There’s some serious street cred in an awesome pram and the Stokke Xplory V5 doesn’t disappoint.

So, if you’re in the market for some new wheels (and a whole lot of mother’s group kudos), keep on reading!


Sure, it’s jam-packed with practical and innovative features but you can’t deny that the Stokke Xplory V5 is a real head-turner. With it’s sophisticated styling, unique looks and strong brand appeal this is the pram de jour for any new mum!

Here’s why the Stokke is our pram of choice this season…

stokke-explory-v5-parents1.  Bubs is riding tall and there’s stacks of reasons why…

The iconic design of the Stokke Xplory V5 sees your little one raised to eye level. This means baby can feel secure and confident whilst in the pram. The result? You can enjoy plenty of beautiful, bonding moments while you’re out and about. Even better, with adjustable height you’ll never need to use a restaurant high chair again! Simply wheel bubs to the table and they’ll be sitting pretty for a babycino as quick as you can say ‘extra marshmallows please!’ There’s also a 360-degree rotating chair so when bubs is ready to take on the world and all it has to offer – turn her round and she’s forward facing!

stokke-explory-v5-baby2.  This is the smoothest ride around, literally!

With new release wheels that are lighter, stronger and more durable the Stokke Xplory V5 can claim ‘smoothest ride on the street’. What this really means is baby enjoys a less bumpy ride and the parent pushing works less hard to propel the stroller. The two-wheel function makes it easy to use on rough and uneven surfaces (think the beach or a pebbled path) and easy-swivel front wheels makes the pram efficient to manoeuvre in tight spaces.


3. Attention to detail means the Xplory V5 grows with your little one

From a special cushion insert making the chair more suitable for smaller bubs, to a stroller seat for a child up to 15kg, this pram grows with you! Everything’s adjustable including the seat, position and foot rest ensuring whether you’ve a sleeping three-month-old, a sitting six-month-old or a wriggly toddler, this pram is built to meet their needs.

If only everything in our lives was as intuitive to our ever-changing needs!

stokke evolutionEMOslide_Xplory_NewWheels2016_4_30752

4.  There’s stacks of features mum will love as well…  

Prams aren’t just for kids! There’s certain features that parents need as well. Stokke totally get this and that’s why the Xplory V5 has an easy to access, wide opening shopping basket. The chassis is super light weighing only 8.4kg making it easy to lift in and out of the car and the fabrics are all machine washable. There’s also a raft of gorgeous and practical accessories you can add to your Stokke including everything from sheepskin liners to cup holders, parasol sun shades to foot muffs and sleeping bags. So, if you like to ‘pimp your pram’ there’s plenty of choices available to make it your own.

Find a local stockist and check one out yourself. A word of warning though… once you’ve pushed the Xplory V5 you may not be able to stop! Oh, and the street cred? Priceless!

For more information visit the Stokke website. You’ll find tonnes more features, technical specs and all the accessories a mum could want.



Thanks to our gorgeous friends at Stokke, one lucky Mum Central reader is going to score themselves the Stokke Xplory V5 in black melange valued at $1699.

To enter, simply complete the entry form in full and tell us in the comments below what you love about the Stokke Xplory V5 the best and you are in the running!


Win a Stokke Xplory V5 Pram Worth $1,699


Mother-of-two. Tea lover. Lego Ninja. Expert in carpet Play Dough extraction. Victoria Louis is a 30-something writer based in Sydney, NSW. A former marketing manager who loves to laugh there’s no topic she won’t explore. Victoria is full of opinion, big on kindness and believes the day is always better with a dash of lipstick.


  1. Ying Ying TAN Reply

    Love the designer look of the pram but most of all the practicality of it….especially the wide opening shopping basket!

  2. Jas Nottle Reply

    I love that the Stokke Xplory not only looks fantastic but has so many functional features. Being smooth ride on all terrain means that I know my baby is comfortable while we are out and about exploring together

  3. I love the basket underneath it holds a handbag and plenty of shopping. Love that it’s lightweight and compact too.

  4. katrinatomaszek Reply

    It’s tiring being a mumma, so the fact that it’s lightweight and not a struggle to get in and out the car is perfect!

  5. ‘Machine washable fabrics’. Babies sure like to make a mess.

  6. Katherine Tatsiokas Reply

    I am having my second baby and unfortunately i really disliked my first pram. The stokke is easy to move, easy to clean, looks extremely stylish and super lightweight. I would be stoked to win a stokke!

  7. Claire Thrower Reply

    I love how versatile and compact it is, baby has more than enough room yet it isn’t bulky, that and how amazingly gorgeous and stylish it is would absolutely love one!

  8. Catherine Whyte Reply

    I love that it has awesome wheels that make for a smooth ride. Living in an area with lots of uneven ground this is a must!

  9. Angela Ready Reply

    I love the versatility and that it’s so stylish. A pram any mum and bun would be proud of!

  10. I adore that it grows with your baby, and with my sister giving birth less 4 hours before writing this, a new pram would be an amazing gift!

  11. Cassandra Ryan Reply

    I love that it has a high seat height which means you are closer to bub and it’s a great height to also wheel straight up to a table so bub can join you when having a meal

  12. Jordana Hodgetts Reply

    I love how bubba is up at eye level, I’m only 5’2 but I still have to look down at my son and him up at me when he is cruising in his pram! Also it looks so specky!

  13. Alice Rainsford Reply

    Having had my second baby 8 weeks early it would be great to get him around in an easy and versatile pram.

  14. Zoe Wishart Reply

    Would be great to take into restaurants- my baby is getting of an age.

  15. I love that there is room to put my giant handbag and my shopping without the pram unbalancing and falling over!

  16. Kate Kieran Reply

    Smooth, stylish, versatile, it’s everything an amazing pram needs!

  17. Jaala Buckmaster Reply

    I love the lightweight design, as someone with a bad back I struggle finding something that’s lightweight and suitable for a newborn

  18. Susannah Graham Reply

    How sleek it looks and would feel when you manoeuvre it!

  19. Deanne Deluca Reply

    what an amazing price one lucky mummy to have something so awesome to stroll around with

  20. Laura Powers Reply

    Great with my health issues to have a light easy to use pram

  21. Katie Lowe Reply

    The best feature would have to be that bub sits up higher and can see me! Also I am tall so this looks great for me!

  22. Lynette Smith Reply

    I love that the fabrics are machine washable. Anything that makes life easier is good to me!

  23. Mary Moschovakis Reply

    it is super light making it easy to lift in and out of the car, the fabrics are all machine washable and the ultimate everything’s adjustable from the seat to the foot rest ..

  24. Jasmine Nelson Reply

    I love the adjustable height, so I don’t hurt my back everytime I have to bend over

  25. I love the high position as it will be easier on my back and my bubs will be more comfortable knowing that she is closer to me with both of us being at a similar height. The Stokke Xplory V5 Pram looks extremely sleek and is the Ferrari of prams.

  26. Among all the great features I like its looks, style, worldwide known brand, adjustable height, seat, position and foit rest, as well as the rotating chair and its durable wheels.

  27. Annie Tidey Reply

    It’s very unusual for fabric prams to be as easy to clean as popping the fabric in the washing machine! What a great idea.

  28. Tamara Cazzulino Reply

    I love the fact that everything is adjustable. So bub will be able to use it as she grows! Not only that – it’s gorgeous!

  29. Beautiful pram that is great to have your little babba closer to eye height. As my partner our tall we love this model as it keep ours backs in tact while when our little babba arrives safe and supported.

  30. Bub is at the perfect heigh not going to strain my fiancés bad back, and so light again for my fiancé and I, it would mean his able to take Bub out without me.

  31. Oh I absolutely love the adjustable height and 360 rotating chair features! How genius to make a pram suitable for parents of all heights. Our new bubba (due in 4 weeks) will certainly be smothered with lots of kisses from his short mumma and super tall daddy while out and about! Plus, turning the pram into a high chair with its adjustable height and 360 rotating chair means bubba can join us at mealtimes wherever we go! Going for walks and shopping would be soo much easier without worrying about what bubba is up to and no need to worry about cleaning dirty high chairs! Win win!

