Midwives Drop the Mic With These Gold Nuggets for Expecting Mums

We all know when we’re at our most vulnerable, midwives really are the strength we need to get us the outcome we desire. The ultimate cheerleader, they guide us through pregnancy and childbirth with steely determination, heartfelt care and more often than not – a few sage nuggets of advice we hold with us forever.

We asked our Mum Central Facebook community what was some of the best advice they received from their midwife and you all certainly delivered. Some of your replies had us in stitches (the good kind, not the perineum kind) and others had us nodding in agreement.

Ahhhhh wise words, we say.

So let’s push on (see what I did there?) with some of the best advice received from our wonderful midwives!

The No.1 piece of advice we remember….. via GIPHY

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“Leave your dignity at the front door and pick it up as you leave.”

“Take all the drugs!”

“There are no first or second prizes in giving birth. You didn’t come second because you couldn’t have a vaginal birth. All we want is a safe birth.” #FACT

“You don’t get a medal for how you give birth. If you feel like you want an epidural, have it!”

“Push when you’re told to push.”

“That’s not a poo it’s your baby!” #ButStillNormalisePoo


“Relax, you can do this! (Poor thing, I yelled back “you don’t know me!)” #YouDontKnowMe!

“When they say stop pushing, STOP PUSHING!! That’s the difference between stitches and no stitches.”

“It doesn’t matter how they arrive – just that you and the baby are safe.”

“Your body knows what to do, just trust it.”

“Every surge/contraction gets you closer to meeting and holding your child.” #perspective

Your midwife will believe in you, even when you don’t. via GIPHY

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“Cluster feed your newborn in the morning to try and help them get their day/ night around the right way.”

“The best thing is a fed baby, where it comes from has no relevance.” #fact

“Baby’s are like cans of fizzy juice, if you hold them upright, the bubbles will make their way to the top! Great advice when struggling to get a burp out.” #pop

“Pinch your nipple between your first two fingers (scissor-like) to get the baby to latch on rather than trying to get their tiny mouth to get a good latch.”

“Cold cabbage leaves in your bra for sore boobies.” #sweetrelief also #coleslaw

“Hydrogel breast pads and pop them in the fridge.”


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“This is but a small moment in a lifetime full of moments.”

“You’re not supposed to know what you’re doing … you will learn!”

“Everything you are feeling is normal.”

“Every feeling you have is valid.”

The emotions are REAL. via GIPHY

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“Pat, don’t wipe for the first few days after.” #ouch

“If you have to get a cut, literally blow dry (with a hairdryer) after your shower to get the area dry and prevent infection.”

“You can’t spoil a newborn.”

“When I was nervous about holding a newborn being so gentle for the first time ever … she simply said think about how they come out and it stuck with me!”

“Babies have bendy bones, they don’t break!”

“Stand tall after a C-Section, don’t hunch and walk slowly!”

“When baby wakes for that 5 or 6 am feed, have a shower, brush your teeth and go back to sleep. Then when the day begins, brush your hair, put on some lipstick and you’re ready for the day feeling way more in control. This seriously changed my mindset and helped me feel more like myself.”

“When transitioning baby from the bassinet to cot, don’t wash the blankets or wraps so they still smell familiar to your baby.”


You WILL sleep again. Promise. via GIPHY

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“It doesn’t matter if your partner puts the Wondersuit on differently to you – he’s DOING IT – that’s what matters.”

“She told my husband he either needed to clean or hire a cleaner, explaining how pregnant women can’t be around chemicals. Then she waited … while he committed to a decision! Best ever.” #genius

“Your nipples aren’t sterile so don’t kill yourself sterilising things.”

“Get yourself together, it’s going to get worse … No joke. First baby and it sounds harsh but she was SOOOOO right! And I sucked it up and got on with it. Probably not everyone’s cup of tea but it’s what I needed.” #toughlove

“Don’t scream and carry on, put that energy into pushing (it was definitely a positive thing!).” #toughlove2.0

“That labour is the easy part, the following 18+ years is the hardest!” #preach

“Don’t ever wake a sleeping (newborn) baby, if she’s hungry she’ll wake up.”

“Stay the extra night and enjoy the time with your new baby. If you go home you’ll only have your hubby and other kids to deal with.”

“Don’t be a hero! If you came in here with a broken leg, would you expect pain relief? OK wee midwife, go get me that epidural!”

“Remember it’s your baby. Your gut instinct. Your routine. The nursing staff and doctors (even though amazing as they are) do not come home with you at the end of the day. Do what makes you feel comfortable.”

“When you take your baby home make as much noise as you normally would and the baby will learn to sleep through anything!”

“Don’t make friends with mums that have babies who sleep through the night.”

“What got in, must come out!” #touché

You really are a superhero! via GIPHY

And then there were just some really nice moments, such as this one:

“This is not really advice as such… more like just awesome care provided to me. When the doctors were prepping me for a rushed emergency cesarean – the doctors were freaking me out rushing around and getting the gas ready to knock me out.

The midwife grabbed my hands and said “just look at me, focus on your baby’s heartbeat on the monitor he is safe, you’re going to be ok”. I just remember feeling like I had someone on my side. It helped soooo much.”

Welp. Aaaaah midwives, they’re truly one of a kind. Tag your midwife friends and let them know their hard maternity ward work doesn’t go unnoticed. That and you just never know what slip of their tongue is going to be what you remember from the experience. LOL!

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