Acclaimed children’s author Hans Christian Anderson’s beloved fairy tale is brought back to life with a twist in the exciting new sequel, The Snow Queen 2. Share this winter adventure and bring home The Snow Queen 2, out now on DVD!

Following their triumphant victory over the evil Snow Queen, the adventures of Gerda, Kai and Orm continue as the trolls enjoy a newfound sense of freedom across the land.

With magical animation and loveable characters voiced by Sean Bean (Game of Thrones, The Lord of the Rings series), Sharlto Copley (District 9, Elysium) and Disney’s Bella Thorne (Shake It Up!, Blended), The Snow Queen 2 is available on DVD from April 2, 2015.

Orm, relishing his newly appointed heroic stature, seeks out further fame and fortune, exaggerating his exploits and claiming he personally defeated the Snow Queen. Declaring that he is also destined to marry the princess and inherit great power and riches, his web of lies grow comically thicker and begin to land him in all sorts of trouble. Struck down by his own pride and foolishness, can Gerda save Orm from himself in time?

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Get covered in snow this summer for The Snow Queen 2 on DVD!


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  1. Sonya S... Reply

    Both my kids and me, we can snuggle up and watch together!..

  2. This would be cross-generational – the kids and their grandmother!

  3. My almost 7 year old daughter (and her 2 year old sister who loves anything her older sister does!) would LOVE to watch The Snow Queen 2! And I would too, hehe. 😀

  4. shelbyward Reply

    All three of my children who had their first snow experience last year and are keen for more!

  5. Scott Crumlin Reply

    My friends little four year old would delight in this and I would like to see her smiling and pretending to be a little Snow Queen dancing and laughing and happy!

  6. My niece, Erynn, is in love with this and always pesters Grandpa to watch it on his tablet while he is doing/watching something

  7. sallybollywood Reply

    I have 4 daughters and they love anything with queens and princesses, they could all dress up and watch the movie

  8. Narelle Rock Reply

    My 8yr old daughter would love this movie, and I’m sure we would see mr 6 somewhere sneaking in a view!

  9. Tina Kraja Was Nul Reply

    hi, well I have two girls who love anything royal and princessy, this could be a great chore distractor. I will either get the floors clean or sit and watch the movie a dozen times lol

  10. Dianne Childs Reply

    I’d love to watch it with my son. We loves fairy tales with a twist!

  11. Ying Ying TAN Reply

    My daughter Charity will be so excited to watch this, over and over again!

  12. My eldest. He just GOT humour and the sound of his laughter is intoxicating.

  13. Kim Featherstone Reply

    My girls, Amari and Imogen mould love to watch this with me, popcorn on the side of course

  14. My Husband …he really loved the Tinkerbell movie… and Frozen. Oh the sacrifices he makes!!!

  15. Rachel Kriss-Newell Reply

    My two girls love to snuggle down with me, with a bowl of popcorn, a blanket and a great girlie movie

  16. I would have one awesome night with my little grand-daughter watching this wonderful movie.

  17. Nic herring Reply

    Me! I have no idea why they call them kids’ movies; I enjoy them more than the kids! I have a sneaking suspicion my girlies might like it too though!

  18. Not just for girls, the boys have enjoyed Olaf in Frozen so would most probably enjoy the Hans Christian Anderson’s original fairytale of Snow Queen.

  19. Debbie Moody Reply

    My darling grandsons love watching DVD with there Nanny we have so much fun together and I know they would love the Snow Queen 2.

  20. Edward Dekkers Reply

    My 6 year old Anneke would love to watch this. I’m cool with any scary parts as she normally holds my hand through them for my comfort she assures me.

  21. John Halls Reply

    We would keep it safe until Levayah is old enough to watch and enjoy it. She’s pretty ‘grown up’ at age 18 months, but we think it would be a bit beyond her right now.

  22. amandagorton Reply

    My niece would be thoroughly thrilled to watch this on her Friday movie night she shares with Mum

  23. Misses Charlotte 5, and Loretta 3, the little princesses in my life.

  24. Little Elly can’t get enough of snow or queens or princesses. She would just love it!

  25. Judith Maunders Reply

    My daughter (eight) loved the first Snow Queen and is looking forward to the next instalment!

  26. Love to win, so grandchildren and other friends can watch when they visit.

  27. Kasey Evans Reply

    My three little princess would totally love to watch this!!!

  28. Niece and nephew as we snuggle up on the couch the next time I’m baby sitting them.

  29. Son and daughter. They love watching movies with their Dad (shame I don’t enjoy the movies they adore lol)

  30. Donna Dwyer Reply

    My two daughters, we loved the original Snow Queen DVD, and would love to watch number 2.

  31. I’d love to watch it with my daughter-sequels are always so exciting.

  32. Nicole Kent Reply

    Little miss 5 it would have to be
    She love this Snow Queen DVD
    A movie night for her and I
    Time together’s been in short supply!

  33. Kelly-Anne Leddy Reply

    Me – I love cartoons and always been interested in the snow queen stories since I was a little girl and I’m now 31

  34. Belle McArdle Reply

    My two little ratbag daughters are bursting to see this one. And it seems we all may enjoy releasing our ‘inner queen’!!

