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Ahh, newborns: they’re so cute, so cuddly and so constant. Even though they sleep a lot (or are supposed to at least), we never stop thinking about them, preparing for them to wake up, checking on them while they sleep. As parents, it’s just what we do, especially when our babies are brand new.

The Owlet Sock + Cam is designed to alleviate some of this constant pressure and give parents peace of mind that everything is okay with their newborn. It’s okay to leave the room while she sleeps, to go outside and get a bit of fresh air, take a nap or watch some TV – anything rather than checking on her every few minutes.

Owlet Sock + Cam review 2020
Discover the peace of mind Owlet Sock + Cam can provide. Source: Supplied

See, hear and monitor what matters most

The Owlet Sock + Cam is a multi-award winning baby monitor that not only allows you to watch baby, but also tracks your newborn’s sleeping patterns, oxygen levels and heart rate through an itty bitty sock that wraps around the baby’s foot. It’s the most advanced way to fully monitor your baby and gives new parents something that money simply cannot buy – the assurance that their baby is okay. This assurance is critical for our sanity, especially in those early weeks.

The system is genius and comes with great reviews from parents across Australia, including new parents Itai and Romy and their three-week-old daughter, Bayla.

Owlet Smart Sock - Bayla
Owlet Smart Sock comes in three sizes to grow with your baby. Source: Supplied


Have a read of what both mum and dad had to say about the Owlet Sock + Cam. This is one of the most fantastic baby monitors we’ve seen at Mum Central and we know it will be a massive benefit for one lucky family.

Real Mum and Dad Review: Owlet Sock + Cam

Bayla is Romy and Itai’s first baby. She was born at just 2.5kg … isn’t she divine? And so teeny! Luckily the Owlet Smart Sock comes in three sizes (all included in the box), with the smallest size fitting babies from 2.7kg.

Bayla wearing the Owlet Smart Sock
Baby Bayla modeling the Owlet Smart Sock. Source: Supplied

Life with little Bayla has been interesting to say the least. Bayla was born in Victoria which means Romy, Itai and Bayla have been on lockdown since birth. This is an emotionally hard enough time without a newborn. Add in a new baby and no help from friends or family due to restrictions, and it’s been a bit of a whirlwind.

Peace of mind so we can rest

Mum says:

Having a newborn in the global pandemic is enough of a whirlwind and the Owlet Sock + Cam was helpful in that regard.” – Romy, mum to Bayla, 3 weeks

Romy and Bayla - Owlet review
New mum Romy and her bundle of baby joy. Source: Supplied

For Romy, the assurance that their precious bundle was ok, even if they were just in the other room trying to snooze on the couch was what made the Owlet Smart Sock stand out.

Instead of waking up and checking if she’s breathing, I just lay down and opened the app to know she’s fine. I was literally too tired to lift my head up. It’s a quick fix, in a good way. In a world of exhaustion and change, it’s exactly what we needed.” – Romy, first time mum to Bayla

Dad says:

The camera feed is great – the night vision works well and we love the baby sock. Being a new dad, I still poked her now and again to make sure she was alive, but I’m sure I did this less often due to the sock.” – Itai, first time father to Bayla

Itai and Bayla - Owlet Sock + Cam review 2020
Dad Itai especially loved the Owlet Smart Sock. Source: Supplied

Here are some of the features that especially stood out:

Owlet Smart sock: 

  • How easy the sock was to put on baby
  • The room sensor being able to check the temperature of baby’s room
  • The ability to track Bayla’s heart rate and oxygen levels
  • The ability to track bub’s sleeping patterns
  • Three different sizes of socks to grow with baby
  • How the app sends notifications to let parents know all was okay, or if the heart rate did drop. It notifies you via different light and sound alerts so you’re not going to miss it. 

Itai explains that there was one scary night when Bayla’s oxygen levels did drop.

