Stuck with Unwanted Christmas Gifts? Guess the Price to Win a Nutribullet

It seems we’re pretty average when it comes to gift giving. Research shows 70% of Australians admit to knowingly buying undesirable gifts at Christmas, leaving over 20 million unwanted gifts up for grabs this year.

We’re excited to share that Gumtree have announce a brand new campaign to banish the unwanted gifts, where you can not only win an iPad, but you can also Win a Nutribullet!

This year 2.4 million Aussies will head to sites like Gumtree to sell their unwanted Christmas gifts, a 43% increase on last year alone! It’s no surprise then that the good folk at Gumtree have launched their “Unwanted Gifts” campaign, with the chance to win an iPad! But wait – there’s more! Our Mum Central readers can also go in the draw to win themselves a shiny new Nutribullet and say “adios” to boring… “hello healthy!”

It used to be the ‘thought that counts’ but research by Australia’s leading classifieds Gumtree suggests that the thought may have disappeared altogether. Sometimes it’s understandable your Kris Kringle just doesn’t understand you, let alone realise that the hot pink Playboy Seat Covers they bought you would be great…if you had a car!  Let’s not forget to mention the disastrous ‘101 Ways to Fold a Napkin’ book your Aunty’s Brother’s Cousin bought you, except you’re just not the entertaining type!

Money conscious Gen Y are the most likely to sell their unwanted gifts for cash (24%), followed by Gen X (18%) and Baby Boomers (6%). Two in three have ignored the trend completely, wastefully leaving unwanted gifts in the cupboard to collect dust.

If we’re not selling unwanted presents online, we’re re-gifting, with 9.6 million Australians (66%) guilty of offloading gifts to someone else. While women are more likely to re-gift than men, both appear to be getting away with it, as only 8% have been caught out – a surprisingly low result given some Australians have accidentally re-gifted to the person that gave them the present in the first place. DOH!

So if you find yourself with excess/unwanted gifts this Christmas, here’s some top tips to get the best results for your ad and most money in your pocket.

1. Be descriptive: Describe the product you’re selling, including its features, a brief history and reasons for selling the item. The more information you provide, the more likely you are to make a sale at the price you’re looking for.

2. Make your ad visual: You will have more success with potential buyers if they can visualise the item you are selling, so it is very beneficial to include a range of images.

3. Sell at a fair price: Don’t oversell the product or price it at more than it is worth. A great way to ensure your pricing is competitive is to research what similar products are selling for online.

Don’t be a statistic this Christmas. ‘Should’ you end up with a gift or three you’d rather not see, it’s easy to make some cash back and put it towards something you really want with the latest initiative by Gumtree!


Gumtree is giving away an iPad to one lucky advertiser. Simply place your ad for free on their free classifieds and include the hashtag #unwantedgifts in your ad to enter. It’s that simple.

And if that’s not great enough, we’re going one better at Mum Central and giving away a Nutribullet to one of our lucky readers!


Win a Nutribullet

Win a NutriBullet

Unlike ordinary juicers, the Nutribullet extracts all of the fibre other blenders leave, using the entire whole fruit or vegetable, breaking the fibre down into the juice and making it easily digestible. Valuable nutrients from stems or seeds can be ingested and you can even chop nuts and herbs! Easy to clean and with a range of accessories, the Nutribullet will change the way you eat, for the better!

Want to win one?  Here’s how!  Our friends at Gumtree have given us 2 Nutribullets for this promotion.

Firstly, we’ve listed one NutriBullet to sell on Gumtree and set the price as ‘negotiable’ to sell for the best offer.  So if you’re looking to buy one, give us a reasonable offer, and you never know we might just accept it!

Secondly, to win go in the running to win your own Nutribullet, all you need to do is guess the actual or nearest price that we end up selling ours for on Gumtree! HINT: They’re valued at $344.98 RRP.

How easy is that!?  Simply complete the entry form below and you’re in the running!  Plus, you can score an extra entry simply by placing your own Gumtree ad with #unwantedgifts included in the headline and share your link to the ad in the entry form (you can even come back later and complete that step so don’t worry if you haven’t placed your ads yet!)  Competition closes at midnight, 9th January so you still have time!

So what are you waiting for?! Enter now and you could be eating your way to a healthier you thanks to Gumtree and Nutribullet!

Win a Nutribullet


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  1. Avatar of Michelle Green
    Michelle GreenReply

    $270 starting price, will probably sell for $250.

  2. Avatar of len51

    Firstly I have one of theses and it didn’t cost any where near as much as you’re quoting. Secondly it’s fantastic and I can’t understand why you’d want to sell it. If you did I think you’d get $130

  3. Avatar of Diana O

    $50 if she’s lucky. All the ball breakers on Gumtree want something for nothing, that is if they do indeed show up to collect the item, not continually deferring and delaying until that final silence, they go to ground, do not show up and you are stuck with the item. Ahhhhh gumtree, can you tell I sell a lot on there? The site is riddled with bored people who love wasting ones time.

  4. Avatar of KatrinaP

    $298.50 – it’s a great product and new so should sell for a good price.

  5. Avatar of Amanda Maher
    Amanda MaherReply

    I have wanted one for ages because I need to loose some weight and get healthy.

  6. Avatar of lovebug30

    In my entry i had put katie hadges when i should have put lovebug30

  7. Avatar of Catherine Plush
    Catherine PlushReply

    $224.00 including postage – nutribelt is only $200.