  35. Irene Thomson Reply

    my grand children would love to join Nonna in watching this lovely movie

  36. Chris Arthur Reply

    My nice just had a frozen birthday party so she would love to see the movie 🙂

  37. Would love to watch with my daughter we just watched the first one

  38. With my daughter. Watching great movies together is our sunday passion!

  39. My husband, Mum , kids and grandkids would love watching this with me <3

  40. Katie Oliver Reply

    My daughter and probably my niece would love to watch The Snow Queen 2.

  41. Sara Johnston Reply

    My best friend’s daughters would love to watch this! And I’d like to watch it with them hehe (my 2 sons wouldn’t be interested!) :p

  42. My daughter’s would love this movie but especially my 4 year old. She loves anything Disney princess

  43. Robyn Butterworth Reply

    my grand daughter Lilly would absolutely love this 🙂

  44. Annalisa Kristof Reply

    I would watch with my daughters, Lorelei and Ravyn and my baby boy Dalton

  45. My daughter loves queens and princess this would create lots of excitement.

  46. Kylie Clayton Reply

    My family, we have regular ‘movie’ nights with kids at home like we used to when we were kids.

  47. Linda Luczak Reply

    Chloe, my 6 year old would absolutely love watching The Snow Queen 2!

  48. Lara Haynes Stewart Reply

    my 3 kids my 4yr old especially is would be rapted if she was to win a copy

  49. Barbara Fehmel Reply

    I have twin Great granddaughters who would love to watch this DVD of the “Snow Queen” They would sit enthralled.

  50. Sarah Armstrong Reply

    My daughters and their cousins would all love to watch it.

  51. Jasmine Stanford Reply

    My daughter, it would be perfect for our girls movie day!

  52. My daughters are obsessed with anything snow queen since I told them that where story for Frozen came from.

  53. I’d love to take a few people I know so they can learn that friends, happiness, and true love cannot be won through deceit!

  54. Jennifer Dunbar Reply

    It would be with me so when my family visit we can enjoy the movie together.

  55. My eldest daughter as she loves a new movie to kill time after school.

  56. Alana McGregor Reply

    My almost 3 year old daughter and almost 5 year old son would love this movie

  57. Tashana Purkis Reply

    my 4 year old is princess obsessed she would love too watch it and win

  58. Anita Black Reply

    My Grandchildren would love to see it and maybe my young Teen daughter, she still loves the girly movies!

  59. Cheryl Moulton Reply

    My beautiful granddaughter Sakura Smith, who would love to share it with her cousin Emily xx

  60. Our whole family enjoy good, fun, interesting movies. We’d all love it.

  61. mustangmum Reply

    My little Princesses Ava, Ella and Audrey as they loved the first one.

  62. Bec D'owney Reply

    SNOW doubt we’d love it, great way to chill, and make our teeth CHATTER with delight!

  63. Tracy Andreatta Reply

    My 6 year old daughter would love it . Thanks for the chance .

  64. Patricia Comer Reply

    my 4.10 year old Joanne would love watching the Evil Snow Queen on DVD, she is rather animated at the best of times, and so ready for school, ect so this would save my sanity and amuse and entertain her too.

  65. Wendy Daniels Reply

    My daughter as she loves the snow queen 1 so I know she would be excited to see the snow queen 2 .. Me too

  66. carolineavard Reply

    Id love to watch the snow queen 2 with my grandsons who adore

  67. carolineavard Reply

    Id be watching with my grandsons who love the snow queen…:)

  68. My daughter Alicia, and myself, would love to watch this flick together.

  69. I’d watch with my twins daughters Katie and Maddi. They’d love it

  70. Michelle Powell Reply

    My three youngest daughters, they haven’t seen it yet!

  71. Trish Leonard Reply

    The lovely kids who live next door. Their cat is missing and I would love to cheer them up.

  72. Kristie Cubbin Reply

    I watched the first one with my kids and am so excited to watch the second one with them. Family movie nights are fun! Popcorn is all ready!

  73. Jennifer Robertson Reply

    I think Hans Christian Anderson himself would love to see his story come to life via the magic of television.

  74. Julia Morton Reply

    my 3 year old daughter,she loves the colourful animation and princesses/queens

  75. Jimmy N Susie Harris Reply

    my 3 grandkids that are always play acting princesses

  76. Donna Joy Leysley Reply

    Miss 9 and Miss 2 have just seen Snow Queen 1 and would LOVE the see number 2

  77. My little girl who stands at the showere door and asks me to “open the door Anna” repeatedly, when i open it i get told to close it 😉

  78. Antonietta Farrugia Reply

    The whole family, we love animated features, we love the fact that we know they are ‘make believe’ and there’s always a great message behind each one.

  79. Both my children and I would love to watch it. We are crazy over all things to do with Disney!

  80. Josephine Bishop Reply

    Both my daughters michelle bishop, star macey as they love disney

  81. Kylie Travis Reply

    My daughter and I…probably daddy too but he won’t admit that 😉

  82. My two girls and I would love this. So would my son, tho he probably won’t admit it.

  83. My nephew – he loves princess stories, and we see no problem with that!

  84. Katrina Corbett Reply

    My 5 year old Daughter. She loves anything queen’s and princess’s, so she will absolutey love this movie.

  85. My 6 kids &myself would love to snuggle together and watch the Snow Queen 2.

  86. I would love to watch it myself as I am a big kid at heart and love a fantasy story

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