Mum Admits She’s Been Celebrating Her Son’s Birthday on the Wrong Date for Years

Birthdays are tricky. Just ask Emily Vondrachek, a mum from the US who has recently captured the attention of the TikTok world with her admission that she’s completely effed up her son’s birth date. 

It took an insurance company and Facebook to confirm that she, in fact, has been celebrating her son’s big day on the wrong date. For two years! 

Mum’s birthdate fail goes viral on TikTok

Emily shared her story in a now-viral TikTok video, explaining what exactly went down. Apparently, Emily was trying to pay for a doctor’s appointment and the insurance wouldn’t go through. The birth dates didn’t match. 

Emily was very insistent that her son was born on the 26th of February. She would know – she gave birth to him! It’s not something she’s most likely to forget anytime soon, is it?

However, the insurance company claimed he was born on February 25th. 

Emily headed to Facebook to scroll back a few years and find the birth announcement she shared on her social media account and she discovered that, yep, he was actually born on the 25th, not the 26th. For the past two years, she’d been celebrating his birthday on the wrong day. Oh, Em. 

“For two years I’ve been celebrating his birthday on the 26th. And now I have to call my paediatrician back and say, you know what? I had my kid’s birthday wrong.”

Emily adds:

You know the worst part? The worst part. He’s my middle child. It’s my middle child.”

Clearly ridden by mum guilt, Emily vows to take her middle child out for some much-needed one-on-one time. 

@thevondyfam How’s your day going? #momfail #mombrain #parenting101 #sahm ♬ original sound – Emily Vondy

25th, 26th, pretty darned close! 

Although clearly embarrassed by the blunder, Emily was in good spirits about the whole debacle, explaining that she hopes her major #mumfail makes other parents feel less bad about their own screw-ups. 

And I know for a fact that Emily isn’t the first mum to mix up her children’s birthdays.

I also do it. But, it’s a bit different as I do it on purpose. You see, my youngest daughter’s birthday is on the 23rd of December, two days before Christmas, for anyone playing at home.

It’s got to be one of the worst-timed birth dates out there. No one wants to celebrate a birthday two days before Christmas!

So we don’t. I mean, maybe if she was my first-born, but she’s the third child and by the third child, I’ve kind of discovered that I get to make the rules. Birthdays included. 

You see, I’ve sneakily brought the ‘birthdate’ back every year. Last birthday we celebrated on the 19th December and next year, I’ll probably move it even earlier. She’s three. She doesn’t know. Her siblings don’t mention it, neither do our extended family and we have all collectively decided to keep the lie going as long as possible. 

Yes, Ethel, I know lying to my kid is wrong, but, if it means I get a week’s break between hosting a birthday and hosting Christmas, then I’m ALL for it. Christmas is hectic enough! 

Anyone else have a birthdate fail to share?? 

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  1. Avatar of Blossom

    I have cousins that were born on the 19th Dec, and 22nd Dec.
    I know twins wo were born on Christmas Day.

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