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11 Best Reusable Nappies for Babies and Toddlers

Thinking of ditching disposable nappies in favour of reusable cloth nappies or perhaps keen to dip your toe in the water and try, but not sure where to start? We’ve GOT YOU.

We’ve compiled a roundup of our top picks for reusable nappies that are both eco-friendly and cute-to-boot!

Cloth nappies have come such a long way in recent years. So much so, we’re spoiled for choice. First things first though, let’s get familiar with the cloth nappy lingo. If you’re going to walk the walk, you’ve got to be able to talk the talk – or more importantly know just exactly what it is you’re wanting to buy for your baby’s toosh.

Modern cloth nappies (MCNs) are becoming more and more popular. They have the sweet fitted fit and comfort of a disposable nappy but are completely reusable and of course, kinder to the environment.

Terry towelling squares are STILL readily available and though old-school compared to MCNs, they’re a great choice for those just wanting to dip their toe in the reusable nappy pool.

The different reusable nappy styles available

ALL-IN-ONE: These nappies have a water-resistant outer layer sewn together with an absorbent inner to form the nappy.

ALL-IN-TWO or SNAP-IN-ONE: Nappies with a lined waterproof outer layer and absorbent lining layers which snap in with press studs. They come apart for laundering which means they dry quicker than traditional all-in-one styles.

POCKET NAPPY: Again, these nappies have a waterproof outer layer sewn together with a soft lining that forms the nappy shell. Between these layers, there’s a pocket for absorbent inserts. Remove them for washing and quick-drying, then place them back.

TERRY SQUARES: Flat, basic squares of soft terry-towelling that can be folded to fit your bub’s shape and held together with a modern fastener (no nappy pins required!).

Know what reusable nappies you’re looking for? Check out these brands below.

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Designer Bums All-In-Two Cloth Nappies

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Look at the gorgeous range of designs with Designer Bums! Source: Supplied

WHERE TO BUY: Designer Bums
PRICE: $36.95

Style meets sustainability at Designer Bums! This brand is 11 years old and a trusted and loved brand for thousands of Aussie families, with a reputation for quality and innovation. Their multi-award-winning reusable cloth nappies are an All-In-Two style with a hybrid pocket and three rise settings, designed to fit most from newborn to toilet training.

Each nappy comes with a smaller snap-in insert and a long anchor-shaped insert, which is all you need to get you started on your cloth nappy journey! Designer Bums was voted Best Reusable Cloth Nappy, Silver 2020 and Favourite Baby Fashion Label, Gold 2019 by MyChild Magazine, AND were the pioneers of hand-illustrated designer cloth nappies. With a range of matching baby essentials, Designer Bums hands-down know aesthetic and design, offering tried and tested premium products to support your parenting journey.

MUM CENTRAL READER OFFER: Sign up to the Designer Bums Community and use the code ‘MUMCENTRAL‘ to receive 20% OFF YOUR FIRST ORDER! Offer expires 30/8/21.

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EcoNaps Modern Cloth Nappies

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Source: Supplied

PRICE: $34.95

The EcoNaps one-size modern cloth nappy is designed to grow with your baby, fitting most newborns right through to potty training. There’s no need to keep purchasing larger sizes as your baby grows, which is awesome for saving money! 

Voted Best Reusable Nappy 2020 by My Child Magazine, each nappy comes as a ready to use set. It includes a nappy cover and a double bamboo insert set, giving you flexibility with five different absorption settings – ideal for light to heavy wetters, and all babies in-between. The unique nappy cover design allows you to switch between styles, the All-in-Two nappy and a pocket nappy, which is SUPER handy!


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JumJums Modern Cloth Nappy

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Source: Supplied

PRICE: $14.99

A pocket nappy style designed to fit most newborns to tots (3kg to 16kg), JumJums modern cloth nappies are quick and easy to use and super comfy for your baby to wear. Spoilt for choice, there are loads of beautiful prints to choose from – including watermelons!

