Sample & Review This Brand New Pregnancy & Breastfeeding Energy Formula

If you’re pregnant or a breastfeeding mother needing a little more energy to get through the day, we’re giving 40 lucky readers the chance to be among the first to sample and review an incredible new product that’s just hit the shelves, especially formulated to give you that extra get up and go!

We’re thrilled to announce that Little Healthy Life have just released their Pregnancy and Breastfeeding High Nutrition Protein Powder.

It’s a safe, nutrient balanced supplement formulated in association with a nutritionist and totally safe for breastfeeding mothers.  It’s been developed to assist pregnant and breastfeeding mothers in meeting their increased dietary needs.

It’s the perfect snack as part of a balanced diet and will give you much needed additional energy while assisting with weight control *.

We’re giving a bunch of Mum Central readers the chance to receive a sample pack of this fabulous new product, and in return we ask you to provide us with your honest feedback via survey.  If you’ve still got some questions, check out our Q&A underneath the application form!

If you’d like to apply for this project, please complete the application below and we’ll be in touch with those we select.

If you’d like to purchase Little Healthy Life Pregnancy and Breastfeeding High Nutrition Powder, or for more information, visit their website.

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* Weight gain during pregnancy is natural, expected and healthy.

Still got some questions – here’s our top 4 which should answer most of your questions.

Q1.  How did the idea for Little Healthy Life Protein Powder originate?

Lena (Little Healthy Life’s Founder) had always been a healthy eater but as a new mum, she found that some days there was no chance to sit down and eat properly. She looked into protein shakes to get the extra nutrition she knew she was lacking but soon realised there was nothing specifically formulated for mums. Most of the shakes were aimed at body-building or weight loss, some were very plain and others contained ingredients she preferred to stay away from.

It was then that Lena decided to create Little Healthy Life, a safe protein energy drink to give pregnant and breastfeeding mother.  They collaborated with Rohan Smith, a qualified and highly experienced nutritionis, who’s well versed in the needs of pregnant and lactating women, and have designed this high quality, high nutrition formula, and the rest, as they say, is history!

Q2.  How can pregnant women trust that Pregnancy and Breastfeeding High Nutrition Protein Powder is safe and beneficial to their health?

They’ve put a lot of research and effort into creating our safe, nutritious formula and they’re committed to creating the best product available. The research process was extremely time consuming but worth every minute, because the end result is a superior product that has exceeded their expectations.  Our highly qualified nutritionist, Rowan Smith, developed the recipe with the ingredients for the formula after hours of research into creating the most suitable formula for pregnant and breastfeeding mothers. Lena’s cousin, a doctor also did research into the product as well. Plus, they commissioned a professional food scientist (from the company that provides their base formula) to finalise the blend.  She did an amazing job of balancing the natural taste and making the blend taste good without adding too much stevia or vanilla. The end result is a safe, healthy and nutritious combination of ingredients that tastes just great.

The thinking behind the product was to make something safe, quick and easy for mums. Their protein powder is made in Australia and contains no fillers; just pure food; you can actually taste the raw goodness. They’ve put so much thought and effort into creating the best product possible.

Q3.  What’s in the product and what’s good about the ingredients?

This product is produced using only the best quality proteins and super foods, which are available in Australia. All ingredients excluding Stevia are Australian.

Highlights of formula for Mums:

The formula’s foundation proteins are made with of pea and rice proteins. A mix that gives you; the best possible combined blend. They have used golden pea protein, which is an alkalising protein and this helps with reflux during pregnancy. Pea protein also contains lysine and is naturally higher in protein than rice protein. Sprouted Brown Rice Protein is being used. Sprouting increases key nutrients, particularly B vitamins and essential amino acids, which are often lacking in grains.

The natural bio-fermentation process used is a controlled method, which neutralises the plants natural defence enzymes phytates. It increases the whole grains natural nutrients availability, absorption and digestion. Once sprouted, the grains amino acid profile (protein) is at its peak. Organic enzymes are then added, and the natural proteins are isolated to form this high protein concentrate (80%). It is higher in calories and higher in methionine (essential amino acids).

The following ingredients were also chosen to complement one another.

  • Sunflower seeds contain a good source of B vitamins, folate, vitamin E, selenium and Zinc. Also contain lignans (antioxidant).
  • Buckwheat, a good source of carbohydrates, vitamin B3 and bioflavonoids like rutin 7 particularly good for lactation, reported to improve milk quality.
  • Pumpkin seeds contain essential minerals such as iron, magnesium and zinc.
  • Chia seeds, omega 3, vitamin C and protein as well potassium and being high in fiber. Renown for curbing hunger.

Q4.  What benefits has Lena noticed since she started taking the formula?

It definitely gives her more energy and she experiences other benefits too. Her figure, regularity and breast milk supply all improve when she’s on the formula.  Her stamina throughout the day also increases, and in terms of appetite, she doesn’t feel so hungry so she doesn’t fill up on chocolate bars like she used to! Her skin has a lovely glow too.

Lena takes the powder regularly, but sometimes she admits if she does miss a couple of days, she’ll really notice a huge drop in her overall wellbeing.  She’s looking forward to her next pregnancy because she feels it will be that little bit easier the second time around thanks to the improved level of health the powder has helped her achieve.

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