  32. Elizabeth Kaminski Reply

    I love that it is convertible to suit different ages, has a large variety of accesories included and still looks gorgeously stylish!!

  33. Kaz Wright Reply

    The height and not having to struggle or bend down with help with my pelvic symphonis disorder.

  34. with adjustable height you’ll never need to use a restaurant high chair again!

  35. Janine Meyerkort Reply

    I think the way that bugs can sit up and look around at the world and isn’t restricted being down and/or covered up is exciting.

  36. Suzana Talevski Reply

    Love all the features and especially the fact it is lightweight. Looks great too.

  37. Yasmin Alkhatib Reply

    Super smooth, light weight and height adjustable- essential with the husband being 6’3 tall.

  38. Ahhh the look, the ease, the convenience – it’s all there! As a first time mum being in the market for a new pram is pretty overwhelming. This one looks absolutely fantastic!

  39. Danny Wright Reply

    Wow i would need that dash of lipstick that victoria louis speaks of and a new wardrobe to take this out.It is devine,classy with a touch of sassy rolled into one.

  40. Mouna Carrasco Reply

    What a stunning prize would love this for Bub on the way

  41. Nicole Anne Goodman Reply

    This is amazing I would love this for my daughter who is 12 weeks old

  42. Sarah shilson Reply

    I love that material is machine washable as a lot of other makes arnt

  43. Michelle Budge Reply

    It’s so sleek and modern. Light weight and stylish. I’ll be a grandmother soon. I only want the best for my grandchild. I’d love to win this beautiful pram.

  44. Grows with th Bub!! So important to help facilitate bubs independence with forward facing but also dependence with inwards facing

  45. Mel okimoto Reply

    I love that it is stylish, lightweight making putting it away a breeze and the shopping basket.

  46. Nicole Gurney Reply

    I like it with the adjustable height and being so much lighter is always a great 🙂

  47. Ben N Nicole Reply

    I love how modern the design is and how Bub gets to be so much closer to who ever is pushing them around.

  48. Annya Cowan Reply

    The features are endless. Machine washable. Height adjustment and 360° rotation. The big basket underneath it a huge plus for me. Nothing worse than trying to do groceries with a pram and trolley.

  49. Sarah McKenzie Reply

    I love the versatility of this pram!! I love how stylish it looks, how it grows with your baby, how light it looks and how cute and cosy bubs looks sitting in it!

  50. Cup holder, fantastic for my morning walk….with my coffee in tow

  51. Tracey Morris Reply

    Love that the body weighs only 8.4kgs!! I am short & consider myself not very strong so this is perfect!!! It also looks great to!

  52. I love that my baby will be at eye level so that he will be able to see me at a closer range all the time without the need for me to bend down or kneel down to his level which will save my knees and back in the long run. Getting old. Need to save my knees and back for as long as I can and this pram will do just that and more

  53. Mary Steinbacher Reply

    This pram- the Stoke Xplory V5- puts the passenger FIRST!

  54. Lenice Henke Reply

    This pram would be awesome for me and my family as I myself are short at 5ft 2 and as a nurse often have a sore back and my partners and my two step sons are 6ft 3 so it would work for all of us and my 11 week old son would love being up higher as he is very alert.

  55. Susan Collins Reply

    I love that someone is really thinking! Optimal design ease for both Mums and bubs. I’m ‘stokked’!

  56. A pram that not only is sleek, innovative and stylish….it also meets every need a mum could want!
    Eye level with mum so chatting with baby is even easier…
    No need to drag over a dirty high chair at a restaurant because baby can easily swivel at any height to where it’s easiest to feed them…
    With a ride so smooth its glides with ease through tiny walkways and never wakes baby on bumpy paths…
    A wide shopping baskets for all those mummy necessaries…
    And so many must have accesories to keep mum happy. I’d love to pimp this pram!

  57. Andreea Nicolescu Reply

    Love that it grows with your baby to start with-plus the cup holder, the light weight-being eye level..this pram is fantastic

  58. Looks like it would be extra handy for those school runs and quick dash to grocery store .

  59. Melissa Beer Reply

    Stylish and lightweight with an adjustable height. What more could you ask for in a pram?! Perfect!

  60. Indika Wijayasekera Reply

    What I like most about this Stokke Xplory V5 is it has wheels that are lighter, stronger and more durable. I don’t want to push too hard because it makes me more tired (than already I’m ).I love a smooth ride,less work!This is a great pram!

  61. Kate Muslayah Reply

    Amazing design that is fully adjustable, looks gorgeous and is really light weight!

  62. Courtney Foster Reply

    It looks amazing, with a decent bag for storage that is easy to get to. Most prams underneath storage is so awkward to get too.

  63. Diana Analou Maningas Reply

    Its easy to use, very light weight and stronger pram is one of the most important for me. As a family who wants to travel, these are what were looking for. Its style is bonus. The pram is perfect for my 9mos old son.

  64. Love how much closer bubs gets to sit to mum! Excellent that it serves from birth to toddler too!

  65. Love the fact that all the fabric can be thrown in the washing machine. Two thumbs up to whoever thought of that!!

  66. Kim Kilgour Reply

    I love that the Stokke Xplory V5 pram is fully adjustable and the awesome accessories that are also available to complete the look.

  67. Alana Birchall Reply

    I love the way it changes to allow use as a bassinet, forward and backward

  68. Dawn Taylor Reply

    No more food hall dirty highchairs, really light so perfect for grandparents to handle, and how perfect to be able to throw the cover in the washing machine.

  69. I love the adjustable height which allows bub to be up high! I would definitely use my pram pulled up to a table instead of a highchair as I wouldn’t need to leave my pram outside the cafe or in the walkway of a busy restaurant!

  70. Jody Smith Reply

    The fantastic vantage point for bub and the pram’s light weight is attractive.

  71. I love the adjustable height and the fact that your baby is able to see you at all times. It also discourages other people to touch your baby without your permission.

  72. Hayley Wilmer Reply

    This Pram is so Amazing! Lots of features & so much adjustability. Will definitely suit my Toddler!

  73. I’d look great cruising down the high street and better yet it’d be super easy to maneuver with one hand while sipping on my latte.

  74. Love that baby is up high within arms reach so no back strain when attending to their needs and I love that baby needs to feel that sense of security at eye level.

  75. Kym Finnigan Reply

    What a wonderful, versatile and modern pram. Would love to get around with my new born baby in one of these

  76. Michelle D Reply

    I love the way the baby sits up higher so that they can get a good look at what’s going on around them instead of looking at the world from almost ground level.

  77. You had me at “light weight” … I struggle with our current pram, I am sure it weights a tone!

  78. Lauren Ellis Reply

    Being up in a high position is amazing as my son is deaf & will be getting Cochlear Implants on Friday so it is very important he is up high, feels close to us, can see us & hear us well so he feels comfortable & can learn to listen & speak to us!

  79. Emma Bauer Reply

    What a great pram. From newborn to sitting forward and enjoying the world up high!

  80. Kathleen Usher Reply

    I love the easily accessible shopping basket underneath!

  81. Cindy Nickels Reply

    I have just become a grandma for the first time and I would love this. I love the functionality of being able to adjust for all sizes of kids, and the lightweight frame of only 8kg. The fabrics being fully machine washable is awesome too!!

  82. I love the 4 ways it can be used from birth through to toddler. (and it looks really cool)

  83. Love the style and functionality of the pram… I would never get tired of being “the cool guy with the Ferrari of prams”.

  84. Love the height. My back is unable to cope with lifting from low places right now and having bub higher is great for me.

  85. Lauren Paynter Reply

    Ive just had my third and funds are too tight to buy a new pram (other one just died) and this would help me so much with its light weight fram i could pick it up one handed.

  86. I love that the wondrous Stokke Xplory captivates our hearts
    Creating a perfect mum and bub bonding experience; intrinsically part
    An embracement of development, growth and learning every day
    Beautifully artistic street cred to inspire and pave the way.