JumJums pocket style nappies have a waterproof outer layer sewn together with a soft inner fleece layer that sucks moisture straight through to the absorbent inserts. The inserts soak up the wetness to keep your baby as dry as possible and you can adjust the type and amount of inserts to suit your baby’s needs. Amazing!

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Source: Supplied

WHERE TO BUY: Monarch Store
PRICE: $38.95

The Monarch ULTIMATE NAPPY is this company’s signature nappy and one of the most versatile and easiest to use nappies on the market! Use it as a day nappy, night nappy or even a swim nappy, simply by changing up the number of inserts.

The ULTIMATE NAPPY comes with four inserts, a total of 16 layers of superior bamboo and hemp absorbency, meaning it is suitable for even the heaviest wetters. The outer nappy shell is wipeable meaning you spend less time doing the washing. Simply remove the soiled insert, wipe down the shell, insert fresh inserts in and you’ve got yourself a whole new nappy. It’s a nappy game-changer!

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Junior Flex Cloth Nappy

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Source: Supplied

WHERE TO BUY: Junior Tribe Co
PRICE: $34.95

Soft, absorbent and reusable is the name of the game with Junior Flex Cloth Nappy from Junior Tribe Co!

A nappy which can be easily adjusted to fit your baby as they grow, this nappy will see your baby through from newborn stage to toddlerhood. Bubs will be kept dry with an athletic wicking jersey inner fabric made from recycled yarn, as well as a removable bamboo and hemp insert. This nappy is as good for the environment, as it is for your baby’s behind!

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Pekpi Minimal Cloth Nappies

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Source: Supplied

PRICE: $36.95

Don’t want a big baby booty? Pekpi’s Minimal Cloth Nappies are known for their slim, trim fit resulting in minimal bulk between your baby’s thighs. Less bulk makes for a better movement range and ultimate comfort for your little one.

They offer a gorgeous range of neutral and subtle prints to bring a sense of calm to every nappy change. Each nappy is made to have a buttery soft outer shell (made from Repreve® 100% post-consumer recycled plastic bottles) and an inner layer of soft, stay-dry micro-suede fabric. It also includes two x 6-layer inserts, a double stitched hourglass insert, plus a foldable insert made from bamboo French terry. Who knew you could fit so much in a trim nappy? Awesome!

MUM CENTRAL READER OFFER: SAVE 10% OFF with code ‘firstpurchase‘ at checkout!

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Happy Tushy Co. Reusable Nappy Starter Kits

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Source: Supplied

WHERE TO BUY: Happy Tushy Co.
PRICE: From $110 a set

If you’re not sure where to start in your cloth nappy journey, Happy Tushy Co. comes to the rescue with their Reusable Nappy Starter Kit!  These kits feature everything you need to get you started including six beautiful pocket nappies, disposable liners, extra bamboo inserts and even a wet bag! There’s no having to shop around because they’ve put it all together for you.

Plus, you can customise your kit with mix and match inserts, by selecting gender-specific bundles where nappy prints are suited for a little miss or a little guy, so sweet! Finally, check out the range of best selling Aussie nappy brands available on their site – so they really are your one-stop nappy shop!

MUM CENTRAL READER OFFER: SAVE 15% OFF using the code ‘TUSHY15‘ at checkout. Offer valid once per customer.

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Kidsaroo Modern Cloth Nappies

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Source: Supplied

WHERE TO BUY: Kidsaroo
PRICE: $18

Offering brilliant value for money, Kidsaroo is focused on delivering the best quality modern cloth nappies at a price point that’s accessible for all. And boy, do they deliver.

At Kidsaroo, each modern cloth nappy includes a premium, four-layer bamboo cotton insert. The insert is bone-shaped to fit the natural curve of your babe’s bottom. It gives more coverage, wicking more wetness away and giving you longer between nappy changes!

MUM CENTRAL READER OFFER: SAVE 10% OFF all Kidsaroo cloth nappies and inserts using code ‘MUMCENTRAL10‘ at checkout.

