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The Meaning Of Father’s Day

My 11 year old daughter said to me: “Dad, how come on Mother’s Day they sell flowers on the side of the road but they don’t sell socks and jocks on the side of the road on Father’s Day?”

I was like wow, she has a point!!! And a possible business idea! Imagine a world where that was the norm!!! Wives, sons and daughters stopping on the side of the road picking up a fresh pair of Bonds briefs and some business socks on their way to a Father’s Day BBQ.

As all Dads know; Christmas is for deodorant and aftershave – for some reason the spirit of giving likes to point out that on that special day Dads stink and birthdays are for special cuddles….. Not going to explain that one… Father’s Day is the day we dads receive our underwear quota for the year – socks and jocks galore!!

In an ideal world the jocks and socks would be served alongside breakfast in bed or perhaps with a couple of Dad’s favourite beers while watching some footy, but more often than not the socks and jocks are likely to be accompanied by a ‘World’s Greatest Dad’ coffee mug. While the socks and jocks fade away like wilting flowers the ‘World’s Greatest Dad’ coffee cups stand the test of time, like an under 10s participation trophy they serve as mementos of ones Father’s Days served.

New fathers probably see getting to their first Father’s Day as a milestone because all new dads or even just all new parents think that they have to really protect that first kid. They think the world is really out to kill their first born but once that little one reaches the terrible two’s the parents realise how truly indestructible kids can be and by the time they have their third child they start to wish something would. Clear evidence of this is when your first kid drops food on the ground you jump on it like it’s a hand grenade of germs that could explode in your child’s face but by child three you’re the one rubbing their sandwich on the ground saying “go on eat it” … “its good for you”.

As a dad who has been through many Father’s Days, I probably didn’t see the significance in the day until recently. I took the day for granted, my underpants as a necessity, my ‘World’s Greatest Dad’ mug is a nice alternative to my favourite coffee cup and the hugs and kisses from the little ones as something I get everyday but especially on the day they celebrate me. Now I find myself like many dads find themselves from time to time no longer in the family home going through a separation, trying to be as positive an influence on the kids lives while knowing their new life situation has knocked them about a bit. A little part of me was thinking I wasn’t deserving of my socks and jocks this year but then I thought sure, I’m on the road a lot as a stand-up comedian and not around my kids as much as I once was or would like to be. But now the meaning of the day has changed for me it’s no longer about celebrating me as a dad but making sure the kids know I’m still there for them.

I no longer see the socks and jocks as a generic Father’s Day gift but as my children’s way of saying that they know I still love them and the ‘World’s Greatest Dad’ mugs are my participation trophies for being part of their lives.


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