  87. I love the height of the pram, the stylish look and the storage!

  88. Dave Smyth Reply

    The solid construction of the frame and the general sturdy look of the pram!

  89. Rebecca Bryant Reply

    It looks so sleek and stylish! I love that bubs travels high!

  90. Linda Cleary Reply

    I love best the height adjustment especially being taller it saves on looking or reaching down and is great for bonding

  91. Paula Harris Reply

    It looks so comfy!! I wish someone would push me around the shops in one of these 🙂

  92. Rebecca Stretton Reply

    I love the height adjustable seat! I really don’t like using public highchairs, so this is the perfect ‘out and about’ pram!

  93. I like that it’s light and I could fit the nappy bag and shopping underneath!

  94. Alice Frederick Reply

    So hard to choose! I would have to say that it is the fact that everything is adjustable so it can grow with bub.

  95. Jodi Mackenzie Reply

    The quality and design is second to none. Its so unusual for someone to cater for us 6ft mums , well done Stokke this is beautiful !!

  96. Debrah Bassett Reply

    the seat is height adjustable and it looks so good for us proud mummies pushing bub up the street

  97. The easy access shopping basket is fantastic. Finally I’d be able to grab something quickly out of the nappy bag!

  98. i love the way it brings your baby up higher for ease of use & interaction

  99. Adjustable options, usable design, heaps of storage and ease of use, got me hook line and sinker! i want one! lol

  100. Bianca Hensman Reply

    I love having my baby up high so I can chat away & stare into those big baby blues!

  101. Amazing features on an awesome pram! and how the pram can change depending on your needs is fantastic. I need one of these asap!

  102. This pram is so versatile, much easier on Mum’s back which is a major plus in my books. Height adjustable, suitable for use as a high chair, 360 degree rotation and heaps of storage too. Love it 😉

  103. Kelly Smith Reply

    I love the versatility of positions the Stokke Xplory V5 has!! And also the height is great for parents.

  104. Changing positions and height of the pram…
    And unique design and comfort

  105. Laurren Bryans Reply

    The pram looks awesome but you don’t loose out of practicality

  106. It isn’t cumbersome so should be easy to handle and pack away.

  107. Maree Wood Reply

    I love the fact that it’s light weight & that the handle can be swapped over!

  108. jody buhagiar Reply

    Love the high adjustability and it can be used a s a high chair. Awesome pram 😀

  109. Whitney Ellem Reply

    I love that it is height adjustable and can be used as a high chair when out and about. We have twins and have had to clean our fair share of grotty cafe high chairs, not fun for us or babies! Plus it saves the hassle of having to hold a baby on your lap to feed them and yourself when all other high chairs are taken 🙂

  110. Ebony Westra Reply

    Lightweight and baby sits up high. My 8 month old loves going for walks in the stroller and sitting up high would allow him to explore the world at a much better angle.

  111. Emma Petrak Reply

    Love that all the covers are machine washable. Makes for easy cleaning after baby poop explosions

  112. Kerrie Tullipan Reply

    its compact frame, easy maneuverability and painless collapsibility my Husband
    will have no excuses not to be able to use it too!

  113. I love that bub is so high up and close to mum which is ideal for exploring and for all those in depth convos and raspberry blowing!

  114. The fact that the fabrics are all machine washable is really handy given the amount of times it would need to be washed after any ‘accidents’.

  115. Tara Harnwell Jones Reply

    The style says it all for me, this is my equivalent of a car so it has to be all singing all dancing!

  116. Abigail Black Reply

    The 360-degree rotating chair is a really useful function to have and would get used all the time with me and my little one.

  117. TanyaCrerar Reply

    I love that this is the only pram you will need from birth right up to when they want to be super independent and walk everywhere (albeit at a snails pace!).

  118. Sally Louise Reply

    Sleek, compact and practical with all the bells and whistles you need to get around town.

  119. johanna rees Reply

    Super light, machine washable fabrics, the chair rotates 360 degrees, the different positions, and it is so, so stylish.

  120. Katherin Colvin Reply

    So lightweight, easy to adjust and way more stylish then my $30 secondhand pram

  121. Gillian Harridge Reply

    The design, it gorgeous, functional and modern. Love it.

  122. Ben Tullipan Reply

    Firstly, when folded, I wouldn’t have to buy a new car to fit the pram. I have some mates that have bought a new just car to fit their pram!!! Secondly, it looks like it dismantles with ease, so I won’t need to read the instruction manual each time I take the thing out! And lastly, I don’t want or need fancy, heavy, wide or even bells and whistles. I want a pram that will work, every time – no jamming brakes, no seizing folds. Finally, a pram for a man!

  123. Michelle Green Reply

    I love the fact it goes from newborn to toddler so only need the one pram, not very often get something practical and modern looking.

  124. How fantastic that the seat is up so high and I wouldn’t have to stoop or squat to get to munchkin! I’d be Stokked to have this pram 🙂

  125. Nicola Frances Reply

    I really like the height of the seat plus it’s a great looking and stylish pram!

  126. Juanita Thorn Reply

    I love how it is ‘super lightweight’ ….this will help me as I have 3 herniated discs in my lower back and pinched nerves….so a heavy pram would be torture.

  127. Rachel-Linden Reply

    As an excited, first time mum-to-be,
    I’m researching prams diligently!
    But the Stokke Xplory has won my heart,
    With design and features that set it apart.
    I love that my baby would sit up high,
    Enabling us bonding eye to eye,
    And with a pram so light and easy to steer,
    I’d be out and Xploring without any fear!
    Customisable to suit both baby and me,
    Means comfort plus practicality.
    And though I was already deep in love,
    The aesthetics take it to a level above!
    With gorgeous fabric and accessories,
    Xplory V5 cannot fail to please!
    Really I could wish for nothing more,
    Than to win this pram I so adore!

  128. jane whelan Reply

    I love that it is light weight, l love the seat height with tall family members it’s great for keeping eye contact with bubs. The 360-degree rotating chair is a awesome feature meaning bubs can be kept entertained by all around them. Everytyhing is adjustable, this is the best pram l or my daughter in law (whom this pram is for) could ever ask for. Thank you for the chance to win this for her and my goegeous granddaughter. <3

  129. Anneke Dekker Reply

    Whats not to love!! As a mum to be I’m quite nervous about bring up a baby in the city. The Stokke Xplory V5 Pram would make life a lot easier to manoeuvre around the city, stores, public transport, being so light weight. I’d absolutely love this pram for my baby girl and I’d love to show it off to my friends 🙂

  130. Emma May Flanagan Reply

    The safety of my baby is number one and comfort is number two. I need a pram that safely supports my baby, is versatile and easy to fold/ u nfold and store.

  131. Rosalie Bernacki Reply

    Love the sytle, the class and elegance. The amazing safety – the comfort and ease of fold and unfold. Will love travelling with bub in this – and so will Dad!

  132. 78DaysofSummer Reply

    I love that the fabrics are machine washable. In the past this has been painful when it comes to cleaning a pram.

  133. Lauren Bedford Reply

    OMG The easy to access, wide opening shopping basket is a must have!! So many times I have had to shove bags of groceries in the small compact basket in my current pram!

  134. I love everything about the Stokke,
    So sleek, pram envy it does evoke.
    The wheels make pushing a piece of cake,
    And make sure a sleeping baby doesn’t wake!

  135. Ooooh Victoria, what a generous giveaway! I have to say, the extra height on this stunning little pram is my favourite feature. My darling ray of sunshine is quite anxious when she can’t see me, being higher up and closer to me will help her feel so safe and secure when we are out and about. Thank you for the opportunity! Xx

  136. Rachael Brown Reply

    I love that the little ones sit up high. My tiny one is an anxious little thing so being up in all the action would really help to calm everything down for us.

  137. Catherine Helbig Reply

    The adjustable height and the smooth ride. Means my mum who has cronic back pain after failed back surgery can push my son without too many issues. The rest is just an added bonus

  138. Jennifer B. Reply

    I love that this STOKKE pram is top quality and grows with us! We sure don’t need the extra expense as bubs grows, needing a stroller.