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Modibodi Reusable Nappy 4 Pack

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Source: Supplied

WHERE TO BUY: Modibodi
PRICE: $140 for the pack

Scientifically tested to be able to hold over a litre of fluid (with a booster), the Modibodi Reusable Nappy is at the top of their leakproof game. That’s a solid night of 12 hours of DRY sleep coming up, right?

Designed to fit babies to toddlers (5kg to 18kg), these all-in-one style nappies will make a fantastic, colourful addition to your cloth collection. The clever black polybrush lining wicks moisture and repels solids (so they don’t stick), PLUS resists stains. Which is frankly awesome if stain removal isn’t your thing.

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Bare and Boho Wipeable Cover Cloth Nappies Bundle

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Source: Supplied

WHERE TO BUY: Bare and Boho
PRICE: From $64.95 a bundle

From Bare and Boho, some of the cutest little reusable nappies I ever did see. I LOVE that this brand has an extra small newborn sizing to fit 1 to 5kg babies. Let’s hear it for the preemie babes! Next sizing up catches the 4 to 18kg gang, which is an incredible size range.

Choose from a bundle of three, six or twelve nappies along with your choice of hemp or bamboo inserts and then finally, your choice of fabrics – all exclusively designed by local Australian artists! As their name suggests, the outer nappy shell is easy to wipe clean, saving on washing and allowing you to reuse throughout the day. Sweet!

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Big Softies Terry Towelling Nappies

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Source: Amazon

PRICE: $29 for 12

A really great introduction to reusable nappies, Big Softies Terry Towelling Nappies are not only brilliant value for money, but they’re also SO versatile. Use them for nappies, change cloths, burp cloths, towels – the lot!

Made from super soft terry-towelling, these flat squares are suitable for both day and night. Unlike a modern cloth nappy, you’re not limited in shape or fit. You can fold these squares in numerous ways to really customise the fit for your bub’s shape be it long and skinny or chubby and short. Check out YouTube for demonstrations and give them a try yourself!

You can even move away from the standard white and get some earthier colours too!

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Reusable nappy notes:

  • Not all nappies will fit the same. Some brands are more suited to petite or smaller babies while others are awesome for lovely chunky monkeys. Try a few different brands of nappies to find your bub’s perfect fit.
  • Cloth nappies are an investment that pays for itself. Buy quality nappies and you’ll be using them beyond the first baby, that’s for sure.
  • Terry towelling squares are a fab introduction to cloth nappies. Terry towelling nappies have stood the test of time for a reason, they’re both inexpensive and super versatile!
  • Wash brand new nappies a couple of times before using them to increase their absorbency.

How many cloth nappies will I need?

Newborns can use up to 12 nappies a day. It’s a good idea to have 20 to 25 nappies to start with. Using nappy inserts and boosters can also prolong the time between nappy changes, wicking more wetness away from sensitive skin.

Cleaning reusable nappies isn’t as gross as you might think

A good washing routine with cloth nappies is vital for keeping up the rotation supply AND protecting your investment. Washing soiled cloth nappies is easy, you just have to keep on it!

STEP 1: Poo goes in the loo! Drop solids into the toilet. Rinse nappies, pull out inserts and store them in a dry nappy pail (or any bucket with a secure lid).

STEP 2: Prewash! Pre-wash ONCE a day. Use a short 30 minute (40-60 degrees) wash cycle on your nappies with detergent and store them in a dry nappy pail.

STEP 3: Main wash! Every 2 to 3 days, once you have enough nappies for a full load, wash your nappies and inserts on a long 2+ hour (40-60 degrees) wash cycle with detergent.

STEP 4: Dry! Dry nappies on the clothesline. Some nappies can be tumble dried, but be sure to check the care label first!

Well done for wanting to reduce your environmental footprint by using reusable nappies. We hope you’ve found some great nappies here among our top picks. Let us know if you’re going to try them out!

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