George Calombaris and Anna Polyviou preparing these meals.  

There are plenty of meals here that are going to please adults and kids alike, and it’s a great way to introduce kids to new flavours and cuisines too!”

Providoor Ready Meal #1

Silvia Colloca’s Classic Italian Lasagne 

We started with Silvia Colloca’s Classic Italian Lasagne for my birthday lunch with family.  It was easy to prepare – even though it’s recommended to defrost the lasagne ahead of time we went straight from the freezer to the oven and it turned out perfectly.

The perfect family dinner without any prep! Source: Supplied

The lasagne was flavourful, meaty and rich without being at all greasy – it even impressed my foodie father!  The website advertises this lasagne as having 6 servings, but with some garlic bread and salad we were easily able to get 8 from this delicious and generous dish.

 I would have to say it’s the tastiest lasagne I’ve ever eaten (sorry dad!).

Family meal time just got a whole lot easier. Source: Supplied

Providoor Ready Meal #2

Manu Feildel’s Pomme Purée and Beef Bourguignon

For a date night dish, we enjoyed Manu Feildel’s Pomme Purée (like a fancy mashed potatoes) and Beef Bourguignon.  This was another generous helping of food packed full of rich and delicious flavours.

From frozen in the microwave to mouths. Source: Supplied

The meat was tender and delicious and the potatoes were creamy and smooth – perfect to soak up the tasty sauce.

Hearty and delicious Beef Bourguinoun. Source: Supplied

Providoor Ready Meal # 3

Christine Manfield Curries

We decided to serve both curries from Christine Manfield together for a hearty lunchtime curry feast after the kids played their weekend soccer games.  We removed these curries from the freezer the night before and popped them in the fridge to defrost.  The serving suggestions for the lamb and chickpea curry recommended stirring through some fresh baby spinach leaves which were a tasty addition.

Providoor brings new meaning to the phrase “curry in a hurry”. Source: Supplied

The coconut and prawn curry was full of plump and juicy green prawns that cooked quickly in the tasty coconut curry sauce on the stove.  We served the curries with basmati rice and papadums.

So yum! Source: Supplied

The kids loved the generously sized prawns and it was a great way to try some new and exciting curry flavours while feeding the whole family a hearty lunch.

Providoor Ready Meal #4

George Calombaris’ Slow-Cooked Lamb Shoulder

George Calombaris’ slow-cooked lamb shoulder was next on the menu.  Again this was easy to prepare, we just popped it in the oven to heat up.  It’s already slow-cooked for 12 hours so by the time it was to temperature the meat was melting off the bone.

The meat was falling off the bone. Source: Supplied

George suggests serving his lamb with a Greek salad, hummus and flat bread which sounds amazing, but we had farm-fresh carrots and beans from our local Sunday markets so we went in a more traditional Sunday roast direction with another serve of Manu’s Pomme Purée.

All our plates were licked clean and we had some lamb and mash for leftovers the next day!

Slow-cooked…without actually having to slow cook. Or cook. Source: Supplied

Providoor Ready Meals #5

Peking Duck and Davidson Plum Spring Rolls

We also tried Peking Duck and Davidson Plum spring rolls from Luke Nguyen.  These were my son’s favourite food from Providoor and were packed full of delicious, well-balanced flavours that we wouldn’t normally have on our menu.

The Peking Duk spring rolls were a huge success. Source: Supplied

Providoor Ready Dessert

Anna Polyviou’s Jam Doughnut Pie

Anna Polyviou’s Jam Doughnut Pie sounded so delicious in the description that we had to add it to our order, and I’m so glad we did! It’s rich and decadent without being too heavy and we thoroughly enjoyed each mouthful.

Providoor dessert range

 The jam is fruity and bright enough to balance the richness of the cookie dough to create an amazing dessert.

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Providoor Frozen Meals

Providoor Frozen Meals
Easy to Cook10.0
Flavour and Variety10.0
Time Saving10.0
Clear Instructions10.0
Value for Money9.5

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The Providoor Experience: An easy 5/5 star rating

I’m far from a gourmet chef, but everything I prepared following Providoor’s instructions turned out at least as good as I’d expect from a restaurant. All the meals have had generous portion sizes, and delicious flavours and have been crowd-pleasers.

Delicious flavours ready to be served! Source: Supplied

Perfect for busy weekends, days, nights and anytime, really, I also found Providoor was a great alternative for a dinner party where I wanted to spend time with my friends instead of slaving away in the kitchen.

It’s also perfect to have these meals tucked away in your freezer for those occasions when you feel like a hearty meal but you don’t have the time or energy to cook. I would happily order every single dish we tried again, but first I’m keen to try some of the other options from Providoor’s extensive range!

Over 70 meals to choose from, starting at $30. Source: Supplied

You have got enough on, let Providoor sort dinner.

If you’re looking for quick dinners without the fuss, Providoor is a winner for the whole family.

I would absolutely recommend Providoor to any other families looking to up their meal game.  There is next to no preparation required and the food is of genuine restaurant quality.  There’s hardly any mess in the kitchen and all the food was simple to prepare. 

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