    Nor his younger siblings yet to come!…

  139. Perfect for my daughter who has just had her 2nd baby 9 days ago. Being lightweight & adaptable would be so handy.

  140. I love that the baby sits so high and it’s easy to get to them, comfort them and watch them while in the pram. And that it’s so versatile to grow with bub as their needs change. Oh and that its grey and gender neutral and classy in it’s design.

  141. There is so many features I love, but one feature is how versatile it is with so many ways to change it to suit the child and environment.

  142. Jiana Sumner Reply

    I love that the bub is high up so you have good contact and easy resteraunt access to table

  143. Suskia Davis Reply

    I have a 4 month old and thought he would need 1 pram his whole life. Well im now 100% convinced that i have been cursed with only owning prams that r garenteed to completely fall apart give or take 5bto 7 weeks

  144. Melanie Hurley Reply

    The adjustable height is great for baby bonding and the usr of the chair as a highchair in restaurants is o convenient. Bye-bye disgusting restaurant highchairs.

  145. Heather Hopley Reply

    As a grandma, I’d love this pram for so many reasons. The height is a wonderful idea… good for grandma and baby. But I also love the ease of pushing the pram over uneven ground. I would be the smartest looking Grandma around pushing my loved ones around in this. Thank you for the opportunity.

  146. Jessica StClair Reply

    The fact that the chair is alot higher then others on the market is a massive bonus, not only does the STOKKE XPLORY V5 look stylish but it’s very practical. We would love this given the chance.

  147. Selina Hoyer Reply

    I love the compact size….everyone has had those looks trying to mavouvre a regular pram through a maze of isles, Stokke makes venturing out that much easier!

  148. Simone Thorson Reply

    This pram looks fab! I actually like how light weight it is & how easy it looks to move around. With an independent toddler I have to chase after I don’t need a big pram to lug around. Id feel a lot more confident being out & about

  149. I love the height that bubs sits at. Making it much easier on this tall mum!

  150. Such a beautiful pram and so many amazing functions especially for use with a third bub with extra kids.
    A great pram for the whole family to help too!

  151. The outlook of it is just amazing. It stands out from the other prams in the market, plus its height would be a good fit for tall dads like me.

  152. Milly Howells Reply

    I love that it is super lightweight at only 8.4kgs. My back is injured and it would be so nice to have a light stroller that I could lift without it killing my back.

  153. Lara Hamlyn Reply

    I love that it’s so light! Would love to win this for my cousin who is expecting her first baby!

  154. Monkeybunt Reply

    Looks quite cool. But I wonder how old before the kids grow out of it? Apart from that worry, it looks amazing. And I love the look of the edging on it as well.

  155. Adele Smith Reply

    Besides the fact that the Stokke Xplory V5 Pram looks amazing the whole idea of it being so lightweight is a blessing as having to lift so many other things on shopping trips etc can be quite exhausting.

  156. Wow! Whilst you may not be feeling fabulous with small humans – at least you will look it! 🙂

  157. Daisy Yeung Reply

    This looks amazing always wanted one hope I can win one for my last baby

  158. What a stylish pram! I really like the feature of the adjustable seat which can double up as a highchair. The shopping basket is definitely a useful feature when I go shopping with my little bub and an active toddler.

  159. I like the 360 rotating chair, and the large shopping basket, looks like one stylish head turning pram.

  160. I would love to win this because as a young mum single there’s no chance I’d be able to buy one myself! It just looks amazing and super stylish!

  161. Stephanie Whitworth Reply

    What a fantastic idea, keeping bubs comfy and in the pram at restaurants and super simple if they fall asleep.. you ever see a kid fall asleep in a high chair.. funny but definitely not comfy 😉
    Seems like they really had both parents and kids needs in mind while creating this masterpiece, would love to win and show it off!
    I think it will get me out moving more just to Pram Strut haha

  162. Kylie Hameeteman Reply

    Love the fact that your baby is sitting high with a bad back it makes it difficult to bend sometimes when putting my daughter in her pram. This looks like it could help on those harder days.

  163. Hellen Wieten Reply

    Where to start? I love the modern look. The adjustable heights screams ergonomics keeping in mind posture and those painful back and tummy muscles. And what a relief the fabric is washable! Such a need throughout the grows of baby to toddler.

  164. I love the grey- because we aren’t going to find out what we are having, grey is perfect for a boy or girl. I love the adjustable height, when bub is small, I can have him/her up close to me, and I love the fact that the wheels are made for the smoothest ride possible. Living in the countryside, we don’t have the best pathways, (if any at all), so our walks will consist of the tough terrain of roads, grass and the pathways that do exist, are quite uneven & bumpy! This pram ticks all the boxes for us!

  165. Yasmin Jones Reply

    I love that the pram is so stylish, well designed and that your child is positioned closer to you.

  166. Jacinda Verner Reply

    I LOVE that it is machine washable. The first thing to make a pram or stroller look “ratty” is dirty fabric.

  167. Barbara Fehmel Reply

    I love the height of the stroller, you do not have to bend down to attend to the baby. No bad backs for Mummy.

  168. That it weighs less than 9kg, so I won’t end up hurting my back and having trouble lifting in and out of the car and packing up. Also it’s very stylish which is a bonus!!

  169. I love how the Stokke brings the baby up to your level, so nice for eye contact with the baby and safety as well. I also can’t resist a good accessory, and there’s so many to choose from!

  170. kimandy896 Reply

    I love this pram for 3 main reasons
    1. It’s high seat position versatility and style
    2. Wide range of accesseries
    3. It’s just look amazing

  171. Christina E Reply

    Love how light wait this pram is, the 360° rotating seat and how it caters for all ages from newborn to toddler without changing anything. Perfect for soon baby no 7.

  172. Juanita Munro Reply

    The cup holders .. When I’m out I love a take away coffee & there’s nothing more frustrating then trying to hold a coffee & push a pram at the same time!

  173. I love that Stokke have changed the wheels so that the pram can tough out Australia’s terrain. I had friends whom have commented that the predecessors were only good in city conditions. Now it it’s versatile for the city, parks or countryside. I’m excited!!

  174. I love that it’s lighter, stronger and more durable…the ultimate trifecta when it comes to prams.

  175. Jann Trapp Reply

    My friend would love this for her baby,she is really impressed and so am I,so durable.

  176. I love that it’s easy to get it and out the car. Nothing worse than struggling with a heavy, awkward pram when you’re already tired and have a cranky baby.

  177. Kasey Evans Reply

    I love the 360-degree rotating chair bonus for making feed time more easier!

  178. Felicity Turner Reply

    I love the ergonomic look of this pram. A lot of prams look heavy and bulky but this pram is sleek and stylish. I love it..

  179. Jessica Harrison Reply

    I love the upright seated position and the wide opening shopping basket

  180. Rita Maguire Reply

    Lightweight and stylish, and so manoeverable. So easy to see what bub is doing!

  181. Tracey Lee Davis Reply

    Love that it is lightweight as I have no strength after carpal tunnel surgery post pregnancy and that baby is so high and close to you so you can interact while out and about. Just love it!!

  182. Melissa Peters Reply

    The pram looks really light, and I love the sleek design compared to the bulky pram I am currently using for my baby.

  183. It’s modern, it’s stylish and I can have eye to eye contact with my baby

  184. Mell Krienke Reply

    This is such a beautiful pram!!! The sleek and modern design is perfect for ALL occasions!

  185. Sharon Markwell Reply

    The Stokke Xplory V5 brings my little one up to eyesight level which is great for me with a pathetic neck.

  186. Jessica Lawson-Walsh Reply

    It looks like it was made with tall people in mind! Bringing my baby closer and reducing the stress on my poor back!

  187. Emily Seymour Reply

    I love how you can position the baby so upright – perfect for reflux bubbas. My lil man would love this.

  188. Tracey Taylor Reply

    Apart from being light so that I don’t strain my back I love the fact that the seat is high so no bending to put Bub in or out of the stroller.Having a seat higher also allows better eye contact, conversations without shouting and when Im sitting I can feed without reaching down.Finally someone is thinking about our backs!Well Done Stokke.

