Refresh Your Kids Room Decor Using These 8 Budget-Friendly Ideas from ‘The Block’ Winners

Who else has a Pinterest board, an Instagram saved folder, and a TikTok vault full of incredible home and kids’ room decor ideas? Mine are bursting at the seams, and it’s not surprising seeing the hashtag #kidsdecor amasses more than 1.9 million posts on Instagram alone! If only I had the money to hire an interior designer to do it all for me.

Well, mums, we’re in luck! The Block winners Mitch and Mark say it’s absolutely possible to revamp a space in your home for less.

The Block winners Mitch and Mark team up with Big W

Big W challenged The Block winning couple to refresh a kid’s room with affordable pieces from the brand’s Autumn/Winter range, and they were full of great tips!

“Social media is the place for interior trends and inspiration. It’s great to see BIG W dropping a collection that makes these trends more accessible to Australian families.”  – Mitch and Mark

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Budget friendly tips to revamp your kids room decor

1. Select a theme

Before shopping, decide on a theme that reflects your child’s interests and preferences. Whether it’s space exploration, jungle adventures, a library, or a princess castle, selecting a cohesive theme will guide your kids’ room decor choices.

2. Start with a neutral base colour

Mitch and Mark say anchoring the bedroom with neutral colours creates a foundation that can be easily refreshed with pops of colour and decorations that can easily change with your kids’ tastes and preferences.

The pieces the couple used in the room are the Openook Block Tufted Cushion 43cm x 43cm in Natural ($18) and Somersault Penguin 35cm Plush Toy in Blue & White ($15). Rugs are another great way to elevate the kids’ space with an accent. Mitch and Mark like the K-D Alphabet Round Rug in Cream ($25). Another cute rug is the Jiggle & Giggle Kids Bunny 120cm Quilted Playmat ($44.95).

kids room decor refresh the block mitch and mark big w budget friendly neutral colours
Neutral colours make the perfect base to start. Source: Supplied. Photo credit: Alan Jensen

3. Upgrade furniture that’s seen better days

Start by assessing the existing furniture in the room. Look for versatile and functional items like storage units, desks, or cozy seating options.

“When it comes to kids’ spaces, it’s important to pick pieces that spark joy, creativity, and imagination – alongside some clever storage solutions to keep things tidy.” – Mitch & Mark

4. Inject personality using bold patterns

Choose fresh, vibrant bedding matching their favourite characters or motifs that fit the room’s theme. Incorporate cosy throws and accent pillows for added comfort and style. Mitch and Mark use the K-D Pinsonic Quilt Cover Set in Chill Check – Single Size ($24) to create a fun flair in the challenge space.

kids room decor refresh the block mitch and mark big w budget friendly bold pattern
Bold patterns inject personality into their room. Source: Supplied. Photo credit: Alan Jensen

5. Add wall decor

Big W’s collection offers an eclectic range of wall decals, posters, and artwork featuring popular characters and whimsical designs. Consider adding a statement piece, such as a colourful tapestry or framed artwork, as a focal point. This Brown Tree Cartoon Monkey Squirrel Home Art Decor Wall Sticker ($32) would be perfect for creating a reading nook in the corner of the room.

6. Think about the room’s lighting

Illuminate the room with playful and functional lighting options like this flashing dance party projector ($43.20) or this cute duck night light ($49.99). Look for themed lamps, string lights, or night lights from Big W’s collection to add a cosy and functional ambience to the space. Consider incorporating smart lighting solutions for added convenience and versatility.

Mitch and Mark use the Crest Kids Koala LED Night Light ($35) and the Super Mario Super Star Light with Sound V2 ($20) to inject personality into the room.

kids room decor refresh the block mitch and mark big w budget friendly personality
Check both natural and night lighting in your space. Source: Supplied. Photo credit: Alan Jensen

7. Add kids’ storage solutions for practical play

Storage solutions are my happy place. I love nothing more than scrolling through Pinterest, wishing I could recreate the sleek lines I see (and don’t even get me started on labels! I’ve ordered so many, I need to buy extra containers for them, which works well while I’m in my ‘cooking-from-scratch’ era!).

Keeping the room organised and clutter-free not only looks good but it helps teach kids how to maintain their spaces and keep their rooms tidy. Mitch and Mark suggest creating dedicated play zones to help keep the space tidy while displaying the kids’ most loved toys. Mitch and Mark arranged toys and games on the Openook 4 Cube Shelf Storage Unit in White ($79) with the Openook Rope Medium Baskets ($15).

8. Add personal touches

Personal touches can make your kids’ rooms feel extraordinary and unique. Why not display their artwork, achievements, and cherished toys in a creative way? Consider incorporating DIY projects or custom decor items to add a personal touch to the space. They can personalise their space by decorating their own storage books ($35.10).

Consider your child’s safety

Prioritise safety when selecting and arranging furniture and decor items in your child’s room. Especially if they have bunk beds! See our tips and tricks on how to make your home safe for kids.

Once you’ve completed the room makeover, take a step back and admire your work. Encourage your child to explore and enjoy their newly refreshed space. Remember to involve them in the process and incorporate their input to create a room they’ll love spending time in!

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