It alerted us and we changed her position and her oxygen went up. That one little time, whether it was a false alarm or not, made me love the device even more.” – Itai, dad to Bayla, 3 weeks

Bayla wearing Owlet Smart Sock
Source: Supplied

Owlet Cam:

  • The clarity of the picture from the camera. Both in daylight and night time thanks to night vision.
  • The live stream function which allows parents to watch bub from outside the home. While you may not be going out much during COVID, it’s still nice to have this constant assurance that baby is okay, even if you’re only in the other room or the garden.
  • The background audio function which means you can do other things on your phone (browse Insta, text your mum to bring over some biscuits) while the monitor remains on in the background
  • The two-way audio allows you to talk to your baby through the app. This is especially useful a few months down the road so you can kindly remind your toddler to “lay back down and go to sleep” via the microphone in the camera when they wake up from a nap too early.
Owlet Cam review
Source: Supplied

Owlet Sock + Cam as a system: 

  • How easy it was to set up and integrate into the app
  • The reassurance it provides
  • The “whole” baby monitoring experience
Owlet Sock + Cam review 2020
The Owlet Sock + Cam work together to provide a complete monitoring system. Source: Supplied

Keep connected through Owlet 

Another important feature that really stood out for Itai and Romy was how relatives can access the camera feed (they just need the login details).

My parents were meant to be here for the birth but they are overseas. So, with the Owlet Cam, they can watch her online. At least they can see her.”– Itai

We haven’t had any help, having to do it all on our own, every little bit helps. It’s created a sense of connectivity within the pandemic.” – Romy

mum central
Owlet Smart Sock can track baby’s movements, oxygen levels and sleep patterns. Source: Supplied

mum central

Owlet Sock + Cam

Clarity 10.0
Peace of Mind 9.5
Ease of Use 9.0
Quality 9.0
Value for money 8.5

mum centralWhat other parents are saying

When we first came home from hospital with our little bub, I knew I’d be nervous about sleep time but nothing prepared me for how nervous I’d be. We bought the Owlet Sock + Cam and I’ve felt so comfortable with an absolute peace of mind since that very day onwards.

It is worth every dollar spent. The camera is the clearest I’ve seen compared to friends’ cameras and the sock is easy and small. I’ve recommended it to every single parent since! I’ll forever sing the Owlet’s praises because we all sleep sound now!” – Hannah Farrar, mum to Theodore, 12 weeks

My baby is only 2 weeks old but it makes me feel safe at night, I only brought it as a precaution but the second you take it off baby’s foot the alarm goes off! It’s very responsive. Worth every cent of money!” – Rochelle Gorman 

Best thing!! Can’t recommend it enough! So great to see how many hours sleep they are getting and when they are waking up too! Our little boy is 9 weeks tomorrow and we use it every night.” – Tahnee Mason, mum to Zeke, 11 weeks

This is an absolute must have! On the very very rare occasion that my little person sleeps through, I never wake up wondering if he’s still breathing. I never feel like I have to go in and check on him and disturb him to feel his breathing. It gives me so much peace of mind. This was the best money I spent in regard to baby stuff.” – Emmalyn Kraushaar, Mum to Myles, 14 months

mum central
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Get your Owlet today

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Rest Assured with Owlet Sock + Cam. Source: Supplied

You can buy the Owlet Sock + Cam together or separately. Both work with your smartphone to deliver the information – whether it’s a picture of bub through the Owlet Cam or an accurate account of baby’s heart rate through the Owlet Smart Sock.

The Sock retails at $429.99, the Cam at $279.99 or you can buy both for $709.98. 

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After hearing from both a new mum and a new dad as well as parents in our Pregnancy Australia group, it’s easy to see that the Owlet Sock + Cam is worth its weight in gold (and a good night’s sleep!).

For this, we are more than pleased to award the Owlet Sock + Cam with the Mum Central Mum’s Choice Award.

We hope it helps make those first uncertain few weeks a little easier and brings you peace of mind for many months (and years) to come!

This is a sponsored review for Owlet. The opinions are those of the reviewers.
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