  189. Rebecca Oliver Reply

    I love that its so light and the fact that its fully adjustable means it will be super useful

  190. How light and versatile it is, feel as you could go anywhere and everywhere with it

  191. A stroller that is easy to manoeuvre for me, as it is comfortable for my baby? Sounds great!

  192. Calisto Brady Reply

    It’s light, compact and versatile, and can grow with your baby’s needs. I love it 🙂

  193. Tammy Paterson-O'Kane Reply

    The fact that I can look at my baby is what I love most. We have just found out we are pregnant with our rainbow baby after our beautiful boy Sam was still born at 25 weeks in February. If all goes well with this little one I don’t want to take my eyes off them for a second. I want to marvel at the absolute miracle that that are.

  194. Jenny Learmond Reply

    Fantastic pram…light, versatile and easy to maneuver. ☺

  195. Anna Wills-Matthews Reply

    So light and adjustable will be perfect post c-section of my 3rd bub. Not to mention how stunning it looks

  196. Avari N Tenesha Reply

    I love this stroller not only because of its unique stylish look but also the height of it so baby can feel closer to us!! As if he can interact with all the adults, making baby feel nice and aware of his surroundings aswell as looking at me!! Alot of prams ive looked at are very low and bulky making it hard for us mums to bend over and carry all the time, taking up way to much space! Which is why ive still been looking everywhere for the perfe
    ct pram but cant decide, this would be more than ideal.

  197. (S)tokke Xplory V5 pram is the “Rolls Royce” of prams,
    (T)he adjustable height is my favourite feature,
    (O)uttings with bub would allow precious eye-to-eye bonding,
    (K)itted out with all the bells and whistles,
    (K)issing bub would be super easy,
    (E)xcited at the prospect of owning this pram!

  198. Samantha hamze Reply

    Sleek & stylish, this must have pram will take the attention away from my uncombed hair, vomit on my top and bags under my eyes

  199. Tania Foster Reply

    How versatile is this pram – This does the job and more!

  200. Becky Palmer Reply

    The adjustable height which means eye contact can be maintained at all times, making the little one feel safe!

  201. I love that it looks easy and is lightweight for getting it in the car and out.

  202. It has enough room to fill in all I need for a day out with my little one! Lightweight, compact and modern!

  203. Roberto Colombi Reply

    It’s functional and versatile whether doing for a stroll or a country mile

  204. Tmeeka Henricks Reply

    stylish, comfortable, looks so fine,
    I can’t wait for it to be mine!

  205. Great style, looks comfortable, and has enough room to carry all my things.

  206. Monique L Brown Reply

    Being light and versatile is really important for busy on the go for mums. Anything that makes parenting easier gets my thumbs up!

  207. Adele Coone Reply

    That it looks fabulously tall enough for someone 6ft and I can have my 8.5 month old facing me while she and the 4.5 both have their tantrums.

  208. Light, easy to use and bub being seated up high all sound like blessings for an injured back!

  209. Nicole Elison Reply

    Sleek design ensuring comfort and safety for your precious cargo

  210. Sleek, sophisticated and practical. What’s not to love about the stokke xplory.

  211. Shannan Cox Reply

    OMG I love the adjustable height and the 360 rotating chair <3

  212. I just love that bubs is so close and at eye level, not a feature anyone else has thought of.. for me keeping my baby closest is so important! And its stuper stylish!

  213. Fantastic that bubs sits up high and love the idea of ‘pimping my ride’ with extras. Awesome pram.

  214. Yi-Cheng Huang Reply

    I love that it’s stylish, easy to use, and highly functional 🙂

  215. I love that it grows with bub, I really want a bassinet style pram for the early days but I know it’s impractical after a while – what a perfect solution! Beautiful styling as well!

  216. I love the look and sturdiness of this pram! It’s stylish, elegant and great that bubs can sit up so high and see everything from the top ☺️ And even better that I’m 6ft and can stand up tall when pushing bubs around ☺️ This would be amazing to win ❤️

  217. Love that bubs sits up high as my little man loves to see everything that is going on 🙂 beautiful, sleek and stylish.

  218. Love the style, functionality of the pram, and will be stokked to win in!

  219. Dana Nguyen Edmunds Reply

    I think most of us can agree, we all vow to lose the weight and never get around to it. I think this would be a great motivation. And even if I don’t win, it would be a great excuse to convince hubby into buying one.

  220. Megan Weimar Reply

    A stylish sleek pram with all the practical elements a new mum needs. Perfect for the tall mums too with height adjustable. Great 360 design so bubs can see the world in all its glory.

  221. Sarah Rose Reply

    I love the colour, style, it’s nice and compact and looks beautiful.

  222. How ‘stokked’ would I be to have the Xplory V5!!! First time mum to be with Baby P due in September and there is certainly so many decisions that come with it, like choosing a pram that is practical, versatile, stylish and long lasting! I love that this pram caters for all the needs from birth to beyond. Certainly ticks all the boxes!!!

  223. Carol Thorpe Reply

    I love that its super lightweight and fabrics are machine washable making the Stokke Xplory very easy and managable

  224. Michelle Warwick Reply

    I love the versatility of it, that it is so light and that it looks gorgeous as well!

  225. Andrea Edyvean Reply

    I love that bub is face to face, no bending over to communicate!

  226. Larissa Burge Reply

    Finally a pram with a good seat height. Nice slim line design too.

  227. Besides the obvious chic look which the Stokke pram oozes. Being a 6’2 Mama, the height of this pram will save my back, literally!

  228. Julia Grondin Reply

    I have always had issues with my bike and the rhe height and the fact that it is lightweight will save my back!

  229. tanya clarke Reply

    I love the height of the baby seat, face to face with baby, better for bonding.

  230. Its amazing ! The design is not only stylish but also super functional, I love that the baby is up high so you maintain eye contact and conversation. Perfect for encouraging the development of any age!

  231. Car Marchan Reply

    This pram is perfect, as I am very short. I love how the height is adjustable. I walk a lot and don’t drive and expecting a baby in October, this would be a perfect start for me to get ready all the baby stuff.

  232. Amanda Lee Reply

    The pram is so shiny. Ours is 3rd hand old and falling apart :/

  233. I love that the chassis is super lightweight on the Stokke Xplory V5, this enables me to lift the pram so much easier out of the car.

  234. I love that it allows you to BYO high chair everywhere you go, and knowing your little one is buckled in safely with a properly fitted harness rather than the ill-fitting food-encrusted straps of restaurants provided high chairs.

  235. Amanda zahra Reply

    Love the colours, how light weight and easy to use it is!!!! So stylish !

  236. Love the functionality and variety of colours and accessory options.

  237. Melanie Ashton Reply

    Love that you can still ‘bond’ with bubs whilst they are secure and comfortable in the pram. Perfectly light weight to make travel easier.

  238. Being able to raise Bub to eye level is a real plus! And never having to hunt down high chairs again? A dream!

  239. Love the height of this pram with hubby and I both being tall would be an amazing pram for us

  240. With a bad back injury carrying my baby will be a challenge, a light weight pram to carry him and his stuff safely would make life much easier. That it is flexible and has so many options makes it all the more appealing!

  241. Nic Leivers Reply

    Love the versatility of this gorgeous pram…intimate face to face time or facing the world for adventure…and all the while looking stylish!

  242. Love how compact this pram is, would be easy to manoeuvre around in tight places and love the height of bubs too.

  243. Leanne Cattell Reply

    Love that it is so light weight. Great for mums who now have back problems after giving birth!

  244. Love how visually appealing this pram is, it has literally turned my head in the street. The height is also an amazing feature.

  245. Gemma Russell Reply

    Love the easy access to the bag and the general lay out of the pram

  246. Amelia Jane Reply

    The lightweight design makes it easy to push up hills and get in and out of the car, but it’s the washable fabric and coveted coffee cup holder that really raise the bar!

  247. Jaz Lane-Jones Reply

    I love how baby can sit close to you, and interact st the table without the need for a high chair. That and it’s light and stylish! Good for your back and beautiful to use.

