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Swaddle Safely from Birth to Beyond – THE BIG GUIDE

Swaddling has so many benefits for baby. But for your own peace of mind there’s a few important rules you need to follow to swaddle safely – especially when that little newborn becomes a rocking, rolling bub! 

Each developmental stage brings changes that require you to swaddle differently to keep baby as safe as possible. Don’t fear the changes, with a transitional swaddle-to-sleeper nobody needs to lose sleep…

In the early days, swaddling a newborn seems so natural. They look delicious and seem so content bundled up, warm and safe in their bassinet. But swaddling becomes a whole new ball game once your tiny newborn grows and starts displaying signs of rolling or moving around the cot.

Many mums have lost more than a night of sleep worrying what to do once their previously swaddled baby starts showing off their movement skills. It’s a scary thought that your little one could turn onto their tummy and have their arms inaccessible due to swaddling. That’s why it’s so important to be across all the facts to make sure you’re ticking off the list to swaddle safely!

Mums have enough things to worry about, but with this simple guide, swaddling baby safely need not be one of them!

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Why do we swaddle newborns? 

In the early days after the birth, babies have a startle reflex. This is an involuntary reaction that causes them to throw their arms into the air often waking themselves. Swaddling a newborn helps to soothe and settle bubs to sleep by mimicking the confined feeling of being in the womb.

What are the benefits of swaddling a newborn?

  • Controls the Moro Reflex for a longer sleep session
  • Keeps baby warm while their body learns to regulate their body temperature
  • Simulates the feeling of being cuddled – sure baby would like to be hugged all night but you need to get some sleep as well!
  • Can assist baby in focusing on early-stage breastfeeding by minimising distractions of arms and legs
  • Prevents baby from scratching themselves with their fingernails

What are the rules of safe swaddling with newborns? 

According to Red Nose Australia, wrapping is a safe and useful sleep tool for newborns;

Wrapping, when used appropriately, is a useful strategy that parents can use to help their babies to settle and sleep on their back during the early months of life. – Red Nose Australia

swaddle safely with ergopouchSafe swaddling for newborns means always:

  • Sleeping baby on the back from birth, not on the tummy or side.
  • Sleeping baby with head and face uncovered
  • Providing a safe sleeping environment night and day – no blankets, toys or pillows around the baby
  • Ensuring baby sleeps on a firm, flat surface
  • Sleeping baby in their own safe sleeping place in the same room as an adult caregiver for the first six to twelve months (not co-sleeping with a swaddled baby)
  • Ensuring freedom of movement
    • that hips and legs having free and natural movement to prevent joint dysplasia
    • that the chest has enough room for full expansion in breathing
  • Choosing an appropriate layer underneath the swaddle for baby’s comfort
  • Ensuring that a baby can roll is not swaddled and should transition into a sleeping bag

baby-rolling-overUh-oh my baby is showing signs of rolling … WHAT NOW? 

This is where mums can tend to panic. Don’t worry it’s perfectly normal.

“I mean, FOR LOVE OF GOD I’ve just got that little bundle sort of sleeping and things have to change. WHAT KIND OF TEST IS THIS?”

Okay, first you can rest assured that the peeps at ergoPouch have got you covered. Their Cocoon Swaddle Bag transitions with baby from newborn, right through until they need only a sleeping bag.

STEP 1: Transition from swaddling when baby shows signs of rolling 

When you see your little one rocking or showing signs they are about to roll, its time to move into transition mode. Usually this happens around the three to six month month mark. This stage allows baby to keep the continuity of their regular sleep cues and posture but easily transitions them into the next mode for safe sleeping.

Transition is two simple stages, releasing one arm at a time using the arm-stud-poppers.

Trust us, this is the very best way to keep baby safe and keep your whole family sleeping as well as possible!

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STEP 2: Once baby can roll, it’s time for the sleeping bag 

When you’ve completed the transitional period, baby’s swaddle becomes a safe and snug sleeping bag. With free arms but all the comfort and familiarity of their zipper suit, baby can now safely roll with the security of their available arms should they need them.

This clever little video explains it in just 40 seconds. Hit play!

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Mums love a product that grows with baby 

Choosing a swaddle that becomes a sleeping bag has two great benefits. Firstly and most importantly, this clever product transitions to provide minimal disruption to baby’s sleep. And we all know, that’s as complete WIN! Every tired mum knows sleep is sacred (both theirs and ours!) so changing products can prove somewhat of a nightmare. That’s why choosing a single transitional product sets you up for the win!

And if you need another reason (other than protecting baby’s sleep!) to give it a go, a single product that transitions from swaddle to sleeping bag saves you money! YES! Forget buying multiple products or sleep gimmicks the ergoPouch Cocoon Swaddle Bag is all you need.

One perfect product from newborn to little wriggler.

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Oh and don’t forget TOG 

Choosing the right TOG is an important consideration to baby’s comfort and sleep too so don’t overlook this.  The TOG is the measure of thermal insulation and helps you to know just how many (if any) layers of clothing baby needs to be comfortable and safe.

ALL ergoPouch products come with a TOG rating which rates the heaviness of the fabric to help you choose the right material for the season and your baby’s sleep environment. The lower the rating, the lighter the fabric.

Their 0.3 TOG sleepwear is especially perfect for hotter weather. The 1.0 TOG sleep bags are also suitable for spring and summer, but can also be paired with their layers range for cooler nights. The 2.5 TOG weight is perfect for autumn/winter (room temperatures between 17°c – 23°c).

Overheating baby can be a SIDS risk so in keeping your little one as safe always seek out a product with a measured TOG reading. That’s peace of mind for mums and a better night’s sleep for you all.

Choosing a swaddle into sleeping bag? ergoPouch have you covered! 

ergoPouch know just what mum and bub needs, ensuring a good night’s sleep for everyone!  So if you’re looking for a product you can transition from swaddle into sleeping bag, they’ve got a gorgeous new range you’re going to love.

Their CoCoon Swaddle Bag meets Australian Standards as recommended by SIDS ensuring total peace of mind.  Their TOG rating, quality construction and organic fabrics ensure the Cocoon Swaddle Bag is not just adorable but practical from birth to bigger.


For fashionista mums, check out the new ergoPouch 2019 Nature Collection which introduces a dreamier, starrier mood perfect for those cold winter nights. So not only is your little one sleeping better they look cute-as-a-button while they do! Did someone say photo opportunity? YES, WE DID.

Head over to the website and browse the entire practical and gorgeous range.

ergoPouch caters to all ages, all stages and all sleep situations which is why so many families choose ergoPouch for their little ones’ sleep needs.

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