REVIEW: Carpet, Hard Floors, Stains – Rug Doctor FlexClean Does it All!


Looking for an all-in-one floor cleaner to tackle ALL the messes that come with raising kids? 

Have we found the perfect device for you! No, it’s not a cleaning fairy (we wish!!) – but it is the next best thing.

It’s a multi-surface cleaning system that can clean ALL the floors, tackle ALL the spills and keep ALL the annoying stains at bay without ever having to switch cleaning solutions. We’ve got all of the follow floor surfaces done, dusted and dirt-free, thanks to this dream cleaning machine.

  • Tiles
  • Laminate
  • Concrete
  • Marble
  • Vinyl
  • Hardwood
  • Carpet
  • Floor Rugs

One machine, every floor 

The multi-functional Rug Doctor FlexClean is the new Captain of Clean. Okay, so that’s not its official name, but it really should be. How else would you describe a device that can effectively deep clean carpets and clean hard floors and area rugs, without needing to drag out a new machine, switch devices or even swap cleaning solutions? All you have to do is change the nozzle and turn the knob.

The Rug Doctor has been on the clean scene since 1972 and is one of the biggest names in the carpet cleaning industry, so it comes as no surprise that they would design a device that doubles as a floor vacuum and a floor washer. After all, most modern homes these days have both hard flooring and carpets, or at least a few area rugs scattered around.

the rug doctor flexclean all-in-one floor cleaner

The FlexClean floor cleaner comes with 3 optimized spray rates to tackle all sorts of crazy stains, smells and spills. We’re talking fruit juice, dog poop, baby food, soft drink, spaghetti, crayons. Whatever your messy kids throw down, FlexClean is there to clean it up, quickly, efficiently and with ease. It comes with rave reviews, boasts real powerful suction and is lightweight and easy to manoeuvre around the house (and your kids’ toys).

Sounds great right? But at Mum Central, we like to be sure. This is why we decided to take the Rug Doctor FlexClean for a spin, to see if it really delivers the dirt-free goods.

Have a look at what our reviewer, mum-of-three Jasmine, had to say about the all-in-one floor cleaner in her FlexClean Review. Plus, watch the video review below to see the FlexClean in action.

mum central

Real Mum’s FlexClean Review

Our FlexClean reviewer, Jasmine, knows a thing or two about stains. She’s got three messy monkeys in her house. She’s been cleaning up after them for 18 years now and she admits it’s like a full-time job.

Jasmine tells Mum Central that she usually cleans the floor a few times a week, plus wipes up any random spills around the home, usually juice, milk or wine when they happen.

I used the Rug Doctor FlexClean on a heavily-stained rug, a non-stained rug and on polished porcelain tiles. It very easily cleaned up spills, removed most old stains and the carpets felt softer after they dried.

I wouldn’t ever call cleaning ‘fun’; however the Rug Doctor FlexClean means it’s less of a chore.” – Jasmine, mum-of-three 

mum central
The FlexClean comes with everything you need including heads for hard and soft surfaces, cleaning solution and instructions.

FlexClean floored me!

With FlexClean, Jasmine was able to reduce the amount of time spent cleaning the floors and noticed a massive difference in just how clean they actually were.

You think your carpets are clean, until you FlexClean them! Then you see all the hidden grime and dust.” 

mum central
Take a look at the dirty water collected as the Rug Doctor FlexClean worked its magic in Jasmine’s carpets and rugs.

Lightweight and easy to use on all surfaces

In terms of ease of use, Jasmine explains,

The FlexClean is far lighter than any other carpet shampoo system I have used. It effectively replaces a carpet shampooer and a steam mop and I really loved the ease of emptying and refilling the water tanks, both clean and dirty. 

I have a bulging disc in my lower back and I’m not meant to vacuum at all. Surprisingly, using this on one full rug didn’t aggravate that.”

mum central
Take a look at just how bright and clean this rug came up – three passes with the FlexClean

I was really surprised how shiny, how clean, how streak free my tiles came up after the wine spill. Probably even better than a mop and bucket.

mum central

The Rug Doctor FlexClean

8.5 rug doctor flexclean review
Easy to Use
Overall Rating

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One floor cleaner to tackle it ALL

After using the Rug Doctor FlexClean, Jasmine has no doubts about recommending it to all our readers. She says it’s easy to swap, efficient to use and effective at deep cleaning hard and soft surfaces. All this from one machine! What more could you want in a floor cleaner?

mum central
The red wine was no match for the power of the FlexClean, making light work of Jasmine’s porcelain tiles and resulting in a streak-free, shiny finish.

The FlexClean retails at $649 and is available to purchase from the RugDoctor website, Bunnings Warehouse, Harvey Norman, Appliances Online and online retailers including eBay, Amazon & Catch.

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