  248. Mieke Quartermaine Reply

    I love that this is the Mercedes of prams. Whilst my family have only ever been able to afford the Toyota of prams, it’d be great to be able to show up at mothers group not looking like a total mess!

  249. Rachama Glassner Reply

    I love how it’s so simple and not complicated. The ability to use and transform pram as baby grows.
    Major PLUS how light and easy to handle in and out of the car or transportation. And of course, can’t pass people without turning heads!

  250. Bonita Sommerauer Reply

    I love the height adjustment feature. I am currently pregnant with my second child and due to complications I will be having a second cesarean, the height adjustment would be an absolute asset to any mother who has had to have a C-Section. I would purchase this pram solely based on the fact that I would not have to bend and lift at a lower height because of the limited movements associated with C-Sections.

  251. Tamara Rose Pincott Reply

    I just love the fact that you can adjust the Stokke so that it can be used as a high chair whilst out and about. Why aren’t more pram companies doing this? 🙂

  252. Hard to walk past this pram and not turn your head! The height adjustment feature is one that I am loving all over!! Bubs can’t stand being low in her stroller and wants to be up with the big people… this is perfect for nosey babies like mine. And doubles as a high chair… amazing!

  253. The adjustable height is my favourite feature – such an innovative and unique design!

  254. Rosy Johnson Reply

    The 360 degree rotating chair is amazing! For those times when you need to see them being able to rotate them easily into view is so helpful.

  255. Aleesha forno Reply

    I love how the stokke pram is the closest thing to wearing your baby,
    Baby is up high allowing you to bond and interact seemlesly,
    The pram Is Sophisticated and practical while being effortless to manoeuvre.
    Alot of care and thought has gone into the pram
    and there isn’t really anything that competes in the same division on the market !

  256. I like the idea of having Jas up closer to me and actually facing me too. There is still storage space and no heaving-looking pram to push. Great innovation.

  257. It would transform my frumpy mummy look – just by standing next to this cool stylish pram, let alone owning it.

  258. I’ve always loved this Rolls Royce of prams. How the baby is at your height is fantastic and the fact it rotates AND has great storage? Oh and it just looks super cool, Winner!

  259. Jessica bulfoni Reply

    I love the idea of having Bubs up closer to me, and with pregnancy my back has been playing up so this would help amazingly as well as being light weight

  260. Samantha Vollmer Reply

    I love the eye level contact with baby. I purchased a second hand version 1 of this pram as I could not afford a new one because of how much I love the maneuverability, height of the seat and the quality fabric.

  261. God bless my little princess to win this new and nice pram to change from your second hand pram.

  262. Sarah Salcedo Abella Reply

    I would love to have this pram. I actually bought a Stokke Xplory late last year for a baby due last March but sadly my baby was born sleeping. Broke my heart seeing the pram all set up and was not going to be used so decided to let it go and sell it. Fast forward last week I found out that I am pregnant again so I am hoping to win on this Competition and have the same pram I fell inlove with. Fingers crossed and really hoping to be chosen. No more bending love that the height can be adjusted.

  263. Laura Pedason Reply

    What an amazing looking pram. I love that the seat is height adjustable and that it is both rest and forward facing. I love how light the Stokke is to get in and out of our ute.

  264. Tehani Gauder Reply

    Love that this pram is more or less made for tall people like myself, so no more having to stoop over to see baby and lift little one out of the pram. LOVE IT….

  265. Caro_Shanks Reply

    lightweight. With a toddler and an infant I need lightweight for maneuverability and ease of putting up & down

  266. Jess Grinter Reply

    I love the practicality of the stokke xplory v5, with the supermarket around the corner I always end up carrying my items and the pram! How divine to put my items in the shopping basket- great idea I may add!if I won this I would obviously be going out and about more to show off this beauty! Bub would happy being higher to see his Mumma a bit better:) (or maybe I’ll be more happy because I can stare at him that bit more!!)
    This pram could not be any more perfect, transitioning my newborn through each of his phases of growth!
    There are way too many amazing things about this pram. Ifeel like my baby would be very happy to ride in this and at the end of the day that’s all that matters:)

  267. Cami Buntsma Reply

    I love that it is so lightweight – something that any new mum needs when they suffer serious ab separation post birth – trying to get a big bulky pram in and out of the boot is next to impossible those first few weeks when you are healing!
    Also it’s super stylish and cute – love it!

  268. Love the part where baby is eye level. Super good to be able to reassure baby by maintaining eye contact and so useful when you don’t have to ask for a seperate high chair!

  269. Shezza Gould Reply

    I love everything. The style and safety features are amazing

  270. Stunningly stylish from newborn to toddler (45kg) we can explore the world together. So manoeuvrable, light weight yet safe, forward facing for bonding and chatting, part of a travel system when combined with a car seat, table height so no highchair needed when meeting with friends for coffee ..and perhaps cake!

  271. What a wonderful pram, great for outings where productivity is a must

  272. Sheree Pallis Reply

    Stokke Xplory Stroller is the perfect design,
    Love the seat that raises higher as it’s one of a kind,
    I can finally interact and connect with my son,
    As we face the world together – now let’s just hope I’ve won!

  273. This pram is amazingly hip! Super convenient for an overseas trip. I love how it grows with your child, winning this comp would be WILD!

  274. Rianna, Bohemian Wanderlust Reply

    I absolutely love that baby will be at eye level so I’m not straining down all the time to check on bub or give them attention. I also love the fact it can be turned at a 360 degree angle for convenience. As a soon to be first time Mum, this pram will make everything in Motherhood, just that little bit easier- and stylish!

  275. I love that it is so lightweight. It’s hard picking up prams and putting them in the car but with this, you could carry it under one arm

  276. Di Brown
    Comfort, easy to use, robust
    For my pram they’re all a must;
    But Xplory V5’s style is a standout and so
    I’m all Stokked up and ready to go

  277. Lauren Leigh Reply

    I’m not very big myself so I love that the Stokke is lightweight & easy to handle.

  278. The compact design makes me jump with joy!! The last pram I had was so huge it took up most of the boot and was so heavy! It was so inconvenient!

  279. This is compact, versatile, stylish and it’s totally Me! Love the design and would be great with my busy lifestyle.

  280. David Scott Reply

    Stoked to be in with a chance,
    To win a pram, which would make me dance,
    Out and about with joy as I bonded with bub,
    Keeping them close and providing my love,
    Kissing their cheeks and watching them shine,
    Easy and safe, weightless and free, we’d walk together with Xplory in harmony!

  281. Tess Howard Reply

    Too many things to love! That shopping basket is pure bits and pieces tumbling out. And I love the baby facing me. Not to mention its lightweight and gorgeous!

  282. Kelly McKenzie Reply

    This would be amazing! Having a convenient, safe and fashionable pram is so important! I love how bubs gets to be curious and look around… this would be a dream come true.

  283. Amie Falls Reply

    I think the best feature is how baby is at a height that I feel more comfortable with and can keep an eye on. It’s also very stylish and lightweight- save my dinky back.

  284. Melinda Bolitho Reply

    Where do I start with this chariot fit for a king?
    It’s got style for miles and features that make my heart sing!
    Surely it corners like it’s on rails, and it’s sleek design means there’s no “tight space fails”.
    But essentially it’s got your child in mind, providing the most comfortable and secure fit of it’s kind!

  285. Jo Guliani Reply

    Compact, ergonomic and reliable. Easy to clean and really durable. No fiddly levers to wind or find, and thank god no complicated instructions that’ll overwhelm my mind.

  286. Preparing for daddy duties, I need something simple with minimal fuss to lower stress on Daddy during this whole raising a child thing.

  287. Jennifer Round Reply

    Would love to replace the third hand pram I have to one that actually might work without much effort

  288. Love that the pram grows with your child and is easy to use and lightweight

  289. Sara Lewis Reply

    The adjustable height sounds amazing! Suitable for both my toddler & newborn, this pram has been designed with so much in mind.

