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Queensland Swim School Rackley Swimming Receives Top Marks from our Mum Reviewers

New year, new swim skills! If you’re after a Queensland swim school for your kids, regardless of their age or skill level, then look no further than Rackley Swimming!

They are one of the most trusted swim schools in South East Queensland with incredible facilities, lovely staff, and skilled teachers that go the extra mile for your kids.

With 27 different locations to choose from around South East Queensland, we’re pretty confident there is most likely a Rackley Swimming centre near you!


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Rackley Swimming Review

But before you make the leap into a swim school for your children, you may want to know what it’s all about. This is why we asked six mums and their kids to test the waters at their nearest Rackley Swimming and let us know their thoughts.

Considering a swim school? 
Rackley Swimming offer a Come and try a lesson for your little one, free of charge! 
Additionally, they have a FREE Baby Splash program for little ones between 2-6 months old.
This is a great way to assess where your child is and see if Rackley Swimming is right for your family.
Child jumping in pool
A big jump for little Alice! Source: Supplied

All of our reviewers received four weeks (four swim lessons) for their child (aged 0-8) and were asked to share their honest opinions after the lessons:

What did our reviewers think of the product*?

✅  100% of mums plan to continue swimming lessons at Rackley
✅  100% of our mums noticed an improvement in their child’s technique, willingness to participate and enjoyment
✅ 100% of our mums noticed  extra confidence in the water

I can’t express enough my satisfaction with the overall experience at Rackley Swimming. They are amazing. Great facilities, great instructors, great location, easy parking and so on.” – Gabriela, mum to Alice 

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Rackley Swimming? It’s a resounding YES from our reviewers! 

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Rackley Swimming

Rackley Swims Centres
Teacher quality9.8
Staff friendliness9.6
Value for Money9.2

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Baby at Rackley Swim Centre
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Our experience with Rackley Swimming has been unbelievable. My son’s swim skills and water confidence have improved beyond my expectations and now he gets excited when he sees the swimming bag being packed,” – Vicki, mum to Jethro

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Kick, kick, kick Jethro! Source: Supplied

As a parent who has attended other swimming schools, I can honestly say that Rackley Swimming has had the most positive impact on my daughter,” Jacinta, mum to Ella

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Fun for bubs and mums! Source: Supplied

‘Would 100% recommend’ 

There are a few different reasons why Rackley Swimming stands out from the rest. The facilities, viewing area and changing rooms all received nearly perfect scores from our panel of reviewers. Further, every parent commented on how lovely the facilities are and how clean the pools are.

I would 100% recommend Rackley Swimming School to other parents. The teachers and staff are welcoming, bubbly and fun, making the lesson enjoyable for both the children and parents.” – Jacinta, mum to Ella

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Jacinta and Ella having a splash! Source: Supplied

From the reception to the small class size, everyone is so helpful and easy to deal with. My daughter absolutely loves her teacher and couldn’t be more excited about going to class each week.

I love that the staff are so helpful and go beyond to help in any way. I’m now booking my son in for his first class next week.” – Stacey, mum to Grace  

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For eight-year-old Grace, Rackley Swimming was the perfect fit. Source: Supplied

‘A wonderful introduction to swimming’

As our reviewers tell us, the staff at Rackley Swimming go above and beyond to make the experience comfortable and fun for every student. Every single one of our reviewers said their instructor was and their kids looked forward to classes each week.

As a new family to Rackley’s Yamanto, it has been a wonderful introduction to swimming lessons for our little girl. It has fantastic facilities for families attending swimming lessons and Piper (14 months) enjoyed being able to play in the water and being encouraged to splash and
have fun.

It’s been wonderful being greeted by lots of smiling and helpful staff and there is always someone close by to answer any questions or help out. – Carmen, mum to Piper

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Piper learning how to go under the water. Source: Supplied

Improvement from the first lesson

Their focus is not only on fun but also technique and water confidence. Our reviewers were blown away by how much fun their kids had but also how much they learned in such a short time.

The staff are amazing! They catered for our needs and made us feel like family. They recognise everyone is different and they pay attention to everyone.

 I also saw such an improvement in my little boy at home and with others. I believe these lesson befit him. He loved the water and the hugs from the instructors. He loved making new friends,” Jamika, mum to Judas

Baby in pool
Happy Judas! Source: Supplied

Energetic, friendly and experienced in the trade, the teachers all take the time to ensure every child reaches their swim goals, whether it’s gaining confidence in the water or perfecting their strokes.

The swim teachers are excellent at teaching correct techniques right from the beginning and gently-corrected techniques during each lesson.” – Vicki, mum to Jethro 

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‘Highlight of her week’

The goal at Rackley Swimming isn’t just to teach kids to swim but rather to foster a love of the water and nurture this aquatic lifestyle. Clearly, it hit the mark with our mums too!

My toddler loves to go to her swimming lesson and it’s definitely the highlight of the week! Her improvement is clear even though it’s been only a short period of time.

I’m so glad I found this place where my daughter can learn, play, improve and have fun! All at the same time.” Gabriela, mum to Alice 

Rackley Swims Centres
Alice and her mates kicking up a storm. Source: Supplied

So, if you’re looking to start your child’s journey into swimming lessons, reach out to the amazing team at Rackleys! Together you can inspire them to be confident, safe and smart around every body of water, from the backyard pool to the beach and beyond!

The lessons offer a range of exciting activities allowing children to learn all of the important elements of swimming whilst having fun at the same time.

Since beginning the lessons with Rackleys I have noticed a huge change in Ella’s attitude towards swimming. After attending 3 lessons I noticed a considerable change in my daughter’s water confidence and willingness to participate in all facets of the lesson,”Jacinta, mum to Ella

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Rackley Swimming offers:

  • Indoor heated pools
  • Lessons for children of all ages and abilities, from FREE Baby Splash to Squad training and even adults!
  • Family-friendly discounts
  • Unlimited make up classes (never miss out on a lesson you have paid for)
  • Online account management
  • Viewing space for parents, toilets, showers and change rooms
  • And more! Check out their full Customer 1st program.


You can find out more about the Queensland swim school, check locations and learn about the various classes through the Rackley Swimming website. You can also book a free trial online.

Book now for next term and receive a Rackley Welcome Swimming Pack when you join.

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Ella showing off her new Rackley Swimming towel. Source: Supplied

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This is a sponsored review for Rackley Swimming. All opinions are those of the reviewers. Reviewers were not paid for this review.

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