Introducing Natural Start Baby Bottles, Your Solution to Bottle Feeding Success

Combination and bottle feeding just got a whole lot easier thanks to Tommee Tippee™ and its brand-new baby bottle! Tommee Tippee™ has brought us some of the best baby products on the market – and some of our award-winning items at our recent Mum Central Awards – and we are so excited to showcase their newest addition to the Tommee Tippee™ family.

Introducing Natural Start baby bottles, the most breast-like baby bottle in the range! If you are considering combination feeding or are gearing up to wean your little one onto a bottle, Natural Start is your perfect solution!

Tommee Tippee Natural Start Bottles for Bottle Feeding Success
Start your bottle-feeding journey with Natural Start. Source: Supplied

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Enter below, but first, let’s take a closer look at Natural Start bottles, why they tick all the baby bottle boxes and how to start your mixed feeding journey. 

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Forego the frustration of bottle feeds

Bottle refusal is pretty common for little ones, especially if they are used to being breastfed. All three of my children refused a bottle for weeks on end and it caused a lot of tears for all of us.

It’s incredibly frustrating when your baby won’t take a bottle, especially when you’re overtired. It’s even more disheartening when you’ve spent time expressing and warming up a bottle only to have your baby refuse it. 

The team at Tommee Tippee™ know these feelings all too well. That’s why they created Natural Start bottles, the most breast-like bottle in their range. It makes switching from breast to bottle and back again easier than ever. 


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Just like a nipple

Natural Start bottles feature a soft silicone teat that flexes and stretches just like a breast. The breast-like shape also encourages a natural latch so bub won’t find this change hard to handle. 

Fewer tummy troubles

These bottles also come with an anti-colic valve which keeps gas away from the baby’s tummy. The soft silicone also encourages your little one to slow down and feed at a natural, comforting pace. 

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Not only designed to make the feeding process comfortable for your little one but also for you, Natural Start bottles are also self-sterilising! All you need to do is pop them into the microwave for three minutes and you’re ready to go. 

No leaks, BPA-free 

Natural Start bottles are also BPA-free so you don’t have to worry about nasties. They are also 100% leakproof with the lid on, even when flipped upside down or thrown across the floor by a baby who has just discovered they may have a career as a cricket bowler.  

The bottles come in silicone and glass bottles in 160ml, 260ml or 340ml options, ideal for any time you’re ready to start the combination feeding journey. 

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A little bit about combination feeding 

Combination or mixed feeding means you give your little one both breast milk and infant formula. There’s no exact method to follow here and every parent who decides to mix feed will most likely have a different reason and system in place.

Your little one may require a bit of a formula top-up or you may choose to go with formula to allow others to help with the feeding demands. Your little one may be starting daycare, you may be returning to work, or you may want to start the weaning process and (eventually) retire your milk machines. 

In other instances, you may not be looking to supplement with formula, but want an option for feeding your little one expressed breast milk. Whatever plan you want to action, Tommee Tippee™’s Natural Start bottles can help get you and your little booby monster there. 

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mum centralDID YOU KNOW? Six is the magic number. This is the average number of times it takes for a breastfed baby to accept a bottle. With one of the highest bottle acceptance rates, and the most breast-like bottle ever, Natural Start bottles are designed for breast to bottle and back again. 

8 expert tips for making the transition to mixed feeding

TIP #1 – SHARE THE LOAD: When first starting the combination feeding process, have your partner or someone else try to give the bottle rather than you. Your little one can smell your milk and will expect your breasts. 

TIP #2CUT DOWN SLOWLY: Cut out one feed every two or three days rather than going directly from booby to bottle. This is not only better for bub but also for your breasts! 

TIP #3 – TRY DROPPING THE MORNING FEED FIRST:  This is when bub won’t be overtired and will most likely be extra hungry and more receptive to a bottle.

TIP #4 – EXPERIMENT WITH THE TEMPERATURE: Consider warming the milk, trying it at room temperature or keeping it cold. Some babies prefer milk cold, especially if they are teething. 

Natural Start bottles by Tommee Tippee
Share the load. Source: Supplied

TIP #5 – FEED IN A QUIET SPACE:  Just like breastfeeds, bottle feeds should be calming so maintain this quiet and comfortable space. 

TIP #6 – CONSIDER DIFFERENT POSITIONS & SKIN TO SKIN: Try holding your little one in different positions or try skin-to-skin contact which can help them feel relaxed and connected to you. 

TIP #7 – TICKLE THE LIP:  It can help to tickle the baby’s upper lip and nose with the teat and wait for them to open wide to latch on like they would when breastfeeding, rather than putting it directly into their mouth. 

TIP #8 – INVEST IN THE RIGHT EQUIPMENT:  Equip yourself with the best products for mixed feeding, including a breast pump, steriliser and bottle warmer. We happen to have all of these items up for grabs below!  

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Whether you’re looking into combination feeding from day one, want to add expressed milk to the routine or are considering starting the weaning process, Natural Start bottles will set the stage for bottle or combo feeding success. Take a look at the entire range at Tommee Tippee. 

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