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Here’s a Clever Way to Save a Packet on Car Insurance

We all know that a ‘one size fits all’ approach in life is hardly effective. Especially so when it comes to car insurance.

Having literally shocked myself by saving almost $1200 on our private health insurance premiums, I made a promise to myself to stop hitting renew when my policies come due and to shop around.  So I did, and you’ll love what I found here!

Cue the comprehensive car insurance renewal for our little runaround car.

To set the scene, we’ve got a Ford Territory, or as the kids refer to it, The Monster Truck!  She pretty much gets used all week long – I run around in her all week and on the weekend we all pile in and she takes us where we need to go.  Our other car is the Kia Cerrato which my hubby drives to work and back, picking up and dropping off the kids at child care along the way.  She really doesn’t get much use outside of the typical midweek commute to work and back (and work is only about 10km away) so not far that’s for sure.

Now I guess by now you’re wondering why all the info right?  There’s logic behind this so sit tight while I explain the rest of this one to you.

Renewal in hand, I jumped online and started sourcing quotes for car insurance and went to around 5 different insurer websites.  It was a pretty ho-hum exercise until I reached the Real Insurance website and discovered their very clever ‘Pay as You Drive’ policy.  In essence, you get the benefits and security of Comprehensive car insurance (which is what we had) but because you only drive a little, it’s far cheaper because you only pay for the kms you plan to drive. Obviously knowing how little we use our other car it felt like a bit of a no-brainer to check it out so I put in my details and requested a quote.

Looking back in hindsight now it’s a bit of a winner really! Like such a simple concept, in an industry that is dominated by a one size fits all approach.

You can watch the video below where I share with you my experience, it’s a very clever idea and love that it is thinking about solving a problem for those of us in this boat!

So there you go. What did you think?  Decent savings hey!  For those of you who want to check it out, grab your policy and head to and get a quick quote to see if it’s the way to go for you. Even if your insurance isn’t due, at least you know what your options are for when it is!

Plus, book online and save 15% instantly! The more we can get in your pocket, the better!
Til next time!



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