10 Spiraliser Recipes Which Will Have You Spiralising ALL THE THINGS!

Spiraliser recipes? We’ve got ’em! Trying to kerb your carb intake or just want to eat MORE vegetables?

Live your healthiest, veggie-filled life with these awesome spiraliser recipes PLUS our guide to where to buy a whiz-bang spiraliser.

When it comes to getting your zoodle on, a vegetable spiraliser is a worthwhile investment. Sure you can create zoodles with a vegetable peeler, but I’m ALL for time saving short cuts.

Fridge crisper contents at the ready, let’s get spiralising! Here’s 10 spiraliser recipes you’re going to love!

1. Zoodle spaghetti (a zucchini spiraliser recipe)

From Gimme Some Oven, a classic marinara sauce teamed with not pasta, but delicious zucchini noodles. Zoodles cook in a flash, so make sure your sauce is hot before adding them in.

Spiraliser zoodle pasta recipe

2. Zucchini puttanesca

Donna Hay never puts a foot wrong. If this zucchini puttanesca doesn’t look like the kind of Sunday lunch to break bread over with friends and a glass of wine, then I don’t know what is. I’ll just be sitting here waiting for an invite, ok?

Spiraliser puttanesca recipe

3. Sweet potato Asian style noodles (a sweet potato spiraliser recipe)

Kid friendly and easy to make, these sweet potato Asian style noodles make for an awesome midweek dinner. Find the recipe over at Healthy Little Foodies.

Spiraliser sweet potato noodles

4. Spiral fries

I mean c’mon, who could resist? Baked to the perfect level of crispiness, you can find all the details at Inspiralized.

mum central

5. French onion zoodle bake

A healthier take on the ever-so-comforting-but-full-of-carbs potato bake, from Climbing Grier Mountain. I for one, can’t wait to make this one!

Spiraliser French onion zoodle bake

6. Honey mustard sweet potato salad

Salad season is here! Have you ever seen a more glorious looking beast of a salad? Honey mustard sweet potato salad will be coming to a BBQ near you soon. Grab the recipe over at Kevin Is Cooking.

Spiraliser honey mustard chicken bake recipe

7. Cucumber olive garden salad

From Chelsey’s Messy Apron, a cucumber olive garden salad which is a far cry from your average tossed garden salad. Go on, give it a crack!

Spiraliser cucumber salad recipe

8. Creamy sun dried tomato, parmesan and chicken zoodles

A personal favourite in my home, this is our favourite zoodle dish. From Cafe Delites, a fusion of sun dried tomatoes, sharp parmesan, lashings of cream and a little dried chilli flake zing.

Spiraliser creamy sun dried tomat zoodles recipe

9. Chicken chow mein zoodles

It doesn’t get much better than amazing fresh vegetables, zoodles and slurpy sauce. Destined to be loved by the whole family (and leave them asking for seconds), try Life Made Sweeter‘s chicken chow mein zoodles recipe this week!

Spiraliser chicken chow mein recipe

10. Apple crumble (an apple spiraliser recipe)

Yes! A spiraliser dessert! Give your apple crumble the spiralising treatment and let us know how it goes!Thanks to Healthy Maven, I’ll be adding this spiralised apple crumble to my repertoire, with ice cream of course!

Spiraliser apple crumble recipe

Choose your spiraling weapon! What is the best spiraliser on the market?

So you love these spiraliser recipes but don’t have a spiraliser? No problem. From budget to luxe, you can find a spiraliser to suit every budget.


Cheap and cheerful, this vegetable spiraliser with neat catchment container, $12, is a steal from Kmart.

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A bargain with on-board storage for attachment plates, Target‘s spiral vegetable cutter will set you back just $20.

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Who knew Spotlight sold spiralisers? The Equip Healthy Eating Spiraliser is priced at $15.

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The king of spiralising, Pete Evans has attached his name to this spiraliser, so it has to be good, right? The Baccarat Pete Evans Healthy Everyday Super Spiraliser, $60, looks like it could zip through zucchinis with ease.

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For those with some cash to splash and a KitchenAid Stand Mixer, you’re likely to be well impressed by the awesome Spiraliser Plus attachment, $219.

mum central

For more zoodle inspiration, see our 5 Easy Ways to Use Your Spiraliser post! Or if cutting carbs is your goal here’s 10 new summer salads to keep you on the carb-free straight and narrow!

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