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Science Confirms Champagne Makes You Smarter and Sexier: We LOVE Science


Science has confirmed it. Drinking champagne makes you smarter. And sexier. Now here’s some research we can really get behind. 

Love a glass of bubbles? It’s the perfect drink for bringing in the new year, celebrating any happy moment, or just relaxing with friends. I mean, really, is there ever a time that champagne is the wrong choice?

Well clearly not! Because science has told us its good for us. We can officially now raise our favourite glass of bubbles for health too. See, it turns out champagne might be good for your brain! Chink chink!

The bubbles have it!

Move over health elixirs and weird green detoxes, there’s a new health drink in town, and it’s a whole lot more fun and delicious. Researchers from Reading University in the UK have shown that your favourite glass of champas might improve your short term memory, help prevent memory loss and delay the onset of disorders such as dementia.

In case these benefits aren’t enough, they’ve also discovered that champagne may be good for your heart by reducing the risk of cardiovascular disease and stroke. We can all drink to that!

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Bringing sex back 

When it comes to confidence you might have already experienced the golden glow effect where a few glasses of the good stuff makes you more confident and sexier? Yep, us too.

Well, that’s not just the alcohol talking, further research in Pittsburgh has proven moderate intake of champagne increases mood endorphins and sexual libido.

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What’s the secret ingredient?

Are you a lover of Chandon? Veuve? Taittinger? Whatever your go-to brand of bubbly, they’ve all got magical super powers. (Like you didn’t know that already!)

Champagne’s mind enhancing power is apparently all to do with something called phenolic compounds. These groovy little guys are found in champagne, and alter the human proteins that help you store memories. These human proteins decline as we age, causing memory loss and conditions like dementia – drinking champagne actually slows this decline.

Put down the wine glass

Next time the tray comes round, put down the wine glass, and choose a flute of your favourite Frenchie.

It turns out that champagne is more beneficial than white wine because the Pinot Noir, Pinot Meunier, and Chardonnay grapes used in champagne production are higher in the good guys, phenolic compounds.

Pass the glass! What’s the recommended dose?

Over 300 million bottles of champagne are produced every year. That’s billions and billions of bubbles! So how much exactly does one gal need to drink to experience the benefits? (For your health of course!)

Professor Spencer from the Department of Food and Nutritional Sciences at the University of Reading said that:

The moderate consumption of champagne has the potential to influence cognitive functioning, such as memory.” 

The researchers suggest one to two glasses of champagne a week can be effective.

Hands up! Volunteers anyone?

The  first round of this research was conducted using rats, so the researchers are looking to next test their findings on humans. We’d be happy to help if they need volunteers!

Can’t stomach champagne? Don’t worry wine is still a good choice too. It turns out wine can also help you live longer!

Any excuse for a girls night out – another reason to love science 

Like we aren’t loving #science enough already. If you need another reason to hug your friendly local scientist this new study has confirmed that seeing your friends twice a week is one of the necessary steps that women need to take to achieve happiness in all aspects of their lives.

Read all about what you need a GIRLS NIGHT OUT right here. After all, who are you to argue with science?

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