How To Send Care Packages to Aussie Troops This Christmas

They kiss their families goodbye, they leave their homes, they spend weeks, months, years, serving on our behalf. It’s time to give something back.

If you are looking for a way to show your gratitude to our Aussie soldiers, then this is a small gesture that will mean so much.

Veteran Service 360 recently shared the news that Australians can send free Christmas care packages to Australian troops serving overseas. While some families probably already know this program exists, we’re betting many don’t.

Aussie soldier care package

How it works:

Care packages can be sent free of charge to the Middle East, so long as they strictly comply with Australia Post guidelines, weigh no more than 2kg and are packaged within a “BX2” sized box (available from Australia Post for approximately two dollars).

The cut-off date to send an Aussie soldier care package is 8 December 2017 and you can choose to give to female or male personnel.

XMAS CARE PACKAGES FREE TO AUSTRALIAN TROOPSCare packages can be sent free of charge to the Middle East, so long as…

Posted by Veterans 360 Australia on Monday, October 2, 2017


Address the package:

An Australian Soldier
Christmas Mail
Middle East Operations
Australian Defence Force

What can be included in Care Packages?

This is completely up to you and your kids. The Defence Force recommends items like toiletries (roll-on deodorant, lip balm, shower gel) and non-perishable food (biscuits, lollies, instant noodles). Magazines, puzzle books, DVDs, and – a Christmas staple – socks are also good additions. But leave out the alcohol, porn, pork products, tobacco, chocolate (it will melt in transit) or clothes other than socks.

Aussie soldier care package for Australian troops
Image source: Department of Defence

Get the kids to send a letter of support and a stamped, self addressed envelope in case the receiving soldier wants to send a thank you back.

When you’re away from loved ones, especially over the holidays, a little gift from home makes a world of difference. Teach your children the importance of giving (not just receiving) this Christmas and brighten the day for a very deserving soldier.

For more information about sending an Aussie soldier care package, head to the Defence website.

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  1. Avatar of Nicole

    Hi I’m very interested in sending our troops a Christmas gift. Because of what they go through for our country. Nicole Wood

  2. Avatar of Robyn

    Got my Care Package posted yesterday, hope who ever receives it likes the goodies inside, I am so grateful for our Aussie Troops, thank you for your service.

  3. Avatar of Nicole

    I got my care package done on Tuesday. And i really went all out for the Australian army troops. Because they deserve it and they truly deserve the best. And GOD BLESS them for what they do for our beautiful country. May God watch over our troops this Christmas. And always. Nicole

    • Avatar of dee

      Hi, I sent our packages today – 1 male and 1 female. Both well under 2kilos but I was charged $50. The post office said I had to claim back my money but I cant figure out how. Im not fussed that I had to pay, they deserve something nice but was wondering as its a hard time of year for many and some wouldnt be anle to pay that. I did everything that was said to do in the post. What did your post office tell you?

  4. Avatar of Janet and family
    Janet and family Reply

    As a family we did one male one female , the kids help out stuff in too I made sure to weight it and it’s just under 2 kg by like 50 g lol
    I managed to get heaps in plus we gift wrapped the socks so they have something to open on. Xmas day . Travel games fit in nice too hope they enjoy I wish we could like send to a group of people but made sure there are multi food items and toys to share with others so hope it arrives in one piece

  5. Avatar of Tanya

    I am running late. Any idea how I can send my packages now the has passed? .

    • Avatar of Leonie

      You can send all year round but you have to pay postage. My understanding is Australia Post only provides free postage for ANZAC Day and Christmas.

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