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Showbag Giveaway 2022! Enter to Win the Hottest Showbags in Town!

The big shows of the year may almost be done and dusted, but that doesn’t mean you can’t get your hands on one of the hottest showbags in town thanks to our annual Showbag Giveaway!

We’ve got 10 amazing showbags up for grabs – that’s 10 chances to win one for your family.

mum central

mum central

Simply complete the form below and you could surprise your kids with a showbag. They’d make a great gift for under the Christmas Tree, or simply as a surprise any day of the week. Heck, you don’t need an excuse to give them this special surprise – any day is a great day for a showbag!

Or you could just win it for you! 😉

Showbag Giveaway 2022 – Which one will you choose? 

Bluey or Bertie Beetle? Cocomelon or Cadbury? Or will it be the Greatest Showbag on Earth?

showbag giveaway 2022

Step right up to Sideshow Alley and see what showbags are on offer:

1. Bertie Beetle Bonanza 


  • 18 x Bertie Beetle 10g
  • 2 x Bertie Beetle Mugs

2. Bluey Showbag 

Jellyfish and penguins and crabs, oh my! Life’s a beach with the fabulous new Bluey Showbag.


  • Activity set
  • Backpack
  • Bucket hat
  • Drink bottle
  • Height chart
  • “Let’s play” card game
  • Wooden puzzle
  • Bluey tote bag

3. Cadbury Bumper Family Deal with Soccer Ball 

The perfect showbag for any chocolate-loving family!


  • 16 X 12G Bite Size Cadbury Dairy Milk
  • 4 X 15G Bite Size Twirl
  • 4 X 15G Bite Size Crunchie
  • 4 X 15G Bite Size Boost
  • 4 X 15G Bite Size Picnic
  • 4 X 15G Bite Size Cherry Ripe
  • 4 X 26G Curly Wurly
  • 1 X Cadbury Coolerbag
  • BONUS: Soccer ball

4. Cocomelon Showbag 

Soothing nursery rhymes, cute characters and happy faces, that’s Cocomelon in a nutshell and kids love it.


  •  Blue Cocomelon Backpack
  • Cocomelon Activity Set
  • Red “A Sunny Day For You!” ball
  • Cocomelon Bath Toys,
  • Blue bucket hat
  • Set of 3 lunch boxes

5. Freddo Frog Family Deal with Unicorn Plush 

This adorable Cadbury Dairy Milk Chocolate delights the entire family. You just can’t say no to a Freddo Frog.


  • 10 x 12g Dairy Milk Freddo,
  • 4 x 12g Milky Top Freddo
  • 4 x 12g Caramello Koala
  • 4 x 15g Strawberry Freddo
  • 2 x 21.5g Curly Wurly
  • 6 x 12g Bite Size Dairy Milk
  • 1 x Freddo Cooler Bag
  • BONUS: Unicorn Plush toy

6. Frozen 2 Dress-up Bag 

With a showbag like this, your little one will never want to let it go.


  • Carry Bag
  • Hair Accessories Set
  • Dress Up
  • Light up Wand
  • Bracelet

7. Greatest Showbag on Earth

Lollies and an LED speaker – no wonder it’s the greatest showbag on earth!


  • 10x 10g Little Ripper Chew Bars $0.20
  • 1x 37g Little Ripper Fruit Sticks $1.00
  • 1x 30g Little Ripper Sparkling Candy $1.00
  • 1x 40g Brain Blaster Sour Drops $1.00
  • 1x 40g Brain Blaster Sour Chews $1.00
  • 1x 30g Little Ripper Fizzy Chews $1.00
  • 10x 3.7g Little Ripper Fruit Treat Chews $0.10
  • 1x LED Bluetooth Tower Speaker

8. Minnie Mouse Showbag 

It’s a Mouseful of fashionable fun with this adorable Minnie Mouse showbag.


  • Woven Carry Bag
  • Satin Skirt
  • Vinyl Backpack
  • Bow Headband and Face Paint Set
  • Lip Balm
  • Nail Polish Set
  • Plush Slippers (size 30-31)
  • Skipping Rope

9. Spiderman Showbag

With great power comes GREAT toys! This Spiderman Showbag is brimming with fun to get those spidey senses tingling.


  • Role Play Vest
  • Mask
  • Gloves
  • Sticky Web
  • Light Up Yo-Yo
  • Water Game
  • Glider 3pk

10. Ultimate Candy Bag 

It’s Ultimate Candy time, so get ready to have all your candy dreams come true!


  • 2x Candy Necklace 20g and 2x Candy Watch 14g
  • 1x Double Dip
  • 1x Fairy Floss 15g
  • 1x Little Ripper Chew Bars 100g
  • 1x Novelty Candy Ring
  • 2x Pop Rocks Cola 7g
  • 1x Warheads All Mixed Up 150g and 1x Warheads Cubes 150g
  • 2x Snap and Crackle 18g
  • 4x TNT Mega Sour Crazy Crackles
  • 2x TNT Mega Sour Red Raspberry Chew Bar 9g and 2xTNT Mega Sour Strawberry Chew Bar 9g
  • 1x TNT Mega Sour Straps 75g
  • 2x Triple Dippers 42.5g
  • 2x Trolli Hot Dog 9g,
  • 2x Warheads Bubbblegum Lollipops 19g
  • 4x Xtreme Sour Rollz Unicorn 40g,
  • 1x Zappo Sour Grape 26g and 1x Zappo Sour Strawberry 26g

Looking for more showbags?

If you haven’t checked out the stash at, we recommend you do so! They’ve got showbags for all occasions and ages and starting at just $6 too.

Our top picks include the new MADMIA showbags as well as the NRL Showbags, a great gift idea for older kids that are hard to shop for (or dad too).

There are showbags featuring TV favourites, lollies and even party/loot bags for your child’s next birthday party.

Skip the queue and the craziness and have yours delivered right to your door.  Check out the full range and receive FREE shipping on all deliveries over $100.

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This competition has now closed! The winners have been named in our Spring Winners Announcement! Feeling lucky? See our current competitions for more opportunities to win. Remember, you have to be in it to win it, good luck!

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  1. Avatar of Kylie T

    Wonderful show bags that will bring lots of fun, enjoyment and a special sparkle to the day. Thanks for an opportunity to win and good luck to all.

    • Avatar of Pauline

      Good luck to everyone what a fantastic prize especially those who can’t make it to the show this year like me .

  2. Avatar of Deniz

    How awesome it would be to beable to give the kids a treat. With everything so expensive and out of reach this will be a nice treat.

  3. Avatar of Stacey

    Good Luck to everyone. We have had a hard last couple of years but cannot wait for show to return. Wonderful prizes.

  4. Avatar of Blossom

    The Plush Unicorn would be perfect for a child with sensory issues and has a passion for Unicorns.

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