Single Mum Helps Her Own Kids Bring Christmas Joy via The Present Fairy!

This amazing single mum is a beautiful example of a woman who understands her kids and what they need to ensure the best and happiest Christmas for the whole family… the Present Fairy!

When Mum Central stumbled across this Facebook post from a Sydney single mum they immediately knew it was an idea worth sharing. This gorgeous mum is bringing a little something new to family traditions and showing us all just another way to make Christmas beautiful for the little people in our lives…

single mum Christmas letter

I thought I’d post this for any single mums out there. I came up with idea on my last birthday.

In the lead up to Christmas I see my 8yr old get more and more stressed as the presents start piling up under the tree and he knows that none of them are for me. He’s a beautiful and generous boy and he wants to bless me with presents just as much as he wants to open his own so tonight our house has been visited by the present fairy. Present fairies visit kids who need help with presents for their mums or dads.

My son was so incredibly happy on the morning of my birthday when the present fairy had left him and his brother gifts to pass on. I’m not doing this so I can get gifts, I just want him to learn the art of gift giving and I don’t want to rob him of the chance to spoil his mum (and dad, even though I do take him shopping to buy dad something too, that’s why dad’s pile from the fairy is smaller than mums).

The mum has asked to remain anonymous but we have shared her post and idea with her permission. If you’re a single parent you might like to embrace this idea too!

We hope this inspirational idea brings a little more joy to your family this Christmas! And to the mum (you know who you are!) well done and thanks for allowing us to share a little festive magic with the world.

If you’d like to use the letter template for your own children you can personalise your own copy too!


My name is Bert; I’m a present fairy.
I work with MUM’S NAME, she asked me to say Hi.
I know that you have been trying to get some special gifts together for your mum and dad. Blessing the people we love with presents is one of the special moments of Christmas and
I’m here to help you! I have bought some gifts for your mum and your dad. Some are a surprise (even to you) and I have wrapped these, the others I have left for you to wrap.
These are for you and your brother to give to your parents. I hope that these help to make your Christmas special. Keep smiling and enjoy this Christmas season.
Love Bert Present Fairy 197
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