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11 Show-Stopping Trifle Recipes for Christmas Day

If you don’t front up at the family lunch lugging a giant trifle, are you even doing Christmas properly? Dust off your trifle bowl folks, you’re going to be hard pressed to choose just one of these beauties.

Be it elbow deep in custard or up to your eye balls in jelly, trifle is a dessert like no other. Literally, considering it combines three (or more) desserts in the one bowl. But what a taste sensation!

We’ve got it all, from traditional sponge and fruit to individual portions and all the quirky flavours in between with our delicious trifle recipes. Here’s 11 trifles to grace the festive table this year.

1. Gingerbread trifle

Feeling up to a challenge? Go one step further by setting gingerbread men IN your trifle – SO. MUCH. FUN! This Gingerbread trifle is sure to be a real winner as a Christmas dessert.

gingerbread trifle

2. Peach Melba trifle

Screaming of summer, this Peach Melba trifle hits the sweet spot perfectly. Fresh peaches, sponge roll, jelly and raspberries – what’s not to love?!

peach melba trifle

3. Gaytime trifle

Trifle recipes don’t come more decadent than this. Seriously. Golden Gaytime meets trifle. You can totally make this Gaytime trifle happen for your Christmas!

gaytime trifle

4. Mini chocolate cherry trifles

The perfectly portioned sweet treat to finish off dinner, Curtis Stone’s mini chocolate cherry trifles are the next best thing to black forest cake.

Cherry chocolate trifle

5. Mixed berry trifle

Can’t decide which berries to use in your trifle? Use them ALL! Mixed berry trifle is bringing all the delicious goods to your dessert table on Christmas day!

mixed berry trifle

6. Oreo brownie trifle

Oh my. Oreos galore, why on Earth wouldn’t you want to celebrate one of the world’s most awesome chocolate biscuits? Cookies and cream style, this Oreo brownie trifle from A Step In The Journey is sure to be a crowd pleaser.

Oreo trifle

7. Gingerbread and caramel trifle

Layers of crumbled gingerbread and lashings of caramel and cream? Shut. The. Front. Door. And pass me a plate. Gingerbread and caramel trifle is a delicious twist on the traditional and is cute as a button.

gingerbread trifle

8. Waffle and caramelised banana trifle

If it has fruit in it, it’s healthy, right? Skip the cake in favour of waffles with this epic waffle and caramelised banana trifle. Bask in the glory, serve it and wait for the food coma to wash over you. Glorious!

waffle and banana trifle

9. Lemon trifle

LEMON! Rejoice, one for the citrus and all things zesty flavoured enthusiasts! Head to A Magical Mess for this lemon trifle recipe!

lemon trifle

10. Raspberry and white chocolate trifle

From the Donna Hay file, here’s one for the lovers of white chocolate. I think we can all nod our heads to agree that this raspberry and white chocolate trifle is positively dreamy.

raspberry and white chocolate trifle

11. Baileys Irish Cream trifle

A trifle laden with Irish cream liquor? Sign us up! Taste of Home even incorporates peppermint chocolate bar (think a shattered Peppermint Crisp) into their Irish Cream trifle recipe. Genius.

irish cream trifle

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