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DrawPlanet from BIC Kids Unlocks Creativity While Playing Roblox

Prepare for creativity, fun and a world of WOW with BIC DrawPlanet: Go Make WOW, the newest free game on Roblox. BIC DrawPlanet: Go Make WOW! unleashes a new level of creativity and self-expression and will surely be a family favourite this year. Budding artists, aspiring architects and mini-gamers are going to LOVE creating their very own realms, based on their very own drawings.

What a cool concept! And wait until you watch it in action. Source: Supplied

Take a look at our review of DrawPlanet: Go Make WOW! 

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A World of Their Own in DrawPlanet: Go Make WOW! 

But before we delve into our review of DrawPlanet: Go Make WOW!, allow us to introduce you to this fantastic new free game. The game is a new offering from BIC that focuses on their kids colouring brand BIC Kids. DrawPlanet is free to play on Roblox and unlike any other game we’ve come across. It’s not only vibrant, creative and educational, but also engaging and fun to play over and over again. 

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A beautiful and engaging game for younger kids who want to have a taste of gaming within a safe environment. There’s no limit on the creativity that you can draw and then bring to life inside the stunning DrawPlanet world.”– Kirsten

See their artwork come to life

The object of the game is simple. Explore DrawPlanet as your Roblox avatar and create pictures with your own designs to populate your creative world. Watch as your kids’ drawings come to life inside the game. Their drawings move and interact in DrawPlanet and with every drawing they create, they unlock more quests, tools and realms. There are also sub-challenges within each ‘world’ for further exploration. 

It’s similar to several Build Your Own World games out there but with stunning graphics and a creative focus that your kids will love. 

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The game is designed for kids aged 6-12 and can either be played independently, with other friends online or with an adult. Young kids can easily play with Mum or Dad, and older kids will enjoy it too. 

DrawPlanet castle city
Explore cities with castles, zoos and even airports! Source: Supplied

Setup is easy too. Simply log into Roblox, find BIC DrawPlanet: Go Make WOW! and off you go. And once you’re in, there’s so much to explore. DrawPlanet is bright, vibrant and captivating, and, as children are taken through various realms, they also learn about climate, weather and geography along the journey. 

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Review: DrawPlanet: Go Make WOW! 

The game sounds great, right? But we wanted to know what parents and kids thought of DrawPlanet. Was it engaging? Was it easy to play? Did it stimulate their self-expression? 

So we asked five families to take DrawPlanet: Go Make WOW! through its paces with their kids and report back. The verdict? 

  • Every parent would recommend it to others 
  • Every child played DrawPlanet: Go Make WOW! over and over again 
  • Total rating: 9.2/10 – WOW! 

What our reviewers had to say: 

DrawPlanet kept the kids engaged and using their imagination to be creative whilst exploring different worlds and features. Being able to see the creative side come to life through gameplay was great. Definitely a game that will be played regularly.” – Alicia, mum to Locky, 9

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A beautiful and creative game for kids to play that they are using their brains. Mitch loved the music and the vastness of the world. The colours were bright and beautiful and the way Mitch’s images were drawn were not ruined or changed when fed through to the ‘world’.

The perfect little adventure that’s educational and creative at the same time and a great game for parents and kids to play together too, or for kids to play with their friends.”– Kirsten, mum to Mitchell, 7

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It was a really fun and engaging experience to play with my kids and to see what we could draw and view it alive in DrawPlanet.” – Michael, Dad to Grace, 11

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DrawPlanet is a game that you can feel happy to let your kids play. It is not an average video game, but a game that allows their creativity to shine through with vibrant colours and immersive worlds. It’s an opportunity to let them do what they enjoy, whilst building on their skills through play-based learning,” – Bree, mum to Memphis 10, Orlando 10 and Savannah 8

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DrawPlanet is a place that kids can go to get their creative juices flowing and see their drawings come to life. It gives kids an opportunity for creative outlet while using technology and seeing their drawings come to life in a real way.

I loved the way the artwork comes to life in the world and the fact that they can be creative in a video game.” – Rebecca, mum to Georgia, 7

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DrawPlanet: Go Make WOW!

9.2 BIC-kids-DrawPlanet-Go-Make-WOW
Creativity and Self Expression
Easy to Play

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Our reviewers have spoken and DrawPanet: Go Make WOW! ticks all the boxes for a drawing game. Not only free and fun, but it’s creative, vibrant and educational. 

Download DrawPlanet: Go Make WOW!  – It’s Free! 

Test it out for yourself and see if your kids love it as much as our reviewers did. DrawPlanet: Go Make WOW! is now available through Roblox. Look for DrawPlanet’s Logo in the Roblox games section. 

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