  290. Melissa Arcella Reply

    I love that this pram has absolutely everything adjustable to cater to a growing child! It’s design is so functional and convenient!

  291. This pram looks so easy to use and adjust for children of all ages in a variety of terrain and activities.

  292. I love everything about this pram. Stylish, lightweight chassis, adjustable height, baby sits at eye level, easy to manouvre and clean. Ideal from baby to 15 kg.

  293. The height adjustable seat and handle, plus all of the gorgeous accessories.

  294. Kathryn Morrell Reply

    Its for the Mother that doesn’t need to ‘look’ like a Mother. The Stokke Xplory V5 is the ultimate pram, with beautiful styling, yet brilliant functionality.

  295. Kate Hardman Reply

    It’s so compact! The pram I have at the moment makes it so difficult to go anywhere and do anything. With this I’m free to roam.

  296. Sarah Phillips Reply

    Love that it has a 360 degree rotating chair. Is that not the coolest pram feature ever?!

  297. Garreth Jones Reply

    Machine washable fabrics! The spills and stains are guaranteed and no need to dry clean. Perfect!

  298. Anna Antony Reply

    360 rotation .. washable covers.. compact .. stylish..I have never owned a new pram let alone a stylish and purposeful one like Stokke

  299. Amanda Adams Reply

    How compact it is. Taking a big bulky pram out to lunch or dinner can be extremely awkward, especially when restaurants seem to keep cramming in more tables, or shops cramming in more racks

  300. I love how all the components are adjustable allowing the pram to grow with your baby. Did I mention it is light and easy to move around which is definitely something I need, especially with the second bub on the way in July, I will be needing lots of exercise to get back into shape and this pram is the exact motivation I need.

  301. Sam Yuskan Reply

    What’s not to love? It’s light, compact, machine washable and grows with your baby. My absolute favourite part is that it can be used in place of a high chair at a restaurant. You’ve always gotta find somewhere to store your pram while dining out, this way you don’t have to worry!

  302. Katie Dalla Santa Reply

    I love that it’s light and looks stylish. Also love the fact it’s height adjustable and can be used at the table as a chair

  303. I love how bubs will be close to me when I take him for a walk! I love that it’s machine washable. I love that I can easily maneuver the pram and my important cargo around the busy Melbourne streets where I live! There are so many wonderful traits about this gorgeous pram, I really hope to add one to my life!

  304. Sarah Jade Matheson Reply

    I love how beautiful looking, light weight & machine washable it is.
    A complete all rounder

  305. Stephanie Veljanovska Reply

    I love that it is easy to use on uneven surfaces as we love to go for walks and walks on the beach. It would be perfect for us.

  306. Jade Wishart Reply

    That bubs is at eye level. I’m sure it would ensure my inquisitive pram hating little one would love being in the pram!

  307. Sacha Pech Reply

    Adjustable handle height. No more poor posture and backache while taking bubs out.

  308. Sonja Trower Reply

    My Daughter would love this, much easier than her old stroller

  309. Eva Kiraly Reply

    Up where bub can feel safe, within eye contact and arms reach, this pram is great!

  310. Stephanie Thomas Reply

    Wow!!! I love the detail and appreciate how much time would have gone into making such a quality product. I love how bubs sits up high, this is great for safety and to build that stronger bond with baby. You can chat away without having to Bend every minute. I would to have this lovely pram!!

  311. Astrid Hupfeld Reply

    I love how lightweight it is! I broke my neck 16 months ago and am now pregnant so anything lightweight is my best friend!

  312. Janelle Scouller Reply

    Love this design. Means I would be able to look at bub and is a perfect size for my very tall hubby to be able to walk with bub

  313. Finally a pram that doesn’t come up to my knees!! Genius!! Perfect design, packed full of features, who would want anything else?? maybe a cup warmer for my coffee (I mean baby’s bottle, maybe next design) 😉

  314. Deirdre Drake Reply

    Baby no 3 is due on Monday. Would love a super cool stokke. My bugaboo is worn out and the thoughts of having an inaccessible basket again drives me mad. This pram has a great design and I love the basket and would love to have something new for new baby.

  315. Krystal dickha Reply

    This was my first preference pram but couldn’t afford it! It’s a great height and weight for my husbands bad back, and great from any age!! Have told so many friends about it even though I didn’t get it

  316. Looks great, love the functionality and ability to move seat vertically, change facing directions. Appears easy to use and not too big which is good as I am small.

  317. Nikki Griffin Reply

    Stokke Xplory V5 has many great features, but the height adjustment and 360 degree rotating chair are what appeal to me, the most.
    My current pram, only forward faces, which makes my 12 week old boy very anxious, as he can not see me. Also, it is quite low which does not agree with my lower back at all.
    An upgrade like this would be absolutely amazing.

  318. Brittany Anne Reply

    I love that it looks so gorgeous. It is so fashionable and gender neutral so that you can use it for multiple babies. I also love the versatility of it! Best pram on the market!

  319. Amy Chakik Reply

    Stokkke xplory V5 is the pram of all prams
    I’ve done my research and it has everything a new mum needs
    From the 360 rotating chair to the adjustable hight
    At least I won’t break my back as it’s so light weight
    It would be a dream come true if I could get this

  320. Nichelle Mold Reply

    I really love the fact that baby is up high, i really don’t like prams where bubs is close to the ground and germs. Plus they get to see more not just legs, it is also super stylish and loaded with features.

  321. Stephanie Walker Reply

    I really like the Xplory V5 design where the height can be adjusted. As a physio, I am often educating new mums about the safest ways to lift and bend in the pre and post natal period, and this pram really goes along way to making everything safer and with less risk of injury to mum!

  322. Gail Davies Reply

    Apart from all the awesome features it is sooooooooooo cool !!!

  323. Chanelle Winterburn Reply

    Wow! It’s convertible and doubles as a highchair but is sleek and stylish too! Love!

  324. It’s sooooo stylish and bubs will never miss out on anything sitting so high..

  325. Xzavia Green Reply

    How brilliant is the height!! Not having to bend so far- how wonderful if you’ve had a c sec or have a bad back. Bubs at eye level so you can interact more and they don’t get lost under the table at a restaurant either.
    Clever clever!

  326. Kate Reynolds Reply

    Stokke – Stylish, Travels with ease, Oustanding craftsmanship, Kind on the back, Keeps baby high up for, Easy access to kiss baby’s chubby cheeks!

  327. The height, the look of it, how compatible it is and how easy it is to fold and move around. My little one would look so stylish in this amazing Pram.

  328. Scooters Sal Reply

    By far the best part and the part that sets the pram apart from other prams is the adjustable height. It makes it much more versatile and efficient. Plus it looks great, sturdy and not at all cheap.

  329. Melinda Grant Reply

    Being so close with bub. It would feel as close as carrying your little one with out actually having to hurt your back

  330. Ashley Beech Reply

    I love that you can change which way bub is facing, it’s definitely my favourite feature. Everything else is just an added bonus!

  331. Natalie Joppich Reply

    I have gone through so many prams in the past 10 years and this by far looks the best! The adjustable height is a major winner for me as I am 6’1 and hubby is taller. Having a pram as versatile as this one is a bonus. Lightweight, able to go on different surfaces eliminating the need for another pram for rough terrain is a huge selling point for me. It looks stylish, modern and bubs would be travelling in style!

  332. Lisa Purton Reply

    Great slimline pram. It looks really modern and stylish. I love the height feature. There is no other pram you can easily use as a high chair when you are out and about. I would love this pram for my little one!!

  333. Jenny Allen Reply

    I love the adjustable height the most , especially if you had a c section or a bad back and then everything else is a bonus

  334. Made with mum and bub in mind,
    everything adjustable which is hard to find,
    rotating chair for 360 view,
    love the modern shopping basket too.

  335. Chrissy Gassoo Reply

    All I talk about with my husband is this pram ! I love everything about it and even though we have been trying for years to have a baby this is still the pram I want to this day

  336. I love how light and compact this pram is! I’m only little, so lifting a bulky, heavy pram in and out of the car is not ideal!

