How to Make a Rainbow Cheese Toastie – Unicorn Style!

Here’s one for the parents who make cheese sandwiches day in, day out … by request from pint-sized people. Warm up your sandwich press folks, it’s YOUR time to shine with this how-to for a rainbow cheese toastie with a unicorn twist!!

Toasted cheese sandwiches are the epitome of comfort food. Golden, crispy bread encases gooey, melted cheese, creating a symphony of textures and flavours. Perfect for quick lunches, late-night snacks, or nostalgic moments, they evoke warmth and simplicity. Paired with tomato soup, it’s a timeless duo that never fails to satisfy.

They’re a staple weekend lunch in our home, and quite frankly, I can’t wait to try Jane de Graaff‘s rainbow cheese toastie for myself. This is a cheese toastie that has to be seen to be believed. I mean, just LOOK AT IT.

rainbow cheese toastie
A cheese toastie but NOT AS WE KNOW IT! Source: Instagram

Rainbow Cheese Toastie – Easier than you think!

In Jane’s Instagram post featuring her gorgeous rainbow cheese toastie creation, she writes:

“…Food should be fun, and I’m all for playing with it. I refuse to apologise for loving colour in my food. Sometimes there are artificial colours. Sometimes there’s not. Either way, this was a helluva lot of fun. Creativity takes many forms, and today rainbow cheese is king.

Haters can take a walk. I salute unicorn food. #joyfulfood !!”

mum central
Jane de Graaff with her spectacular rainbow cheese toastie sandwich! Source: Instagram

And because we all want to know how to make our cheese toasties ooze rainbows, Jane has shared the recipe with her social media followers – though it really is as easy as making a cheese melt! See the details below. YUM!

mum central
Yes, that IS a rainbow waterfall. Source: Instagram

How to Make a Rainbow Cheese Toastie


  • Grated pale cheese (mozzarella is GREAT!)
  • Food dye colours of your choice
  • White sliced bread
  • Butter


  1. Heat up your sandwich press!
  2. Place a handful of grated cheese in three different bowls. Use a few drops of food colour in each bowl and mix through. TIP: You only need a few drops. The colour develops and deepens more, as the cheese heats and melts.
  3. Butter two slices of bread. Place one slice of bread buttered side down against the hot plate. Lay the cheese in three stripes across the bed. You should have three strips of colour butting up against each other. Place the second piece of bread on top (butter side facing out).
  4. Close the lid of the sandwich press and let it cook until the cheese has melted and is starting to ooze out the side. Remove from the sandwich press and slice in half to watch the rainbow ooze from the middle. Yum!
rainbow cheese toastie
It’s what toasted cheese rainbow dreams are made of. Source: Instagram

Follow Jane on Instagram for loads more wonderful, colourful food ideas for kids and families. They’re so much fun! What say you, are you going to try a rainbow cheese toastie for yourself?

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