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Your Favourite Fizzy Drink Might Give You Cancer, Doctors Warn


Still in a committed relationship with sugar packed soft drinks?

Bad news. It’s a habit you probably need to kick, sooner rather than later. That is, if you want to lower your risk of cancer.

The link between sugar sweetened soft drink and obesity is a well established fact. But now, new research has discovered a positive association between the regular consumption of soft drink and an increased risk of cancer. Gulp.

A super sweet study

The soft drink cancer risk study, which focused on more than 35,000 Aussies with 3,283 cases of obesity-related cancers, was conducted by the Cancer Council of Victoria and the University of Melbourne.

Researchers initially set out to explore the idea that regularly cracking a can of the sugary stuff could increase the probability of obesity and the risk of obesity-related cancers. What they found however, was that regular consumption of soft drink can raise your cancer risk, independent of your weight.

According to Associate Prof Allison Hodge, the research found that the risk existed for all participants, no matter their size.

“This is just another reason to avoid sugary soft drinks,’ she told the Herald Sun. “Our study found that the more sugary soft drinks participants drank, the higher their risk of cancer.”

What this means? Your preferred tipple may not cause you to put on weight but that doesn’t mean that it’s not doing damage. EEEK!

Making the switch to lower your cancer risk

The findings reinforce the push for Aussies to bin the sugary stuff and stick with water, and as a second choice, diet soft drinks. The jury is out on the healthfulness of artificially sweetened beverages. This particular study however found that they did not have the same association with an increased risk of cancer.

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