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The “Real” Parents Guide to the Adelaide Fringe

No idea what to see at the Adelaide Fringe? Check out the “Real” Parents Guide to the Fringe – made by real parents who want to help you pick the best shows for YOUR family.

So you might’ve seen that the Adelaide Fringe has released their official Fringe Guide and if you are a little bit like me you might be overwhelmed by the number of shows in there and what would be good to see.

And you might’ve been thinking about taking the kids to see something but how on earth do you pick something that they’ll like so you don’t waste your money?

So I just wanted to let you in on a little something special that I have created…

I’ve got together my industry contacts, and created the “Real” Parents Guide to the Adelaide Fringe. This is a guide that will help you choose what shows will be best for each member of the family, based on their likes and interests.

It’s created by parents so it also has important stuff like where to park, (and how much), what to do before and after the show and if the artists have done this stuff before – so you can avoid picking a dud!

The other thing I really like about it is the “If they like… then they’ll like this” section. So you can find a show that the family will like based on what they are already into.

And it’s not just kid friendly shows either, there’s shows in there perfect for Mums, Dads and Date Nights!  (Date Nights? What’s that again! LOL!)

So if you want to grab a copy it’s free, just to download The “REAL” Parents Guide to the Adelaide Fringe or on the Link below to get your Copy now.

If you’re on a computer, download your copy here (3.3mb)

For mobile users, we’ve captured the images below to give you all the info more readily (save the images of those you’re keen on to your phone and you’ll have all the info you need!)


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