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Little Ones Will Go Wild for These Learn to Balance Toddler Scooters


Ready, set, scoot! Your toddler or preschooler will be flying high with their very own Razor Wild Ones Scooter in a magical unicorn or funky shark design.

You can kiss the days of attempting to get them to sit in a pram goodbye and discover a better, quicker way to try to go! Perfect for family walks, playgrounds, and parks, even indoor play, this unique junior scooter is sure to be a BIG hit with your wild one.

Razor toddler scooter
The perfect beginner scooter for your toddler or preschooler. Source: Supplied

Razor wild ones balance scooters
Razor Wild Ones Junior Scooters come in a cool shark and funky unicorn design. Source: Supplied

But first, let’s take a closer look at these toddler scooters

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Where the wild ones ride

Discover the fun that comes with riding a two-wheeled scooter! Lightweight, durable and ideal for riders 30 months+, these scooters are designed to boost the confidence of new riders. Watch their excitement soar as they learn to balance and master the skill of scootering!

wild ones junior scooter
Anytime’s a great time to scoot with a Razor Wild Ones Junior Scooter. Source: Supplied

Build confidence and balance skills

With a low deck perfect for little learners, these scooters keep their feet closer to the ground, enabling them to learn to balance and build the skills – and the confidence – needed to master two-wheeled rides.

The grip tape graphics is another cool unique feature that teaches kids where to place their feet for a balanced ride.

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Each Wild One comes with grip tape graphics. Source: Supplied

Two-wheeled scooter for big kids

Unlike many of the toddler scooters on the market, Wild Ones scooters come with two wheels rather than three, just like the big kids’ scooters. Except, of course, it’s much cooler because it’s got teeth. Chomp chomp!

The wheels are extra-wide too, which helps with coordination. Plus they are slow-rolling, ideal for little learners and big hills.

You also don’t have to worry about punctures as these tyres are durable and ready to roll on pavement, bitumen, timber, even indoor surfaces such as tiles and lino.

Razor Wild Ones beginner scooter
The durable tyres are toddler-proof. Source: Supplied

Smooth and sturdy

These junior scooters also offer a smooth and comfortable ride on all surfaces. With soft-handle bars, your toddler won’t complain about the bumpy road or vibrating hands.

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Comfortable for little hands. Source: Supplied

Grab and go

But perhaps the best thing about Wilds Ones? Kids WANT to ride them. Which means you can get out and about with them and not have to lug the pram with you.

If your child does decide to take a break from scootering, you can easily carry your Wild Ones in one hand until they are ready to go again. They also take up minimal space in the garage or car boot.

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Family adventures await! Source: Supplied

Better still, you can actually get from A to B at a decent pace – in fact, once your wild one gets his speed up, there’s no stopping him. Make sure you’re wearing your trainers!

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These beginner scooters are easy to ride, ensuring toddlers don’t get frustrated or lose confidence. Source: Supplied

Ideal for backyard riding, on the pathways, even indoors, these toddler scooters are ready to roll. No matter what the weather is doing, there’s always time for a quick scoot!

Wild Ones Junior Scooter in store NOW

Razor’s Wild Ones Toddler Scooters are available at Big W and make a great birthday present or surprise for your special little guy or gal. At $69 each, they are great value too and will grow with your tot. They also come with the uncompromised quality of a Razor, one of the most trusted names in kids’ scooters.

There are two adorable designs to choose from – Toothy Shark and Fantastical Unicorn, both featuring a 3D eye and colourful deck design.

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Choose from a bright aqua shark or funky pink unicorn. Source: Supplied

Wheel into Big W and pick one up in either a shark or unicorn. Your toddler will be over the moon with it!

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This is a sponsored post for Razor.

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