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Thankyou Nappies Will Get You Through the Night or Get a Box of Huggies for FREE!

Try them. Love them. Or receive a free box of their leading competitor’s nappies free.

This offer from Thankyou nappies is the real deal. And it’s a promise all parents need to know about!

You may or may not have heard of Thankyou nappies. More likely than not, you’ve never tried them. Only 8% of parents have. But we’re pretty sure their latest promise is about to boost this number big time!

Thankyou nappies bundle of joy

Recently Thankyou nappies delved deep into the minds of mums and dads around Australia with an independent survey. They discovered the majority of their testers not only loved Thankyou nappies, but would buy them over the leading brands.  

That’s some pretty good feedback. But here’s the sting. The feedback is from those who have actually tried Thankyou nappies. And that’s only around 8% of parents. What this means is 92% of parents have no clue what they’re missing out on.

Thankyou makes the best nappies that you’ve never tried

Well, mums, now’s the time to try! Why? Because if you buy them, try them and are not happy with them, the peeps over at Thankyou will send you a free box of Huggies nappies, on them.

Yaha. Not even joking. Huggies, after all, are one the leading nappy brands on the market. But the Thankyou crew are confident their nappies are just as good, if not better. Big call? There’s only one way to find out and that’s to give them a shot.

thankyou nappies infant

The ‘Get You Through the Night’ guarantee

It sounds almost too good to be true. So what’s the catch? There honestly isn’t one. This is as genuine an offer as we’ve come across, which is why we want to share it with our mums.

Here’s how it works:

First, buy a box of Thankyou nappies. You can get them from Baby Bunting, Coles and Woolworths. Thankyou nappies come in a number of sizes for brand new Little Dreamers (up to 5 kg) through to Little Champions (16kg+).

thankyou nappies

Next, try them out. Thankyou nappies are both super absorbent yet ultra soft, so you can depend on them day and night.

Finally, head to the Thankyou website. If, after giving them a try, you aren’t 100% happy, then you can head to their redemption page and organise to get that box of Huggies delivered to your door.

If you, like the majority of parents who’ve actually tried them, are happy with Thankyou nappies, then leave them some positive feedback. Because everyone likes nice feedback.

mum centralthankyou nappies mum and baby

Pretty cool, right? But how can the team at Thankyou be so confident in their nappies?

What makes Thankyou nappies different?

It comes down to a number of things, really:

  • They pack some super absorbency punch: But without the excess bulk. Thankyou nappies are soft and slim with triple layer protection to prevent nappy rash and keep baby dry.
  • They are free from nasties: Like chlorine. And latex. And fragrances that can irritate bub’s skin. They are also made using metal and lead free inks.
  • They come with soothing extras: Nasties are a big no-no, but aloe vera and vitamin E? Yes please!
  • They are hypoallergenic: Ideal for sensitive baby skin.
  • But, best of all, they help those who need it most: How can buying a box of nappies help others? Because Thankyou donates 100% of their profits to help those in need.  Every time you buy a box, you are helping fund safe births and health care for mums and bubs in need.

Thankyou nappies guarantee

Nappies that go the distance

In parenting, there’s a lot to be thankful for – that sweet baby smell, those adorable first smiles, the never-ending snuggles… but dirty nappies are certainly not one of these things.

What you can be thankful for, however, is having a nappy that won’t let you down. Thankyou nappies provides the protection we mums want, the comfort our babies need and – through their unique charitable social enterprise structure – the basic necessities that every child in the world deserves.

thankyou nappies baby and dad

Give them a try and see what you think. And spread the love. After all, it’s about time 100% of parents gave these nappy gems a go! 

mum central

This is a sponsored article for Thankyou nappies.
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  1. Avatar of Megan

    I have recently bought a box of go getter thank you nappies for my 7 month old daughter.
    I haven’t been very happy using them as my daughter has woken during the night wet and during the day change time sometimes we have got rash.
    Only bought the one box but don’t think I will be buying again.

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