10 Easy Salad Recipes to Wow Your Friends

You know the drill. BBQ season is here and you want to bring a “different” salad to the  table.

Not that there’s anything wrong with tossed salad, but it has a reputation as being the ‘default’ salad.

Here’s 10 salad recipes that are EASY and will wow the salad loving socks off a crowd!

1. Maple roasted pumpkin, rocket and feta salad

Roasted, maple sauce infused pumpkin wedges and peppery rocket is a match made in salad heaven! Maple roasted pumpkin, rocket and feta salad for the win!

Roasted maple pumpkin salad

2. Watermelon, feta and mint salad

I love all of these things by themselves, but when they’re together – hooley dooley. Watermelon, feta and mint salad makes for the perfect lunch side dish. Deeeelicious.

Watermelon, feta and mint salad recipe

3. Eggplant, quinoa and feta salad

The sweet addition of cranberries teamed with crunchy pine nuts makes this eggplant, quinoa and feta salad a taste sensation.

eggplant, quinoa, feta salad recipe

4. Marinated steak salad

A hearty salad if ever there was one, this protein packed marinated steak salad is a meal in itself!

Marinated steak salad recipe

5. Moroccan prawn couscous

Summer is for seafood, is it not? Add an air of luxury to your regular couscous salad with the addition of sweet, plump prawns. Or for a spice hit, try this Moroccan prawn couscous salad on for size.

morrocan prawn couscous

6. BLT pasta salad with avocado

Oh my. All of my favourite things are in one bowl, sandwiched together in a delicious creamy dressing. You’ll be winning at life with this BLT pasta with avocado salad recipe!

BLT pasta salad with avocado

7. Thai noodle salad

All the fabulous flavours of Thai IN A SALAD. Crunchy slaw and a nutty sauce complete this lush Thai noodle salad. Nom nom nom.

Thai noodle salad

8. Warm roast potato salad

Roast potatoes, prosciutto, mayonnaise and basil. A fork please for this warm roast potato salad!

warm roast potato salad recipe

9. Roast cauliflower with chickpea salad

A show stopper salad if ever there was one, a roasted head of cauliflower should do it. And boy, is it delicious. Take this roast cauliflower with chickpeas salad to your next BBQ!

roast cauliflower chickpeas salad

10. Layered salad

Don’t be putting that trifle bowl away just yet folks. The layered salad is a salad that has stood the test of time in my own home and a much requested side for large gatherings of family and friends. Give it a go!

layered salad recipe

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