Parenting is tough – and doing it on your own is even tougher.

Single parents can do with a break, a hot cuppa and a well-earned nap. What they don’t need is anything extra to worry about, because trust me, the shit-to-worry-about list is already long enough!

One thing that can play on single parents’ minds is how it’s affecting their kids. It doesn’t help that society gives single parents a tough time, and there always seems to be some new research comparing how kids with one parent at home do in comparison to those with two parents. Not to mention those Judgey McJudgey parents who raise one eyebrow when you mention your single parent status.

Well rest easy, single mummas! Science says your gorgeous kids are going to be just fine!

So are two parents better than one?

Not when it comes to children’s wellbeing! According to a huge study of over 27,000 households in the UK between 2009 and 2017, kid’s wellbeing isn’t negatively affected by whether there is one parent living at home or two. So cross that off your worry list!

Children are not negatively impacted if raised by a lone parent
Lead researcher Sumi Rabindrakumar

How do kids feel about their single parent family?

We all want to give our kids a close, loving family to grow up in. And for single parents, all that pressure can sit on their shoulders. So how do children in single parent homes feel about their families?

Well the good news is that kids with one parent at home scored higher on their positivity about family life than those with two parents living at home. Yep, go ahead, feel free to stick your tongue at the Judgey McJudgeys.

mum and boy all grown up

Are single parent kids happy with their life?

We all want to give our kids a happy life. And the great news is that kids with one parent at home were not only as satisfied with their lives as those in two parent homes, but were in fact slightly more satisfied. So you can cross that worry of your list!

Does it affect kids’ relationships with others?

Some single parents worry that it might affect how their kids relate to others. Not so! The study showed that kids with one parent at home had less relationship problems with their peers. Get out that pen and put a line through that worry too!

So stop giving single parents a hard time already!

The people who conducted the study have called on governments and organisations to not automatically assume that life is going to be tougher for kids with one parent at home.

The report…debunks myths about single parent households.”
Lead researcher Sumi Rabindrakumar

So if the number of parents at home doesn’t negatively impact kids’ wellbeing, what does? The answer is the presence of positive relationships – be that with a parent or parents, grandparents and others.

Feel free to give those Judgey McJudgey parents a single parent single-finger salute! Your kids are going to turn out fine.

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