Queensland Mum Finds Snake In Bottom Of Son’s Water Bottle

There are plenty of freaky deaky moments in life, guaranteed to scare the living sh*t out of us.

But unexpectedly finding a snake in your child’s water bottle definitely tops the list.

This nightmare became a reality for a Queensland mum who came face to face with a carpet snake after it slithered out of her son’s water bottle and into the kitchen sink.

Turns out, snakes get hot too. And what better place to cool off than inside a water bottle?

See, kids, this is why mummy chooses to skip the water and just drink wine. At least wine comes in a see-through bottle.

A mother got quite a shock when she emptied her sons water bottle into the sink and this yearling #carpetpython fell out of the bottle! #newproteindrink #snakewasok

Posted by Snake Catchers Brisbane & Gold Coast 0413 028 081 on Wednesday, September 20, 2017


Oh look honey, there’s a snake in your water bottle…

Somehow (I’m really not sure how), the Ashgrove mother managed to keep her composure and call a local snake catcher to identify and remove the offender. The slithering demon wasn’t harmed in the removal process.

No word on whether the water bottle made it out alive or ended up in the bin. But I’m going to go with the latter.

More snakes are coming

According to Snake Catchers Brisbane, snakes are one step closer to taking over the world (and our homes) with an increase of snake sightings in homes across Brisbane, Logan, Ipswich and the Gold Coast in September 2017.

The crew over at Snake Catchers Brisbane have recently found a 11 kilogram (yes, KILOGRAM) snake in Sunnybank and a 1.5 metre red-bellied black snake in Logan.

Snake Catchers have urged Queenslanders to be alert as more snakes are expected to slither into our lives in October. We’re alert AND alarmed here at Mum Central!

Oh, it would also appear that snakes like mops, just in case you were looking for a reason to throw out all cleaning supplies.

Of course, this isn’t the first time Mum Central has reported on a snake attempting to ruin lives. Just ask this Queensland mum who found a deadly brown snake coiled around her child’s Lego collection. Then there was that time a father found a snake underneath his baby’s cot

Hey snakes, on behalf of every parent in Australia, kindly f*ck off. And leave our kids’ crap alone.

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