We’re running a short survey over Easter to find out a bit more about you all, and to say thanks, because we love giving stuff away, we’re offering 5 of you a $50 Target Gift Card.

Here we go!

Win a Target $50 Gift Card


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  1. Karen Treloar Reply

    A very useful sight in a lot of ways with so much information to go around.

  2. A good survey, but unfortunately some of the questions like which of the following applies to having children etc, I don’t have any and can’t have any in future, so I miss out on entering the questions regarding children, I use this site for info for my nephews and my stepdaughter’s son (my grandson).

  3. I am a Grandparent and find this site helpful. My 4 adult children are all in their 30’s

  4. John Halls Reply

    Having grand kids is a wonderful experience, and I need to keep up with the latest trends and discussions, to ensure I stay ‘in the game.’ This site is the easiest and best way for me to do this, so thank you. *smiles*

  5. Jenny Bartel Reply

    Hi.. I have 4 adult children and 6 grandchildren my youngest daughter is working overseas with her partner. I like to keep up with the latest news etc. So I know what the grandkids are talking about.. They think grandma’s cool.. Thankyou for helping me though. .

  6. Sorry but I was only able to answer the first two questions and then no more. If I clicked on a question the +1 would change to a downward pointing arrow but I couldn’t get the question to open.

  7. All good. I worked out if I refreshed between questions I could then answer the next question.

  8. Love this site, Thanks Mum Central for being apart of my week =)

  9. Helen Ghea Marin Reply

    Love Target for fashion and home neccessities…Thanks Mum Central!

  10. The kids have growth spurts so I am constantly buying larger sizes.

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