Panic as Tommee Tippee Discontinues Popular Dummy (They’re $195 on eBay Now!)

If you’ve ever spent the afternoon trying to introduce a dummy to a fussy baby, you’ll know the elation of finding ‘the one’.

Forget finding the perfect hairdresser/bottle of Sauv Blanc/nappy bag with enough pockets for ALL the things. The perfect dummy is the holy grail. Holding within it the promise of a settled baby, and maybe even the possibility of some sleep.

It whispers to you; ‘I will make your life easier,’ and that siren song is just too seductive to ignore. As every romance ever written has taught, when you find ‘the one’, you hold onto them. As in dig your claws in and don’t let go. But what happens when ‘the one’ suddenly becomes unavailable. And we don’t mean emotionally. Quite literally, they are no longer able to be found.

Panic. Panic is what happens, as devotees to Tommee Tippee and Happy Baby Latex Cherry Super Soft Comforters, can tell you. And when you finish panicking you mount a frenzied assault on eBay. You mission? To try and track down the last, elusive packs of rubber and plastic that can guarantee household serenity.

The dummies, which have been a fixture on the baby scene for years, have recently been discontinued. While we initially suspected this was due to a radical plan by coffee manufacturers to prevent parents from ever sleeping again, the truth of the matter is a little less dramatic.

It seems Tommee Tippee has switched manufacturing facilities. This required a design change and resulted in the ‘new and improved’ cherry shaped soothers which a randomly surveyed number of 6-12 month olds told us were ‘not at all the same.’ (May not be a true random survey).

A $100 dummy

Despite the outcry from parents nationwide, Tommee Tippee is as powerless as an empty boob or bottle to soothe the blow. They simply cannot make any more of the original design. This, as is the modern way, has led to a thriving ‘black market’ for dummy sales, with products being listed on eBay for ridiculous sums of money. A three pack of unused, 12+ soothers tipped the scales at $195 (plus postage). While that particular listing didn’t have any bids, there are plenty of other listings around the $50 mark with bids galore.

Tommee Tippee Discontinue Popular Dummy

Parents have also taken to Facebook to share their grief and disappointment with the ‘Bring Back The Original Cherry Soothers‘ page gaining more ‘likes’ every day. Parents are also sharing locations were the elusive discontinued stock can still be found. Like diamonds in the rough, a few ‘original cherries’ can still be found on shelves. It seems you just need Ninja like skills to get your hands on them.

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    You should update ur article to the correct pic. The main one u have is of the new style you’re gonna have money hungry ppl clearing the shelves of woolies lol

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