10 Awesome Rainbow Party Recipes For Kids!

Rainbow parties have been popular for a while now and it’s easy to see why.  Kids love bright colours which makes these following rainbow party recipes some of our favourites.   

Here’s 10 clever ideas to inspire greatness for your next Rainbow Birthday Party.

1.  These gorgeous Unicorn Rainbow Balls are so easy to make and they look really effective!


2.  Unicorn farts. Yep, you heard right! My Man’s Belly‘s little rainbow coloured meringue cookies are dusted with just a hint of lustre dust to give them that shimmer and these sweet treats make for easy desserts or the perfect kids party food.


3.  Rainbow Popcorn cups, such an easy idea that only takes minutes, and Homemade By Jill shows you exactly how she pulled together a brilliant rainbow party with these as one of her feature elements.

rainbow popcorn

4.  Rainbow cupcakes are sure to brighten up any party and these ones are divine by Nikis’s Sweet Side. Watch her step by step tutorial here.


5.  Jelly doesn’t have to be boring thanks to Glorious Treats for this Rainbow Jello – it’ll take a little while to pull together but certainly not difficult.


6.  Sprinkle Bakes has created these gorgeous Rainbow Meringue truffle cones, I could eat all of them!  Check out the cute Unicorn sprinkles shaker too!


7.  These Rainbow Custard Cups are easy and delicious. Best of all, they’re gluten free! 


8. This Rainbow Cake Trifle by The Kitchen Magpie is great for a rainbow party!


9. These Dr Seuss Rainbow Cookies look amazing, and are surprisingly easy too! Check them out at Decliciously Declassified – they’re definitely on our list!


10. Mom On Time Out makes these gorgeous Rainbow Pretzel Wands, how sweet are they?


rainbow parties


























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