  337. Danielle L Reply

    I love that this pram changes as baby grows, and that it is such a stylish pram

  338. Tara Wilkes Reply

    Appsolutly love the way you can easily transition from newborn through to toddler , this pram makes mine look obsolete !!! Stylish and clean look I can’t wait to get my bub in one of these

  339. Danielle Algate Reply

    I love that my Bub could sit higher. She gets so frustrated in the pram we currently have. She wants to be a part of the action!! I’ve been in love with the Stokke prams for years but sadly have been out of my price range!!

    The pram only being 8.4kgs is fantastic for my bad back and shoulders too!

  340. Uhgreen Huerto-Gill Reply

    What’s there not to love about this stylish, yet light weight and smoothest ride for Bub? My favourite feature is that everything is adjustable and will suit the needs of baby and me. I absolutely love the look and style of this pram too!

  341. Nicole Hays Reply

    It looks so easy to use, lightweight and not chunky and awkward like a lot of them are. Perfect for busy mum lifestyle! Its not often you get a pram so versatile!

  342. Everything about this pram is amazing but I love the simple meets sophisticated design. It’s not a bulky pram at all which I think is a great concept, particularly for mums on the go!

  343. I love how high up they are. Closer to mama which is so comforting for both baby and mama.

  344. Amber Haag Reply

    the machine washable fabric & 360o seat are game changers! having this for my 4-week old bub would be incredible, as it’d suit her changing needs as she grows up!

  345. Jam packed with bells and whistles that makes my heart skip, with a Stokke Xplory I can bid goodbye to my sore back, the occasional accidental butt crack flash, lost shopping bags and most importantly ditch the boring Mum status.

  346. Anthea Cornish Reply

    This pram has everything a new mother could possibly need. Throw away that old model and welcome this twenty first century marvel

  347. Tracy Upton Reply

    I love the sleek, stylish,slimline look of this amazing pram! Being able to adjust the height and rotate the seat will make it so practical to use. And the added bonus of machine washable fabric makes it a 20 out of 10 for me!

  348. The practicality of it, the neutral colour, the 360 seat, everything!

  349. It’s beautiful styling,
    practicality and slim design are a clear favorite!
    The fact that baby is up high it’s completely adjustable for the parents and grows with baby,
    There is nothing that compares !
    I love it !

  350. Kelly Ryan Reply

    Love the ability to accessorise and personalise, making us stand out from the crowd!

  351. Whitney-Jade Reply

    I love everything about this pram so it’s super hard to pick just one thing. As someone who is obsessed with cleaning and having everything perfect for bub, the fact you can wash the all the fabrics is an absolute must!

  352. Emma Minion Reply

    It’s beautiful, light weight and it has all the features I want in a pram.

  353. Lauren Miller Reply

    I love that it can be adjusted to eye level for bub and parent

  354. I live near a beach & bush trails that I haven’t been able to enjoy & explore as much with my baby boy due to his current prams inability to go offroad, so the Two-wheel function on the Stokke Xplory V5 that allows it to go over uneven surfaces, including the beach and pebbles is a real stand out feature for me that we would love every day.

  355. Briohny Anntwenette Reply

    I love that it suits from birth to forward facing. Love that it has the shopping basket too, would make life so much easier when out and about

  356. Laura Baker Reply

    (S)o versatile

    (T)his pram has so much style!

    (O)h how I love it’s height

    (K)eeps my little one in sight

    (K)eeps life simple and sweet!

    (E)ver so cool how it can be used as a high chair seat!

  357. Faye Hannam Reply

    Stylish, elegant and looks awesome.

    Apart from it’s looks, it is practical and looks super light to move around and pop into the car. Gotta love that!

  358. Krystal Bessell Reply

    My sister is expecting her first bubs and i love how this pram is so stylish and versatile! Would love to win this for her!

  359. Sarah Michelle Reply

    This makes my Strider Plus look like child’s play! What a dream machine!

  360. Nicole Robert Reply

    Looks lightweight and easy to manoeuvre which will be handy when I am toddler wrangling and looking after a new baby

  361. Robbie Cooper Reply

    I’m about to become an Uncle and i am SO excited! This pram would be an amazing gift for my brother and sister and law to get their bubba around in style. I’m no expert on prams by any means, but the Stokke Xplory V5 looks lightweight and user friend – not like many of the clumsy bulky ones out! Looks simple enough and stylish enough for “Uncle Bob” to use too which is a win for us all! 🙂

  362. Cherie Hawksford Reply

    Only one word to describe this pram…”perfect” you have literally thought of everything for the busy, struggling and just plain average mums from the elevated to eye level adjustable height, 360 rotating chair making it suitable from newborn to toddler, the unique built in shopping bag, how lightweight it is (brilliant for small mums like me), how all the fabric is machine washable which is perfect for the mess kiddies can leave, all the endless accessories you can purchase and add to make it even better! Not to mention how different, unique and stylish you have designed it, so i cant pinpoint exactly what the best thing about this pram is because the best thing is the pram itself!!

  363. I am STOKED that bub and I can look at each other in the eye which helps maintain close personal contact and gives bub a sense of securtity.

  364. Megan Deleeuw Reply

    I’d be STOKKEd if I won this super sleek and smooth transformer pram! V5…pffft, it should be named V8 with how it glides!

  365. Erin Jane Le Good Reply

    I eye off prams like my husband eyes off cars and the Stokke Xplory V5 is like the Lamborghini of the pram world!
    I am tall so with bubs being at eye level that will save my back from bending down as often. I love that it’s suitable from newborn to toddler. I love how modern and sleek it is. I love everything about this pram! To win this pram would be a dream come true!!

  366. Jared Giesige Reply

    I think the adjustable seat is great. It would suit my nephew and grow with him.

  367. Definitely in love with how I’m able to look at my child without constantly looking down. It’s a back-breaking job being a Mum. LOVE LOVE LOVE.

  368. Melissa Arieslaylanemo Wilkes Reply

    I would love to eye gaze, to see the wonder as he sees the wonder of the world.

  369. Kerry Green Reply

    I love that you can watch your baby constantly, and they know you are there all the time.

  370. I love that it is adaptable for all stages of your little one’s pram time. And of course you had me at cup holders!

  371. Sherie Dixon Reply

    I’ve never used this type of pram before but would be amazing to win one as i have a daughter due in September x

  372. Regan Findlay Reply

    I love the fact that it allows baby to be apart of the table when eating out without having to worry about finding a high chair.

  373. Laura Scriven Reply

    The ability to adjust,
    It’s a waste-less must!
    Perfect to grow with us,
    And love the minimalist look – it’s lust!

  374. Leeanne Moore Reply

    I love the lightweight durable design
    the adjustable handle
    And the fact that it grows with baby 🙂
    and it’s so stylish

  375. Lyndel Marshall Rowe Reply

    A pram thats a smooth ride for bub is wonderful and being able to manoeuvre into tight spaces is awesome

  376. Love that I get to gaze at my beautiful baby whilst strolling along! Room for bags, drinks and so easy to push.

  377. I love that I won’t have to use restaurant high chairs. Some restaurant high chairs look as though they need disinfecting.

  378. Moana Gray Reply

    This pram has everything! For a squirmy indecisive baby like mine, it’s the best of both worlds. He can be gazing into my eyes one minute then exploring the world the next, plus the cup holders/storage and high chair capabilities.. it’s really the dream!

  379. The Stokke Xplory V5 has so many wonderful features, but the one I like the most is the 360-degree rotating chair because I love to chat to bubba as I walk.

  380. Leanne Cotte Reply

    FINALLY, a pram that is looking after US MUMMA’S too. Lets just face it, its going to get puked on and the chances of a poonami are quite high so being about to remove fabric and machine wash is such a BONUS. Oh and I love the cup holder. Need a place for that coffee after not much sleep the night before. 😛

  381. Nicko George Reply

    I would love to win this pram for our son Christopher. This pram has the exact height for us plus the ability to move forward facing or facing us and extending it higher and lower is simply one of a kind. Have not seen any pram like this until stokke came!!!

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