This Dad Throws Gender Stereotypes Out the Window For His Son’s Halloween Costume

You would expect any dad to immediately refuse a request from their 3 year-old son to dress up as Anna and Elsa for Halloween.

Not Paul Henson. When he was asked this exact question by his son Caiden, his response was priceless.

Posting a picture of Caiden in his Elsa costume on Facebook, Paul wrote;

Anyone that knows us, knows we generally let Caiden make his own choices, to an extent. Well, he has decided on a Halloween costume. He wants to be Elsa. He also wants me to be Anna. Game on.”


He goes on to say

Halloween is about children pretending to be their favorite characters. Just so happens, this week his is a princess”

Paul’s Facebook friend Chandra Kotzatoski has also knitted a pair of Elsa and Anna hat wigs for the boys to complete their look.


It wasn’t long before the post went viral and shared over 28,000 times, broadcast in news reports and the hot topic on talk shows around the world.

Paul has had a wave of support with people sharing their own stories of breaking the gender stereotype in comments such as “I completely agree with what you are doing with Caiden” and “My cousin posted on my wall about you and your Son. Before i read it, i saw the picture and thought it was my own Son!!… High five to keeping it real and letting your boy dress how ever he wants too… This is Lucas, on his 5th birthday… xx” followed with a picture of another little boy wearing an Elsa costume.


But where there is fame there are also the haters, to which Paul says

I’m not doing this for any recognition. I want Caiden to know the extent I’ll go to make him happy and that he’s not alone. But I WILL NOT shave my legs.”

Amen Paul, I hate shaving my legs too.

Who else can’t wait to see Paul in the Anna costume rocking the manly hairy legs? Well done dad!

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