Every new mum needs a helping hand. And Tommee Tippee has delivered with the new ‘Perfect Prep Day & Night’.

Mum Central’s team has reviewed the aptly-named Dream Machine. And here’s why we think you should check it out for yourself.

This amazing gadget is a mummy must-have. Better than a bestie, the Tommee Tippee Perfect Prep machine is by your side all day, and all of the night. Reliable, supportive and ideal for making new #mumlife easier for everyone.

The perfect solution for baby bottle making

Having a baby is a tricky time. There are practical challenges like making endless bottles while your little one screams the house down. And physical challenges like the 1 am, 3 am and 6 am feeds. Combine the demand for quick bottle making with a few weeks of sleep deprivation…You’re in a whole world of new mummy pain.

But what if we could make those bottles more quickly? Dare we dream. And what if everyone in our home gets a better night’s sleep?

Well, with the Tommee Tippee Perfect Prep machine we can. And we did. Here’s what you need to know about this baby bottle maker.

Perfect Prep machine

It’s called the Dream Machine for a reason

The Perfect Prep Day & Night machine actually delivers a perfect feed (over and over again) in less than two minutes.

Perfect Prep is 10 times faster than using the kettle, ending the waiting-forever-for-the-water-to-heat scenario. The bottle maker also boasts an internal water filter ensuring baby gets the purest bottle possible. Every. Single. Feed.

The Dream Machine has super-clever glow lighting and adjustable volume control for restful and less disruptive late night feeds.

Best of all, Mum Central loves how the Tommee Tippee Perfect Prep machine efficiently and quietly prepares baby’s bottle back to drinking temperature after boiling.  This means there’s no waiting for the water to cool while the baby cries the house down with hunger. (That’s an experience we’re not going to miss!)

Better sleep for everyone

  • Length of time it takes to make an old-school bottle in the middle of the night while baby screams? Eternity.
  • Length of time it takes for baby to let you know he’s reallllly unhappy about waiting? Three seconds.

And that’s the real-life mum problem that the Perfect Prep Day & Night machine solves.

Tommee Tippee Perfect Prep Day & Night

Two minutes is all it takes

The Perfect Prep machine helped the whole family sleep better. We appreciated the efficiency of bottle-making (without the fumbling, waiting and screaming) and were ecstatic to be back in bed faster than ever. Quicker bottles also left baby no time to fully fuss themselves to a hyper-awake state. With the Dream Machine, bub is fed, settled and back in the cot in a matter of minutes.

With the Perfect Prep machine’s two-minute bottle making, everyone can be back in bed quicker than you can say ‘You’re on the next feed’. #Winning.

Peace of mind in so many ways

The Tommee Tippee Perfect Prep Day & Night machine has many more benefits than just efficient feeding. Knowing that bottle preparation is an exact and safe science provides huge peace of mind.

  • If you’ve ever worried whether granny (or the babysitter) is capable of getting the bottles ‘just right’, you’re not alone – us too! The Perfect Prep Day & Night means no more worries and safe, controlled feeds whether you’re on duty – or not!
  • Every feed made in the Perfect Prep machine is a fresh feed. There’s no pre-made-up bottle festering on the kitchen bench. We love that this bottle maker reduces the possibility of bottle contamination or bacteria.
  • Some people love to microwave, others not so much. If you’re in the anti-microwave camp, the Perfect Prep machine means baby’s formula need never be ‘nuked. 
  • And best of all, the Perfect Prep Day & Night is a great way to help new dads to support you. We’re all learners when we bring home a baby and the Tommee Tippee Dream Machine makes life easier for everyone. Now you have the added confidence that bottle preparation can’t go wrong, plus Dad can share the load when it comes to those endless night time feeds.

Tommee Tippee Perfect Prep machine

Jam-packed with features designed with mums in mind

Tommee Tippee has definitely considered what mums really need in designing the Perfect Prep Day & Night.

Here are our favourite features (and clearly why it’s called the Dream Machine!)

  • 10 times faster than an ordinary kettle
  • 2 minutes total prep time for a bottle means you feed baby quicker
  • Easy to use for consistently safe, controlled feeds
  • Internal water purifier means baby isn’t ingesting any nasties from the tap
  • Glow low-lighting and volume adjustment for reduced disruptions and silent bottle prep … perfect for night time feeds and not waking the whole house
  • Simple to read digital display makes operation easy no matter how tired you are
  • Compatible with most bottles and formula brands (which means you don’t need additional gear if you already own bottles and formula)

Tommee Tippee Dream Macine

Tommee Tippee Perfect Prep Day & Night

9.4 Perfect Prep Day & Night


  • Suitable for all brands of bottles
  • Hygienic
  • Filters Water
  • Portable
  • Simplicity
Easy to Use
Compact design
Quick & efficient
Value for Money

The verdict is in: Every mum needs a Dream Machine!

Being a new mum is tiring. It’s amazing. But it’s also a truly exhausting experience.

Knowing your baby’s bottle will be consistently perfect, right around the clock, is absolutely priceless. We love that the Tommee Tippee Perfect Prep machine takes the fuss, worry, waiting, fumbling and screaming out of feeding.

Best of all, we love having more sleep. (Seriously, get one for yourself. Who doesn’t want a better night’s sleep, right?)

The Perfect Prep Day & Night machine is available at Big W, Target, Kmart, Baby Bunting, Coles and Woolworths at RRP $220.



This is a sponsored post for Tommee Tippee. All opinions are those of the reviewer.

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  1. Wonderful review and a dream prize; thanks & good luck everyone.

  2. I think this prize would be great for hubby as a first time dad and it will make everyone’s life more happy!! The whole family will be more confident to use this product
    Good luck everyone

  3. Very convenient in the middle of the night when you are sleep deprived. Fast, quiet and easy to use what could be better then that.

  4. This item would be absolutely amazing for my husband and I for our first baby and any more in the future.

    I have had so many friends use this brand so I know I can trust the item./product.
    Be such an beautiful assistant to our kitchen to proved for our baby.

  5. I need one of these for my husband, he is so unorganised but will be a full time stay at home dad for about 6 months after Bub is born and I’ve returned to work.

  6. Jamieleigh Reply

    Absolutely love the bottles! I have everything tommee tippee, have tried other bottles before I came across these and my girl won’t take to anything else, had them for months now and they still look brand new! Absolutely inlove

  7. Every mum&dad deserve one of this, it just makes life easier stressless…so this is why I only say good luck to the lucky one and who is a mum to be for the first time as me!

  8. Yes! Just invented to S.O.S. in the midst of the first baby rollercoaster ride!!! How we’re people functional before this?! One for the ages (literally). Legends.

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